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  1. could be worse....if the MMT lot had ever got power (even McDonnell moved away from them!) we would be printing vastly more money to pay for their wish list.
  2. course content is easier (was the case by the late 90s) and marking is more lenient (is true now compared to when I went in late 90s).
  3. if you need to do that, unless you live very far away from anyone else you won't keep that food for long. Armed gangs will take the lot.
  4. many people are not convinced Jezza wold have been better than Boris. We might not even have vaccines if he had been in charge - many people suspect he is an anti-vaxxer. And socialist economics would have been a disaster (as always).
  5. easily solved. How do you think people work with people in other countries? They have slack/skype etc. Just message who you need and they will tell you what you need. Works very well. Even before the pandemic we had moved towards this for people in the same building - you can ask the entire building on slack a technical question, rather than 1 person, and whomever knows the answer helps. For coming up with random new ideas you go to the pub/out for a meal with your colleagues, doesn't need to be in the office.
  6. because the public is not supposed to know about it. That would destroy the Tories myth of government finances being like a household budget with credit cards.
  7. maybe they don't like others showing that presenteeism is not actually work, and rather completing tasks is work.
  8. the dream for labour would be Boris winning a no confidence vote. The tories are then stuck with him for another 12 months. Meanwhile Cummings and others will leak ever worse information to the press week by week for the next year.
  9. certainly makes an interesting conspiracy - we still don't know what Cummings was doing in Russia all those years ago. But his timing for revenge is very well timed....
  10. Not your choice to make though is it (unless you are a Tory party member). Its about time the full electorate were allowed to vote for all party leaders. Would have stopped Corbyn in his tracks too.
  11. well they don't want to do that because Mexico was not occupied by the USA and forced to live in communist totalitarian nightmare by the USA. Very understandable why Russia's neighbours want protection. Russia is the problem, its them that wants to start a war in eastern europe.
  12. the same one Asda workers would have broken if their manager said lets go in the yard out back after work and bring your own booze? Clearly not a work meeting.
  13. I'm sure he knows which parties all the other cabinet ministers went to and may even have proof. Might explain why they support him.
  14. A lot of new software at CERN is written in C++.
  15. Oh I see. You are saying he attended hundreds of events with > 100 people during the first lockdown? Makes sense he can't remember. Of course if it was just 1 event during that time it would be more memorable and stand out.
  16. Well I know someone under 50 in the US who tried to kill himself as a result of the lockdowns (the isolation was a disaster for them). Thankfully they did not succeed and are ~ok now with a new job that seems to be a lot more supportive. No doubt many others may have succeeded which could explain things?
  17. by the time they have that data it will be too late. The decision is really now with the incomplete data, and we have taken it (no lockdown). Its misleading for cabinet ministers to say they are waiting in my opinion, they are taking a decision.
  18. (a) debatable. Possibly, if they could have ramped up boosters very fast. But seems it will take months anyway (b) well if we kept everyone in their homes and sent round vaccinators + food parcels it would stop it pretty well. Doubt we are willing to go that far, so quite possibly what we call "lockdown" won't work.
  19. they knew this decision point would come, sage has been warning about omicron for more than 2 weeks! If a lockdown is needed should have done it earlier to buy time and then open for christmas, not wait until just before Christmas and really piss everyone off with another christmas alone.
  20. my understanding is the vaccines prevent death/serious disease even with omicron. So a first does is useful. But they are very poor at preventing infection thus allowing you to spread it to vulnerable people (old, cancer patients etc where they cannot take the vaccine or it does not work at all in some fraction). The booster fixes the latter effect.
  21. this is pretty much what SAGE have said. It might be milder, but we have no way of knowing currently. So not introducing restrictions based on that assumption is a gamble. A gamble that it looks like the cabinet have taken. Hopefully they are right, but if not the blame will lie squarely on their shoulders. The SAGE has been clear their advice is to not assume its milder and act accordingly. Scientists tend to be cautious, but the consequences of the cabinet being wrong could be severe in terms of deaths.
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