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  1. I agree that was/is probably the plan @jiltedjen, as usual our politicians are led by the herd and their own self interests. What I have noticed from the comments on mainstream media sites in relation to the constant housing market support is that for the wider population (or those that post on the internet at least) the penny seems to have dropped that this isn't a good thing. If the political elite are paying attention that may yet change the direction of travel ...


    Yes, it is really about risk. 

    I've got a 5 year fix at 1.63%, but my LTV on that was only 29%

    By the time I come to renew in about 4 years that'll be down to 18% assuming no price change. 

    Of course, pursuing the HPC mantra means I articulate this amongst property speculators as being perfectly setup to survive an 82% price drop over 4 years without going into negative equity!!! 

    Optimist 😂


    It's very important at this point to buy any house you can at this point. If you have a lot of cash in the bank, you MUST buy now or you will lose it all, either through government theft or hyperinflation.

    It is quite clear. The BOE has already warned people what is coming. NIRP and QE will finish your savings off this time.

    Peddle your misinformation else where please Dreamcasting.


    No. Thank God.  

    You wouldn't like it if HMRC was giving away your tax returns to everyone!

    For what its worth I think that if Tax Returns were based on a more equitable tax system and weren't works of fiction but truly reflected an individuals or businesses wealth this would be a very fair system. But that's just a pipe dream as too many people and businesses have a vested interest in not being honest and gaming a broken system.


    Wait for the dust to settle over Christmas and review. 

    I could buy now, I was actually planning on buying just before all this madness really got going. Sure it doesn't look like a good move right now and who knows, maybe I have made a mistake, but I strongly doubt it. As Pop says, I will reassess after Xmas and if I am clearly wrong then I will wear a little pointy white hat with a D on it, take my medicine and buy.

    My money is quite literally on that not being the case and I am now looking at early in the year 2022 to buy. Ultimately rational people make decisions based upon evidence. When the evidence changes they change their decision.

  6. I have heard many people espouse that only those in the cheep seats are at risk, but I beg to differ, those seemingly affordable mortgages that were taken on don't pay themselves when the money stops rolling in.

    Most people I work with are distinctly middle class, 30 - 50 with a few kids, only one has confided in me how tight things are at the moment and it doesn't sound good for them. Previously these people were only too keen to talk about their family skiing holiday in Switzerland, their new car, the next kitchen and how lovely and valuable their house was. 

    All of that has stopped ....


    There are many people out there with money debt. Lots of it. Those people are buying the houses and keeping them propped up high. The fact that you or the majority of people don't have anywhere near the amount of money debt they have is insignificant. The housing market doesn't care and will eat them alive.

    Corrected for you.


    Damn, that's cheap. From 175k to 100k. It's best area of Birmingham, too (property is booming over here, apparently, ask Speed1987 if you don't believe that)

    You want to be careful bandying that name around. I hear if you say it three times in quick succession he pops up and starts frothing at the mouth about how unpleasant you are for wishing for a sensible housing market! 😆


    Thanks....not downbeat but in a bad mood this morning.

    No worries, it is always darkest before the storm and this one is a doozy. For what it's worth I think we are looking at the last few rounds of props, all designed to give the market a soft landing. I am still expecting modest falls over the next year, if they loose control of this it could be a full on crash, but I am not holding my breath.


    It is becoming increasing clear to what all these measures are for and who they are protecting. I now believe furlough etc is there to save the people who the workers pay ie rent, mortgages, businesses, products....not from stopping people starving. 

    I completely agree and finally the UK population can see the false idol of perpetual house price increases for what it is. To me that is very exciting as no party wants to end up being unelectable, which if they fail to listen to the people they will be.


    And i am not being political saying Labour will save us (despite the fact I am a bit of a leftie) because I think like the USA we have no real politicians but sponsored employees. Thatcher was hated where I am from (and by me) but at least she believed in what she was saying....in my view she was very wrong.....but at least she believed in it. We need old politicians back....a bit mad, passionate and truthfully told you what they believed and you could take it or leave it. 

    I have very similar feeling for some of the old politicians on both the left and the right, I didn't necessarily agree with their views, but I could respect their belief and passion about a cause even if in my opinion it was misguided.


    Oh I believe you. But the timescales are beyond what I find comfortable

    I am holding on to see what shakes out over the next few months. If I am wrong and they manage the great escape then I will capitulate and buy.


    I own a house and I want prices to fall.  I could move up the ladder if they did.

    Also I don't hate other people and want them to suffer.

    I would worry about friends who recently bought for the first time but I think the suffering would be less if prices fell.

    And that's the point, it's not just about homeowners vs. renters, with homeowners locked out of buying bigger properties discovering their 'gains' aren't worth much relative to the next step up we have finally reached the point when the 'market' is no longer functional.


    I totally agree with this. People on here have been right all along. Unfortunately, the game has been rigged for 20 years. We might be playing by the rules, but no one else is. 

    True enough, but as we on HPC have seen again and again, rules change.



    @Pop321 You are not alone. I however am not so downbeat. The biggest problem for those on HPC has not been that they were wrong, they were right, but more importantly the rest of the UK population didn't care, they are still at the bar getting drunk.

    The mood music has changed, middle England, well the part that reads the BBC business section at least, has written scathing comments about the plan. Last orders have been called, expect another round of shots and then the inevitable hangover and regret in the morning.

    If the government were fishing for a response as to which way to go on this they have it ... do this and don't get re-elected.


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