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  1. Apologies if I am hijacking this thread...

    I ( early 30's) have been actively looking for a house ideally in South Belfast since last August. I have a large deposit- £40K+ saved, currently live in a rented house with a couple of others (£300/month) and am reasonably happy but I would like my own place that isn't an apartment. 

    Whats the feeling out there generally? Anytime I enquired about a listing last year/early this year its already over the list price. Is there much movement in the market? Are the asking prices still being met? I'm a bear at minute but interested in what everyone's else position is, like Zamo's.

    My Peer group cant believe I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but everyone else seems to be in debt or struggling along treading water.

  2. 13 minutes ago, JoeDavola said:

    Can you give a couple of examples? Type of house, price, and how far over asking they're going for?


    This one was at £208K, was hinting that they I would need to be putting in an offer of £210k by end of day as seller was happy with the current offer. I haven't been keeping a record as I lose interest when they are already well over asking price.

    Is that House Really worth the guts of a Quarter of a million pounds? Maybe Im totoally out of touch of what Houses should be selling for but I cant see Belfast having the Wage supply to pay for all these long term.

  3. I have been keeping an eye on South Belfast and every property I have enquired about is well over the asking price. I just don't see the value.
    Most people who I talk to (work/Friends) throw around the £150k+ mortgage isn't a big deal.  Personally I couldn't live with that level of debt.
    I was too young to be involved in the 2008 crash, are Belfast prices heading that way again, or is it just certain areas? 

  4. JoeDavola, what sort of prices are you waiting for in BT9?

    I work in South Belfast and commute from West of the Bann so its one of the areas I am keeping on eye on. Still building my deposit as the houses in Belfast seem way over valued and I dont want to live in an apartment.

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