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  1. Not entirely risk free is better than 100% losing it all. But you get my drift it isn'tbeyond the realms of reality for him to come up with something and take the punishments. Get 12 mths he'd be out in 3 on a tag.
  2. The economy was in far better shape in 1997 than in 2010. Then Labour gave the bankers the keys to the BoE in 1997 to make sure the bubble was rocket fuelled and on steroids. Labour could have built council houses but decided knocking them down was a far better idea, could have curbed immigration from EE's but decided they wanted to destroy the English race.
  3. If he flogs all his houses, puts anything new into his mrs's name abroad then takes whatever punishment HMRC/ the law throw at him, he'll be better off then going bust. Wouldnt think he'll get too much porridge for his level of evasion, plus it'd be in a CAT D prison.
  4. Yes if prices drop 50% as they should and folk are put in that disgusting position of not having to rent off a entrepreneurial landlord and live on a 6 month AST it will be truly petrifying.
  5. Oh yes because remainers were all up in arms about Carney printing more, dropping interest rates further such is their unclouded view .... Or was it a case that remoaners were cheering their liar in chief for "doing something" after they didn't get their own way of being governed by fascists.
  6. seems to me that the majority of new build houses that aren't bought by foreigners are bought with HTB yet you claim it only sets sentiment. Hope you don't mind if i call your claim out as ******.
  7. Wonder if Gidiot didnt create a "nice little property bubble"if the Tory party would be struggling so much. Teach May right for saying sweet FA about it.
  8. wonder what that poll would look like if the Tory party hadn't used HTB and the BOE to rig the property market for the last 7 yrs.
  9. prices are up 30% in 3 years where I'm looking which is 100 mile from Londonistan. That's well ahead of inflation.
  10. He's spent his entire life in politics, he is the very essence of a privileged career politician. And if he had principle he'd have backed Brexit and would be favourite to beat May.
  11. By the time you add another £180 PCM for Family allowance its around £1465 just for having a couple of kids + 1160PCM in wages, which could be easily earned with 100 hours a month. Then you can add Housing benefit etc.. on top.
  12. I'm a single parent worked for the first 3 years of it and didnt claim a penny other than family allowance, then work dried up and i applied and was amazed at how much they put in my account each month 4x that amount is closer. I actually called them to tell them they'd made a mistake thinking it should only be about £150 a month, he laughed and confirmed it was accurate. Hence now i just earn tax threshold.
  13. I'min your priced out gang so make it 3.
  14. Last sold in 2011 for 440K and before that 182K in 1999, good to see Gidiot getting such houses to double in 6 years as opposed to Browns 12 yrs. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-58735312.html No wonder Londoners are looking to vote Labour.
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