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  1. I far as I know you lose £1 in benefits for every thousand pound of savings over £16,000 so I think this statement is wrong???
  2. And they are not as productive as family Farms who know whats, where to not on the land but they are a bit cheaper.
  3. These leasing company's don't pay £20K for the cars, they get Tax loss, Tax relief Tax this, Tax that, Bulk buy. They pay about £8K a unit.
  4. Get her out of this for 10K easy. I just offered £1500 on a 2.5K credit card debt which was accepted without them trying to negociate up at all. The CC wasn't in arrears at all, far from it. Your Mums got Altzhiemers or Dimensia BTW. When it first starts its not obvious but this is the sort of illogical thing they do.
  5. Bang on. Investment goes to stabillity and Security. Wages are much lower in Bikini Faso. See any car £50 Billion car factories being built there?
  6. Peter Schiffs solution is to starve the population to death so he can employ the survivors at the minimum wage minus his costs of employment. He's a nutta!
  7. You read too much Daily Mail. You'll end up thinking everyone owns a house and saves for a Pension. Your mind is in a bubble. Most people live paycheck to paycheck, its been like that for ever. Your part of the 3% and you don't even know it.
  8. Thats how Fredie Mac and Fanny Mai weere created, the US had to buy up all the mortgages to stop the banks collapsing and I think this will happen here.
  9. I can't figure why you people think there is going to be inflation? This is deflationary.
  10. Fed up with this garbage rhertoric. Unskilled low paid work will get done. Wages will have to go up in one big jump. Theres been a cork in the bottle since they opened the door to mass immigration. Unskilled work is not actually worth less you know, I've done it, its seriously hard work, I've a degree but to me it means I don't have to work on a biulding site and get physically knackered by 50 years old.
  11. Yeah it will be. Actually one good job will do it. If you can get any surplus liquid together and you know what your doing you'll be the next generation middle class!
  12. You're banging into a Pension. Your a financial genious. Give it to me you've a higher chance of getting it back.
  13. If the landlord does not pay the Council Tax you are liable! I'd knock it off the rent ant pay it myself. As for databases, your a bit late. The idea you can hide your existence is ridiculus. 25 years ago you could lose yourself by doing a moonlight flit, you can now if you want to go and live in the woods and eat off the land. Get a Tesco Loyalty card and they can litterally work out how many times you use your own toilet.
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