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  1. The code was checked by numerous reviews including software engineers from particle physics and Doom legend John McCormack. No-one found any problem that affected the validity of the results, despite it being badly written and documented. You can of course question the assumptions that were put into the code and therefore the validity of the results, but the code itself was not found to be buggy.
  2. If its only as bad as flu, then given I have never come across anyone that had flu complications or died from it I must be extremely unlucky to know of 1 person who died (65 in good health), 1 on oxygen for a week (good health too, except a bit podgy) and 2 who have symptoms 6 months after initial infection - ones lungs are so trashed that she has been told she cannot go running anymore, the other who was also very sporty is now bed bound.
  3. Sheffield is still manic. We have been told we cannot view houses, unless we first have an agreed buyer for our existing house - else we are considered to be wasting the sellers time, when they get many offers! Someone told me its being driven by Londoners fleeing north now they can work from home - but I wish they would not, because its driving prices up and up so far this year. Am desperately hoping end of furlough will end the madness and prices drop a lot so we can afford to get a bigger house in a decent area (right now seems we are priced out of many areas with the good schools).
  4. I doubt any scientists would try and confuse ministers with such a concept. Best bet is to keep it as simple as possible, because they are not exactly talented in the intellect department!
  5. Well I have a German bank account and no-one has contacted me to tell me it will be closed (yet).
  6. Well what you do is ask for him for advice. And then make sure to rule out such a course of action because it would be disastrous.
  7. In japan all the children have to wear masks apparently. Have seen Japanese people react with horror on being told we reopened schools without doing this.
  8. yes, not obvious to me why pubs closing 1 hour earlier would do anything. Still going to be full of drunkards standing too close to each other? Just for 1 hour less.
  9. the fact that our testing infrastructure was overwhelmed with symptomatic people as soon as schools opened (people who mostly didn't have covid, but did have colds) suggests measures in schools have utterly failed to top the spread of disease.
  10. and what we learnt from last time, and other European countries, is that the increase in cases is exponential whilst the decay in cases is rather slow. I believe a rule of thumb is something like each week you delay lockdown costs 4 weeks lockdown coming out the other end. The last lock down was very long because no-one wanted to do it, and then we had to do it when it was already very late. Yet again we are making the same mistake and dithering about doing a lockdown. Just do it now so we can get it over with as fast as possible. Once hospitals are overwhelmed we will do it anyway, and have t
  11. I can't stand the Tories, but to be fair the alternative would have been unlikely to have been any better. Corbyn in charge at this time?!
  12. Where is an average student going to find £10k cash to pay such a fine? Or do they get repayment terms?
  13. Seems to require the US and Europe to be in on the scam with China? As both the former published the assessments that it was natural. This paper also describes how to create such an artificial virus in the laboratory, which seems a pretty good reason to not allow the paper to be published - rather than a cover up.
  14. I think the ultrarich don't care? Middle classes (who some might argue are "rich") just leave because of how awful it is.
  15. I spent a few days in Venice Beach last year. Lots of hipster cafes have set up. Also heard people shooting at each other in the night!
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