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  1. You are probably expecting to be flamed by the braying mob for that comment and that may yet happen. I for one won't be braying or celebrate their leaving. Why? Because the pathetic amount of tax they paid for such huge gains was still helpful and yes they did bring in a lot of other jobs and spend some their ill gotten gains here in the UK, but the most notable effect of that was to drive up prices. So my honest opinion is that we may all be worse off in the short term, some of us much worse off, others I suspect will see little impact and wonder what the fuss is all about. In the longer term however, the Great British tax payer has bailed out these greed mongers too often, at the cost of the many for the benefit of the few. No on balance, after a lot of screaming and shouting and quite possibly some rough times, I suspect that the truth may actually finally dawn on people, we simply don't need them, we never did.
  2. Such a good film! Love it Ennio Morricone, The Ecstacy of Gold what a piece of music. Blondie ..... you Basta.....Mmmmwahhmama!
  3. I think they should keep the same title - "Homes under the hammer" would have a completely different meaning as the gavel smacks down on yet another shattered rampers dream. Lots of moody close up shots, like a Sergio Leone film!
  4. Based on the number of occasions I have been provided with unasked for "advice" over the years. I would say they are in deep, very very deep!
  5. No need to apologise. TPTB have well and truly sold the entire country down the river and have proven time and again that they will stop at nothing to save their own skins. For a crash to occur it has to be beneficial to them, or so HUMUNGOUS that they simply can't stop it. My personal opinion, for what little it is worth, is that they have been carefully positioning themselves for the former and their actions have created the later. My advice is hold on, this is going to be one heck of a ride
  6. Funny, I thought there was nothing they could do last time and just look at the incredible stupidity that followed, which coincidentally is exactly the time the last dying embers of faith in our politicians went out in my soul. So you may be right, but even TPTB are going to have a tough sell trying to save this S... Storm from heading in only one direction.
  7. After years of being reliably informed by all the "smarter" people around me I was being a fool. I call this crash, open for business! Would someone please turn over and baste those landlords, because these ones are done!
  8. "If I had known, it wouldn’t have been worth it, and I wouldn’t have gone ahead." Neatly sums up the last decade really. Houses only ever go UP in value didn't you know that?
  9. I certainly agree with that statement. When you start seeing the estate agents wringing their hands with cries of "won't somebody think of the children!!" you know that a lot of self serving spivs are very worried indeed
  10. Fair question. I actually like both jobs, but I enjoy my public sector one more, even though I am relatively poorly remunerated and over worked. My point is that this isn't the simple public sector/private sector split, that people like to focus on, it's far more nuanced than that. The truth is that there are plenty of hard working and underpaid individuals in both sectors. Equally IMHO there are a plenty of highly paid individuals who frankly don't pull their weight in both sectors, but the CEO's who "earn" grotesque multiples of the poorest salaried workers in their company do take some beating http://highpaycentre.org/counter
  11. As some one who works part time in both sectors, I can reliably inform you that for my public sector job I do much longer hours for worse renumeration. I would love to see the fat cats in both sectors having to declare their real incomes and the true extent of the work that they do for there generous pay-packets. In the highly unlikely event that such a thing ever occurred I would expect an immediate and substantial pay raise, so I say BRING IT ON!
  12. More bad news for the buy to let brigade as the main stream media spell out what the changes will mean. The comments section should be worth a read. Expect lots of "Woe is me!", "It's all very unfair!" and "How could I have known?" from a vocal minority up to their eyeballs in debt. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/personal-banking/mortgages/buy-to-let-crackdown-rules-hit-landlords-september/
  13. Nice link newgi, Thanks and your point is what? An article from 13 months ago, points out the rise of the "zombie mortgage" and how "help" to buy and other props have laid the foundations for a collapse. Looks like a fairly solid opinion piece to me, with I note, no time limit, just warnings of what the future likely holds in the authors opinion. Well it is now the future and those predictions look increasingly likely.
  14. Well done Kibuc! I have been following your travails and as someone who has suffered at the hands of unscrupulous landlords and agents over the years, it warms the heart to hear of someone using the rules to get justice. Thanks for the interesting and potentially useful links which I hope I won't have to use.
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