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  1. Quite correct. The patient has been on life support since 2008. We have thrown all possible "treatment/therapy" at them to keep them in this condition (low ir, we, htb...). We should have never have implemented the treatment regimes between 2008 and 2014, but we did. During this period their muscles have atrophied and weaning them off the life support will be even more difficult. We can all see it coming........
  2. Oh, yes. Those lovely, caring and honest insurance companies. Yep, we will begin your chemo just as soon as we get the go ahead from your insurance company..........
  3. Not the elderly patient thing again. I thought we'd already done that 16 pages ago. But I do agree with some of your points. Sometimes it feels like we are pouring good money after bad.
  4. Very true. It is also unlikely that anybody reading this post will ever need an intensive care unit or life saving surgery...... shall we just close them down cos in the grand scheme of things the cost slot and don't really contribute to the greater health of the population?
  5. Will crime rate affect prices? No. The ******ing stupidly overpriced shitholes that clueless ******wits mortgaged themselves up the hilt (and beyond) for, in the hope of selling on to the greater fool in a few years, is what will affect prices in London. The gradual decrease in criminal money flowing into London property will affect prices. Some hoodrats (sorry, aspiring musicians and promising young footballers) stabbing and shooting each other will have a minimal impact compared to the financial shitstorm coming our way.
  6. Don't knock it... a freshly picked orange is like manna from heaven. I tried one in Cyprus it was green with a blush of orange in colour. I expected a bitter/sour experience. It was as sweet and delicious as any orange I have tried anywhere. Lessonfor me: aesthetics of fruit is a bad indicator of taste/ripeness. Don't get me started on the figs and prickly pears..........
  7. Everywhere will reflect massive falls...except wherever I happen to live cos I am so ******ing clever. Over the years I have cleverly manipulated govt policy, bankster lending and human greed and stupidity to ensure that my area increases in value. Yeah, I am a ******ing genius. Seriously, though, i reckon some solid falls. Everywhere.
  8. You're gonna give him a face like a plaster's radio?
  9. Yes, exactly this. Just bring debt free will put you in an advantageous position.
  10. Yes, bad experiences are not a good thing but, the large majority can be attributed to a tired and stressed-out workforce. Under-resourced and overstretched. Elderly patients do spend longer than is necessary in hospital because of the appalling social care system we have. They are not I'll enough to warrant a stay in hospital but cannot be discharged because there is nobody to look after them at home. However, a reduction in these do called bed blockers would not lead to a corresponding reduction in nurses. It would lead to a reduction in cancelled operations and a reduction in the numb
  11. Spyguy, has raised some good points. I don't think he is a ***** of any kind. He not personally insulted anyone but he hasn't exactly come across brilliantly, either. Buy you are right, he has managed to belittle the efforts of a lot of good people. I am hoping what he says is half toungue-in-cheek. Lots of people have a poor opinion of NHS staff which is often reinforced by a bad experience they or a close friend/relative may have had.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jan/28/hadiza-bawa-garba-doctor-struck-off-over-six-year-old-boy-death-crowdfunding-drive
  13. Strange as it may sound to you and others, it is not uncommon. I am embarrassed to admit that I also do the odd hour of unpaid overtime every now and then. Like any large entity, the NHS works because of the discretionary effort put in by a large minority (not majority) of dedicated and diligent employees. That's why it ruffles my feathers a bit when people make sweeping generalisations about my and my colleagues pay and working conditions.
  14. At the risk of being savaged and branded evil (which I am).....that made me laugh a lot.
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