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  1. So last I check, Brown was never governor of the BoE. Also if you think that looking at the picture of what is happening only on this island will help you understand what is happening in this island, good luck with that.
  2. The fake interest rate is a FED, BOJ, ECB induced issue more than a Brown one
  3. The real question is: "who is going to keep paying the electricity bill when there are no more bitcoins to farm at a profit?"
  4. Yes of course you are. We are not building a harmonious society of capitalism where everyone has capital to show for, and thus a stake in society. I was having higher hopes for Rishi to show bold actions and start addressing the issues of this nation: housing child care business rates Now he is definitely one of them in my mind, he still had the benefit of the doubt until yesterday.
  5. But he is kinda right, next GE won't see people rioting over housing issues yet.
  6. The missing bit for me is the triple lock, so workers stopped working for older people, and now elders are racking in extra money. Inter generational solidarity is a one way street.
  7. I want both actually, a significant portion of the population who can rely on a shelter safety net, and a free market for the people who want it.
  8. The treasury depicting what I think about people on furlough: Except that I am sure it is mostly white people lazing around comfortably ( I am white)
  9. if we were in the "midst" we would be seeing it. Right now my Big Mac has not doubled in price yet. I would say there is a decent probability we are on the cusp of it, not the midst of it.
  10. Your salary don't need to keep up with CPI to eat away the debt. Debt is nominal and fixed. Anyway, financial advices are not a one size fits all. DYOR, and adjust Spy's good advices to your own circumstances. For instance, my current company index salaries on inflation. Also I am in a dynamic field and can expect better opportunities. This enables me to take higher risks with my money.
  11. Let's agree to disagree on this point, I would wholly agree though if you caveat with something like "depending on your willingness to take risk" At the moment, it makes no sense to accelerate repayments with such low interest rate. I am buying atm. I have, I believe, the same product as you do: 5y fix 1.84%. Accelerating repayments will marginally improve your cash flow. I don't have cash flow issues, I have a net worth issue.
  12. Totally disagree with point 2, why bother accelerating repayments at 2% if you can invest that same money and expect 4% (conservative) long term. You need to repay your mortgage when Mortgage IR > Investment IR. When you are young, you have the benefit of playing the long term game. If the advice was for a 45+ yo then it is different.
  13. We will start requesting a family tree if the next anecdotes start involving your nephews and nieces
  14. Please let us know ahead next time you need to introduce a new relatives. They are great anecdotes to explain what a success Brexit is, even though you are an academic and should know better when it comes to cherry picking to attempt at proving a point.
  15. I fail to see the interesting bit in the LISA. Are you not better off increasing your pension contributions if you have spare disposable income instead of adding to the LISA. LISA seem interesting if you can stash more than 40k a year. And if you can, you definitely are not in the problematic category.
  16. A bit sad you are showing such a fanatic when a few months ago you were fighting how fanatics the Trump supporters were.
  17. Don't mind him. I was added to his "troll" list because he could not read what I was saying. If you are not someone who believe the houses will fall 75% by the end of the year, you will end up there.
  18. You are still looking at a recent trend, and saying it will be the defining trend for the next years. I salute you alerting us about the inflation worry, I don't support the definitive tone.
  19. It's a given that you are gambling. Nothing is a given otherwise you would be sitting in Warren Buffet's shoes.
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