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  1. In a similar situation as you. Landlord has given notice and we can't go through moving to another rental, especially since we live in a rural area and the list of agents we haven't p***ed off is getting smaller and smaller. Rentals available meeting our requirements in our area are zero. Hoping to stretch the notice out until around May next year whilst we find something to buy. I know we'll probably lose out but just can't face renting any longer. There's a glimmer of hope that the government will end section 21, but unlikely to affect us when it's already been issued.
  2. I believe this already the case in England https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-has-changed-the-law-so-most-renters-have-a-6-month-notice-period
  3. Excellent, thanks. Nice of them as it was to have us move in December, am I correct in thinking if they serve it incorrectly for 3 months, in 3 months time when I tell them they will need to serve a new notice for 6 months?
  4. Has this become law yet? Agent just called to say they're serving 3 months notice.
  5. You could say you're happy to pay a reasonable cost to cover the work involved in changing a few dates and printing some new contracts then posting them out? £20 should cover it ? Be nice to see their response. If letting agents had been charging reasonable costs, there would have been no need for the ban.
  6. "Only 11% of tenancies are ended by the landlord and over three quarters of those are because of high rent arrears" I'd love to know how they arrived at this statistic? We have been subject to section 21 in our last 3 rentals. Also, this doesn't include tenants that decide to move because repairs are not made, rents are raised to ludicrous levels or tenants are passively harassed with unnecessary inspections. Ending Section 21 would be the best thing to happen for tenants and perhaps the wider housing market. Those that become "accident landlords" would have to think far harde
  7. Nationwide Save to Buy ISA has been at 2% for as long as I can remember. Help to Buy ISA recently went up to 2.5% Nationwide and Coventry are about to get desperate for capital.
  8. Unbelievable! They are blaming the drop in price of their home on Help to Buy. Presumably though, because it's a government scheme that means they want a bailout. Looks like lobbying for a Help to Move scheme. Throw in potential mortgage fraud. Hope they told their lender about this "We are still paying Jessica’s family back for the money we borrowed to put towards our deposit." These people are idiots of the highest order and I'm totally sick of helping them out.
  9. Modifying or extending? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6122977/Ministers-fear-Help-Buy-scheme-pushing-house-prices.html "However, the Daily Telegraph has revealed that ministers are weighing up a temporary extension to take it beyond 2022, though it could be a restricted version of the scheme."
  10. Check the disclaimer. Basically, those figures are theirs and they can publish what they want. If that changes, what are you going to do about, eh? This paragraph says all you need to know. "The Index is prepared from information that IHS Markit and Lloyds believes is collated with care, but IHS Markit and/or Lloyds do not make any warranty, guarantee or representation as to its accuracy, timeliness or completeness, or its fitness for any particular purpose. The Index is provided on an "as is", "where is" basis. IHS Markit reserves the right to vary or discontinue the Index at any
  11. Says something about the state of the market that it's commonly regarded that the only way to afford a house in London is to win the lottery.
  12. Apparently not. Everyone I know who "owns" their home applauds like a trained seal when prices go up.
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