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  1. Yes it does impact. Because I heard it described as a 'wall of money' spreading out from London. Your talking in the billions. Those people who the Russians bought property off have to move somewhere. And the people they buy off have in turn to move somewhere. And you talk of Russians. It's not only them but the obscenely wealthy from all over the world. Most of which probably come from nations where most people live in abject poverty.
  2. Do you mean those 1 gram bars? I purchased one a couple of weeks ago. Where did you buy it if it was the gram bar?
  3. May I ask which charting software are you using Fence? Looks good.
  4. One of interest to this forum https://twitter.com/TheBubbleBubble/with_replies
  5. Thanks. Any others any good as this doesn't seem immediately available. https://www.ledgerwallet.com/products/ledger-nano-s for example won't ship until March 20th.
  6. OK thanks for the advice. I was hoping not to pay so much for the hardware wallet.
  7. Currently stored in a wallet on my old computer. I want to transfer it from there and hopefully get rid of the old computer.
  8. Yes but not many. Read it's not safe to store on your computer which is linked to the internet.
  9. What's the best and hopefully not too expensive way of storing Bitcoin?
  10. Thanks. So it's at the extremes that the contrarian view is valid. What do you people think about investing in a Greece fund?
  11. What I have difficulty in understanding is this 'contrarian' business. I've read and heard of it so many times. My natural instincts tell me that if everyone is bearish.....then the price of assets or whatever must go down. But the contrarian, who is most often correct, would have the opposing view. Does anybody have an explanation/more information on this? It's quite fascinating.
  12. So there's Bitstamp in order to change Bitcoin into £'s. What other exchanges would you people suggest?
  13. Any of you good people have advice on purchasing one of those hardware wallets? Some of them can be really expensive. Cheapish would be great. :-)
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