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  1. WHOOOPPEEEE!!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/in_d...s/html/43ud.stm
  2. Nobody is targeting the disabled, the truly disabled that is. And there aren't many people in that camp. My uncle was hit by a car when he was 21. Spent his life paralysed from the waist down, which is tough these days, it was worse 40 years ago with no wheelchair access etc. He retired at 65 a self-made millionaire. Obviously there are people who really can't work. The severly mentally and/or physically disabled and these people need looking after. What I object to is those who do F*** all because of 'a dodgy back'. ******, there are plenty of things they can do.
  3. Simply not true. My brother is in the same boat as very many people his age. Mid 30's, recently married, good salary (over 40K, not london or south east), owns a 2 bedroom house on an out of town estate. He and his wife want to move to a 3/4 bed house near a school to start a family. They can't. The next rung on the ladder is now too far away from them considering that his wife would have to give up work for at least a while to pop a couple of sprogs. He says that he wouldn't now be able to afford his own house, let alone a larger one. Surely a person not being able to afford thir own house
  4. laurejon, you have posted a lot of good comments over the last couple of days but I think you are wrong on this. I think that in a regular, stable (in other words, non-existant) house market, only a minority would not be able to get on the ladder. Some people will always have to rent, that's what happens in our sort of society. But I think the popularity of sites like this go to illustrate the fact that a very large number of people are priced out of the market, meaning they ain't a minority any more.
  5. They are? I only left uni a year ago (in London) and I was only paying £56 per week
  6. I was reading through a local property paper the other day and there was a house available to rent for just shy of £12,000 pcm (yes you did read that correctly, 12 grand). I mean this WAS a very nice house. But why on earth would anyone rent somewhere for £144,000 per year?
  7. As I said earlier in the thread, my student debt is about 20 - 21K. However, I saved few grand over my 4 year degree so the real figure should be about 12K. It makes sense to max out your 2.something% student loan and stick what you don't need into an ISA I didn't have to pay tuition. It's means tested and my parents don't earn enough. So each year my finances would look something like: 4.5K (loan) + 2.5K (summer work) - approx 5K (living expenses) = about 2K for savings Some people might be able to get away with less than 5K for living expenses but I was in London. 5K a year is **** all
  8. Sorry, forgot to say thank you. Thank you.
  9. What does BMV stand for? What on earth is Schaudenfraude (if that is even spelt correctly)?
  10. Does anybody else get Lufthansa adverts covering up the first third of that article?
  11. How about Kirsty Gallagher? Ok ok, she doesn't do the news, but who the hell cares??!!
  12. Dude, that's a cardinal sin. CS pwn5 u w411H4xor!!!!1111
  13. BBB, With all due respect mate I think you are on a different planet. Most of the time I think you are a pretty sound bloke who's made some good decisions to get where you are today. But I think you really need to realise (and it's not just you, every other home-owner I meet is just the same) just how much the property bubble has inflated to the detriment of the young generation, like myself. I'm young (23) and I earn roughly the national average salary (I think), certainly a fair bit more than many other people my age and more than most of my old school friends. I can comfortably pay my s
  14. Salary: 21K ISAs: ~9K Bank: ~1.5K (about to be moved into an ISA) Student Debt: ~20.5K Pension: About £600, about to stop paying as it's a waste of time whilst I still have the student debt Oh, and I'm 23. Age matters quite a bit in this I guess.
  15. So you will sell your house and then have to pay way over the odds for somewhere else to live. I've never understood how people assume that an increase in the value of their house is always great. An increase in value is only good if it is relative, i.e. your's has increased and nobody else's has. In fact, if all houses in your area rise by the same proportion, then you end up losing because the difference in price between your house and the one you are aiming for also rises by that same proportion. Or maybe I just don't get it. Anyway, I wouldn't say I NEED a house. I'm 23 and buying a f
  16. A helluva lot of people are employed in the consumer industry. All the way from the people working the tills to the marketing executives dreaming up all those crappy adverts. This whole industry is supported by people spending money, if that goes so do a whole lot of jobs. Then come the defaulted mortgage re-payments closely followed by the re-posessions. Many more houses on the market = price drops. IMO, if house prices drop it won't have much to do with IRs (well, there are probably some stupid people that can't afford an extra 1/4 point rise) but more to do with a more general fall in the
  17. Jeez, what a bunch of tarts on this thread. A guy makes an investment that's doing well and you are onto him like a load of communists. Anyway, nice one BBB.
  18. What does MEW stand for and what does it mean? What does STR stand for and what does it mean?
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