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  1. If it is it confirms my theory that its very difficult to remove suspected duplicates. The website is riddled with them.
  2. Shouldn't have gone for Scotland Any thoughts on where the 500k came from?
  3. According to LR there were 70k houses sold in England and Wales in July. Even allowing for Scotland and Northern Ireland this casts doubt on the figure most likely to be correct from the quote discussed above (ie the 100k sold). The other figure of half a millions homes on the market is potentially just a figure out of thin air. Just looking at the first entry on the LR data, Aberdeenshire, there are a total of 886 properties including land, duplicates and SSTC on Rightmove and the LR figures show an average of 300+ selling each month (including the depressed sales months of Jan and Feb where the average was 255). The data doesn't show the sales numbers for August as far as I can see but I would say that its not going to be one fifth of 886. Its a pretty inexact science of course but intuitively I would say his figures are wrong. Aberdeen might be a special case of course
  4. Quite likely pretty inaccurate statement imho. How does anyone know how many properties are on the market at any one time - Rightmove has lots of houses being sold by two or more agents, lots of garages etc so unless he has some kind of tool which scrapes the internet and weeds out those sales that are duplicates or not actually accommodation at all then its not likely to be accurate. As to the 100k sold last month - again the foremost authority on sales seems to be Land Registry and they take months to produce the data so knowing how many sold last month would be a challenge.
  5. Just the same as renters who are offered a 40 year rental arrangement (although without the benefit of owning the property at the end of the 40 years).
  6. Say what you like about Jonathan Davis but he got the story out there (minute 2.30):
  7. Exactly right. Brexit will soon take a back seat while the EU implodes.
  8. Thanks and no problem. I might need to try and do a spreadsheet myself!
  9. Just need two more columns: Cost of Mortgage - year one to 25 Cost of Rent - year one to 25 If its sophisticated enough to take into account the 1% a year you are not paying in maintenance surely we could have a formula which shows what the average house cost to rent over 25 years and how much the average £90k mortgage cost over the same period. Therein lies the problem with your stance.
  10. Oh I see, the cost of maintenance, if saved and invested is also taken into account (although don't quite understand why the formula dips down into the box below to take this but never mind). In summary then: If rents didn't go up. If mortgages didn't go down. If house prices didn't go up. If you invested your deposit and everything you didn't spend on maintenance and managed a tax free return of 5% per annum. At the 25 year point you would be better off (except for having to continue to pay rent - but you could use this money to then purchase the house which hadn't gone up in 25 years).
  11. Yes but if you had just kept renting and exploited the "opportunity cost" of your assumed £24k deposit you would be better off than if your house went up in value over the next 25 years. Tell him Si1.
  12. Yes I did contribute under a different name - if a name change was good enough for Financial Planner then its good enough for me. Suspect all you like but I believe an impartial observer would see that he was howling at the moon (or more likely I suspect he has shares in the site and benefits from drawing attention to today's great news for HPCers).
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