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  1. Our situation is far more complicated than this. We've asked through the agent to ensure all future communications are in writing or by email, which was ignored several times. Let's just say I don't think they will be renting their house out again.
  2. This, exactly what is happening to my family at the moment. Our landlord turned up the day after the end of the section 21 notice to call us despicable. Despite all the rent we've paid, it turns out they never wanted to be a landlord, it was just because they needed to rent it out and renting it to us was an act of charity. There's no such thing as an accidental landlord. A landlord consciously makes the decision to rent a property (presumably because they want all that lovely rent) so they should prepare for this by understanding the legal process under which they do it.
  3. Amen to that. Heating is shite, we can't decorate or install a dishwasher, the landlord thinks the garage is their personal storage and the agent doesn't give a monkeys as long as they get 10%. Having said that there is hope on the horizon. Ending Section 21 will be a massive change (albeit with a large amount of upheval for renting families) but can't see it happening this parliament. COVID is the perfect excuse to drag their heels.
  4. Not the last, but there can't be many left. After being given S21 notice and not being able to find another suitable rental in 6 months (south west), we have an offer accepted and hope to complete sometime in July. After seeing prices continue to rise throughout COVID we sadly concluded that, despite the damage to the wider economy and the insanity of it all, house prices are only going one way. With COVID delta third wave looming and the 30% discount scheme starting today it seems nothing will stop house prices (gov props) short of societal collapse.
  5. Somerset is also booming with idiots queuing up to buy at the highest prices ever. Was looking to buy early last year but held off due to COVID. Now we've been section 21'd, there is nothing to rent, and asking prices are around 20% up on last year. We've been well and truly *"#۩%!
  6. Our landlord served S21 notice in December, so notice expires in June. Where can you find this information?
  7. Would buying a house now with a 10 year fixed mortgage be a good idea then?
  8. This probably applies to all political parties. I also think that a lot of people look at Green Party policies as being unrealistic but are failing to take a long term view. I don't think anyone in the Green Party is suggesting these things can be done within 5 years and I like the honesty of that. Also, much like the LibDems, the Green Party are unlikely to gain significant numbers of MPs in the near future but if greater numbers vote for them it pushes their policies onto the agenda. I used to vote Lib Dem and have never voted Labour/Tory, but now the Green Party are the only option that my conscience will allow.
  9. Green Party https://policy.greenparty.org.uk/ho.html Land Value Tax Additional Council tax for second homes Secure tenancies Abolish Help to Buy
  10. No, you'll have paid (borrowed) more for your house and you won't have a pension...
  11. Be careful not to make this too stressful for yourself. Perhaps try explaining to his EA that although you'd really like to help, because of the current stresses of COVID, work and finding somewhere new to live, you've decided not to allow viewings until you leave the property. Hopefully they'll understand and advise your LL to back off.
  12. I agree. We are doing our best to find somewhere but these are unprecedented times. 😉 Also, there's some truth to this. 3 bed family homes to rent in our area are nonexistent.
  13. Just wait for court proceedings and reply to the court with the reasons the S21 is invalid. This is what we intend to do and our landlord has almost done things right. In an ideal world we would come to an agreement but I know my landlord is not a reasonable person given some of the smallest requests we have made in the past have been refused.
  14. Green Party policy includes a land value tax. Another key part of green party policy is to rebalance the economy and invest new sustainable technologies. https://policy.greenparty.org.uk/ld.html#:~:text=Land Value Taxation (LVT) LD400 The Green Party,improvements to it%2C or minerals extracted from it.
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