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  1. Same reason they didn't cut ties with the US and UK when they were slaughtering all those Iraqi children - it's really not that complicated.
  2. And your heroes are the ones throwing Julian Assange in a Supermax Gulag for 200 years for reporting war crimes - is that right?
  3. Why's it a pity? If your delicate sensibilities can't handle hearing alternate opinions why on earth would you come on a public internet discussion forum? There's a "block" function so that you don't have to torture yourself reading my posts. I haven't noticed you criticsing any of the Nazi-sympathising posts - seems very puzzling.
  4. Well, as you have pointed out, you read the Ukrainian and Russian press so we can expect your prediction of the Ukrainian forces invading Russia and besieging Moscow should be swinging into practice anytime soon right? Until then, there's a good chance that Odessa will represent Phase 3 of the war once the Donbass has been secured. As such, and in answer to your question directly, the Donbass campaign isn't a feint it's one of the stated military objectives of the Russians as you, no doubt, already know.
  5. Quite the opposite. Ukrainians quite rightly have the freedom to make their choices - but those choices have consequences. Just like Cuba wanted to site missiles on their own sovereign territory and have been the subject of US sanctions, embargoes, attempted coups and assassinations ever since. We are running a war in Yemen at the moment - should their people be dying for our glory? Where are your posts demanding the same actions be taken against the UK government? Any difference you can think of between Ukrainians and Yemenis that could justify it? Or Iraqis? Or Libyans? Or Syrians?
  6. Back from my enforced absence and I see little has changed. Still have the same amateur psychobabble about evil unhinged Putin being off his meds and "having his nuclear weapons taken off him". Meanwhile the reality is that the Ukrainian forces are steadily being ground down in a systematic manner around Donbass, the rumour is that the Russians have captured a high-vale NATO general in the Azovstahl plant, likely a Canadian Lt Gen involved in running the biological weapons programme, the Russian forces have captured a huge warehouse of arms and ammunition accounting for much of the "support" that the West has sent and, most importantly, the Americans are now openly saying that their plan is to fight Russia by proxy and degrade their military capability - in other words, that was never about "Ukrainian freedom" - as some of us tried pointing out on numerous occasions. Funny how time has a habit of revealing the truth.
  7. They won't. The Russians would just change tactics and embed themselves withing the population whilst shooting the drones out of the sky. Drones alone can't win a war against an organised, mechanised army such as the Russians.
  8. My posts are there for anyone to read - mangling them through your particular right-wing prism isn't convincing at all. Neither is your "but what about the BABY Nazis?" act. The more you post the more it becomes apparent you're a military head-the-ball with Nazi sympathies - of course you aren't going to understand what the Russians are upto - that's been my point all along.
  9. No - I'm just a fan of the reality-based community. The reality is that Putin is winning and will set the terms. You think Ukraine are winning and will chase the Russians back over the border. Let's see what happens.
  10. Try and keep up - it's straightforward. I support Putin eliminating them wherever they are found. You can dance around what the definition of a Nazi is if you like - they're usually easy enough to identify. Arguing the toss about it is neither here nor there and is no defence for your despicable views. I'm glad that, in addition to your evident support for Nazis you also have such concern for their wellbeing. Your attempt to allude to concentration camps when you openly support literal Nazis is disgusting.
  11. Yes, I'm happy to cheer on troops that are eliminating Nazis. It's probably best that most of the wartime generation have died - they would weep to see what became of their country.
  12. You're confusing yourself. I said I was happy to answer a question if you could be exact about it ( a general question can also be phrased in an exact way - the generality being the topic, the exactness being the prose). IN terms of Iraq, the point is that EVERY war involves the killing of innocent bystanders - always has, always will. So to answer your point about whether Russia is taking more care or less care to avoid un-necessary harm we have to compare how they are doing in comparison to other wars. Unfortunately for you, the figures are not in your favour, by a long way.
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