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  1. I think we should ask Arpeggio to prove his saying about climate using numerology. He did a nice expose about WW3 (I think), can't wait to lap it up about climate change
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/business/live/2022/may/20/retail-sales-inflation-consumer-confidence-thg-ftse-economics-business-live?page=with:block-62874fe78f08e35126baa513#block-62874fe78f08e35126baa513 The Chinese are using the Western method of kicking the can down the road it seems
  3. Hard to charge a tariff when controlling the border would be an "act of self harm", said the Minister of Brexit Opportunities (rofl) But keep twisting and exposing it for all of us to see. Please the day you manage to connect the dots, let us know.
  4. They won't publish it until she investigates Beer and Curry Starmer
  5. @Mancunian284 The thread should be renamed. I like where this is going. I believe the society needs a rebalance in how income is split. White collars like me are having it too easy. People working for what is the backbone of society are having it too rough. Once this is said, I don't know how it can be implemented. Meaning, how does the market manages to reward those people more appropriately? Is there anyway for this to be happening without direct state intervention? I think it will be a big question for the coming few years. Also it will be a question that will be asked across the Western world, it won't be UK specific.
  6. There we go, there should a border between NI/RoI and the GFA should be renegaded on. Edit: Let's see the mental gymnastics you are about to use to get out of this one.
  7. Do you have one example where the EU was unreasonable about its process of membership ?
  8. No, because you are wrong. Norway even managed to not join the EU while being in the single market.
  9. How about you look at what is happening, instead of going into a rabbit hole of your own making? There is no talk about expanding the Euro Area. A lot of countries have their own currencies, and show no sign of wanting being part of the EUR. SE, DK are important members and won't be coereced. But hey whatever suits your reasoning. I am used to it
  10. Goodness, this post is to be archived. Are you in a new business of making a parody of your previous posts?
  11. That's a straw man argument if I ever saw one. Can I see you contort yourself and explain how food prices jumped because of EVs?
  12. Go for it, the news will be out by tomorrow anyway. Well I did not mention the ones below because they are insignificant. But the ones above, there should be a fair few Edit: boy am I wrong. There are a lot in their 30s and 40s.
  13. A recruiter contacted me yesterday. I said I would move for +15%. He showed me 7 positions, all relevant and in my comfort zone. First interview tomorrow.
  14. Will it excludes those in their 60s and above
  15. But money is fictional. It is a social construct. It is a convention. The first print of money was magicked from f all. Money is debt. Double accounting and all that. When one borrow they create money, when one repay their debt, they destroy money.
  16. Since when do you deal in a binary fashion? Too much union = bad, too little union = bad. Too much water = you drown, too little water = you die of thirst. Would you go without water? Like everything we need a just amount of it, and the same goes with union powers. Unions in the 70s took the mickey too far. The German unions are an example of good behaviour. Unions are needed to balance the power within a company. Corporate governance is in a very sorry place. The board members voting ridiculous pay packages for their mates, knowing they will get theirs voted in the same way. Shareholders having no say on pay? Bonuses being awarded for being at the right place at the right moment (Persimmons? BP in 2022?) Fudging with EPS targets by using debt or CF to buy back shares? None of this is a good liberal capitalism. It is a cronyist capitalism, and you should be more up in arms about it. Those are some of the current issues.
  17. It's a false dichotomy what you are writing. The state has a role to play in terms of education, offering a leveled playing field, providing visions as to which type of education is needed for the future of the country. You can't claim that the job is done while we are looking for foreigners to become developers, we are in chronic shortage of nurses ... And then the last point is around, as a society, do we think that being employed should be enough to live with dignity. To me it's pretty obvious. And in the past, working was enough to gets stake in society. Nowadays, if you don't earn enough, you get no stake and people are bullying you for being poor.
  18. At the moment the thin air dosh went to the Tories, their mates and the asset holders. The worker got screwed.
  19. Using a mistake made 20 years ago by Labout to say: "this is not so bad", is dangerous. You are better than that. I don't have an issue with the Tories inherently. I don't care about the label. I care about them doing the right things to enable this country. Quite clearly they have not done much except giving their donors and friends a massive amount of money and putting the tab on the balance sheet.
  20. Agreed, this stop and search is really disturbing. There is a current lack of accountability for police exactions, reinforcing stop and search won't help. White people in posh areas won't be affected. This is really just about trying to hide a symptom rather than addressing the issue. It won't solve a thing
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