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  1. I go to the office, even though I don't need to, so that my employer pays to keep me warm all day. Also I walk to and from work for 30 mins, so its better for my health.
  2. I understood the accommodation in Bolton was built and run by a private sector company. So why would the university have any liability to pay to reclad? Surely that private company has to pay and if they can't its them that will go bust.
  3. Depends where you live - if you are not fussy then no. If on the other hand you want to live in a middle class area with good schools near to good jobs then the competition is fierce. Where I live in Sheffield typically houses sell in a few weeks. There are not enough, and being near the Peak District there is no possibility to build any more of them around this part of Sheffield. It's the same in all the middle class areas and has been for years.
  4. hmm at my surgery you see a nurse. not a GP, for the annual asthma checkup.
  5. They pay for eye tests because legally they are required to.
  6. Also its not really universal anymore - e.g. my employer has to pay for my regular eye checks because I use a computer screen. If they did not I would have to pay, the NHS certainly would not. Any treatment (lenses) has to be paid by myself (again not by the NHS). Same with dentists - have to pay for it all, even as a NHS patient.
  7. Yes, but most people in Britain think the two are inherently the same thing as far as I can tell.
  8. Sure, but thats not what I meant. The European and American systems are not the same at all as far as I understand in that only in America do they not have universal coverage. This is what people opposed to privatisation always seem to go on about as far as I can tell.
  9. I think that is because they assume we will go the American route, not the European one.
  10. The report contains information about where large chunks of the conservatives funding originated from. BJ/Cummings don't want the electorate to find out until after the election.
  11. he often cherry picks statistics or just outright lies. If you call him out in the comments he soon deletes your comment (he never tries to refute it with facts). Would not trust anything on that website.
  12. I assumed he meant that given what we know now, after grenfell, common sense says don't listen to the fire brigade and just get out (if your building has cladding).
  13. google is helpful here, a number of websites have quotes from people involved with that report. Certainly you can find out a lot more than is in the MSM...
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