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  1. Any bets the landlord has already spent the money on holidays, cars and other tat.
  2. That neatly sums up the last couple of decades and the most tragic part of it is that those people being 'helped' can't see that they have been duped.
  3. @shlomoand @TheCountOfNowhere you are not wrong. I wonder how many of these will complete and of those that do, how many will make themselves 'Reluctant/ Accidental Landlords' effectively doubling down on the pain in the event of a housing market correction, which lest we forget is already predicted by the mainstream media?
  4. To add my own anecdotes from Cornwall. 1. I closed an ISA last week and whilst doing that and sharing a grumble about savings rates with the cashier, she volunteered that her colleague who deals with mortgage applications had been rushed off her feet for the last month, but neither thought it was sensible or would last. 2. Work colleague wanted to reduce their mortgage as very concerned about the way things are going, so put the house on the market last week, full asking price offered in a couple of days by cash buyers and then another cash buyer looked keen and the first bidder upped the price by 15k. Estate agent stated they thought it was just panic on the part of the buyers. It's a very strange world out there right now.
  5. I think you may need to review your cooking technique 🤣🤣
  6. From the thread... 'We've not long had ours up, and despite being what I consider underpriced, we've hardly had any viewings, and no offers. I think we will be reluctant landlords.' Complete the following: 'Out of the frying pan and into the ....'
  7. Over two years and they still can't work out that they are overpriced 🙄
  8. A triple post ... a new record! Sorry about that, connection problems
  9. The glib answer is with difficulty, the long answer is covered here https://www.totallymoney.com/mortgages/shared-ownership/
  10. The glib answer is with difficulty, the long answer is covered here https://www.totallymoney.com/mortgages/shared-ownership/
  11. The glib answer is with difficulty, the long answer is covered here https://www.totallymoney.com/mortgages/shared-ownership/
  12. Ban lobbying and actually make them accountable for at least attempting what is in their manifesto would be good start.
  13. It's an excellent summary of the corruption inherent in the system. Sadly much as I was impressed by Zarah's speech she fell short of calling for a ban on lobbying and so the farce continues.
  14. Not surprised about Lloyds or many other high street banks for that matter. I went into town last weekend to sort out a problem with my online account, first time I have been in a physical bank for over a year. Fed up with the service, or lack of, from my current bank I dropped into Barclays. It's a very different world now. One person standing in the middle of the foyer directing customers me how to use the machines and access things on line, no tellers, not another visible employee. I can't talk about Pizza Hut as I don't use them ... actually maybe that's the reason 🤔
  15. And in my minds eye I see the Ministers in clown suits, lead out by BoJo the clown on a tiny tricycle.
  16. Current buyers train of thoughts; That nice Mr. Sunak, what a lovely smile he has and he will save me thousands ... must buy now! My family, neighbours, work colleagues have all made a fortune in property ... must buy now! Experts are saying that house prices will rise ... must buy now! Kirsty and Phil think it's a great idea to make a cheeky offer ... must buy now! If prices carry on up I will be locked out forever ... must buy now! If there's a crash the government will rescue homeowners ... must buy now! There's no more toilet roll on the shelves ... must buy now! Standard 'Bull Trap' mentality @Pop321
  17. Thanks Blink. Fully expecting them to do something, but think it will be on a scaled back version
  18. Honestly, that advice is tragic and only one person picked up on the fact that it is a) shared ownership and b) they 'can't' reduce the price as they will lose money 🙄. I have news for them, that money is gone and the longer they hang on the more money they will lose. Trust me on this. Knowing the area quite well, you wouldn't want that as a holiday home.
  19. An insight into the scale of redundancies planned by firms during June and July. Nothing we weren't expecting https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54058559
  20. There is a reason that they have vast amounts of unearned wealth accumulated over multiple generations. Like cockroaches they will survive any sort of fallout.
  21. I calculated 10% over 8 years for my personal perspective.
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