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  1. I am sure that such a group of wonderful and magnanimous philanthropists that constitutes the average landlord, who lest we forget have only ever had the best interests of their tenants at heart will form an orderly queue and not panic when this starts to impact upon prices ..... on the other hand.
  2. @bearishonhouses what webpage did you use for the water levels please
  3. Thanks @Warlord I haven't heard that one before.
  4. I agree that was/is probably the plan @jiltedjen, as usual our politicians are led by the herd and their own self interests. What I have noticed from the comments on mainstream media sites in relation to the constant housing market support is that for the wider population (or those that post on the internet at least) the penny seems to have dropped that this isn't a good thing. If the political elite are paying attention that may yet change the direction of travel ...
  5. I second the comment above. Good work RR. Cornwall is my patch and everyone around here that I know thinks that house prices are headed to the moon. Reality may be a bit of a rude shock to some
  6. I think you will find it actually vanishes from this plane of existence, or more accurately from the plane that landlords inhabit at any rate
  7. For what its worth I think that if Tax Returns were based on a more equitable tax system and weren't works of fiction but truly reflected an individuals or businesses wealth this would be a very fair system. But that's just a pipe dream as too many people and businesses have a vested interest in not being honest and gaming a broken system.
  8. I could buy now, I was actually planning on buying just before all this madness really got going. Sure it doesn't look like a good move right now and who knows, maybe I have made a mistake, but I strongly doubt it. As Pop says, I will reassess after Xmas and if I am clearly wrong then I will wear a little pointy white hat with a D on it, take my medicine and buy. My money is quite literally on that not being the case and I am now looking at early in the year 2022 to buy. Ultimately rational people make decisions based upon evidence. When the evidence changes they change their decision.
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