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  1. Signs that have been personalised, such as "push me" on a door, "sorry I'm full" at a car park entrance. Cars that let you pull out before them when there's a massive gap behind them. Foreign sales assistants who can't speak fluent English working in high end department stores. They just babble away desperately trying to sell me something I explicitly don't want (I want something similar but they don't understand). Perfume stalls in particular. In fact, sales assistants in general. Bike tyre punctures.
  2. scheming

    3 A At A Levels

    It's not that bad. I'm sure he could get an interview for Theology at Oxbridge with that; but then the admission interview is down to him. Maybe Uni is not the right choice for him..
  3. scheming

    Capital Gains Tax To Rise To 40%

    No, I dont think they will be. I think it will be 40% on anything over £1000; that was the libdem policy. Will come into force next tax year? maybe this year and backtrack? They're not clamping down on property flipping so 2nd home owners will be exempt. Anyone with holiday home abroad can flip main residence to that and pay tax in that country I would think as well.
  4. I think you will struggle to actually find any 1oz bullion gold coins for sale at the moment.
  5. Well I'm glad they are. It's the worlds best company http://www.peakoil.co.uk/
  6. scheming

    Sorry, No Kids!

    Yes, just like male students leave piles of washing up and never put out the rubbish, the kids may well be sick on the new laminate flooring. Can't be having that now.
  7. scheming

    Britain Has Crashed

    Haha yes we are. You buy all this stuff as presents that noone wants, then by April it's a trip to the dump to throw it all away; only to buy it all again in december. And the settees, the settees! I hope you have destroyed the one you got last easter because the DFS sale adverts start again in 2 weeks!
  8. scheming

    Britain's First £1,000 Train Ticket

    Don't get it.. When I put the journey into http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ it comes out at £374.50
  9. scheming

    Hpc Xmas Dinner

    yep! got to be a Wilson. Not only do house prices only ever go up, but this is someone who put there debt where there mouth is by buying a whole city. Christmas cream puddings at the ready
  10. scheming

    How Much Warning Would We Get?

    Well thinking back to last year, when some banks went bust, it was like this: web news stories appear of trouble and they are denied by some chimp at the bank; usually sounds very pompous more and more "experts" on the web, like on this site say things like, your cash is better in your wallet than a number on the screen in said bank. this excitement builds all week, shares go crazy. shorting of shares is banned. it become more and more clear that trouble is afoot if you have your head to ground. word of mouth in pub that cash machines are about to stop working. most people dont give a **** because they have no money, but bank get bailed out anyway. Gordon Brown becomes saviour of world
  11. scheming


    Rubbish isnt it. Some old man who was on the second ever programme, seems very opinionated. Well who cares what he thinks- he will be dead soon anyway
  12. scheming

    "the Scariest Jobs Chart Ever"

    This shows we had a 4 year long recession 2001-2005 worse than the 90's recession.
  13. scheming


    I would like to be able to play the piano. Maybe Chopin. It will probably take me years.
  14. It can't be illegal.. there are many languages which material is not translated into, so what is illegal about adding to that list. Or is it illegal not to offer a translation service into any requested language? That would make more sense. Zulu, Catalan and Breton please..

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