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  1. Hi, I know a person, lets call them X, who has been contacted by a recruiter who has requested: - X should disable their linkedin profile so that no-one can see it. - Whilst disabled, the recruiter will get X a job at an engineering company in a speciality they have zero experience of (but do have several years experience in a different engineering speciality) - Once X gets the job the recruiter says X can re-enable the profile and the recruiter will provide 1 months training for the new job. We (my wife and I) are convinced this is some kind of scam (though can't quite spot who is gaining) because what kind of company hires someone they don't even interview? Its always possible we are wrong and this is a real thing that happens out there for job hunting we have never seen. Anyone know? Have googled extensively for this and can't find it listed in any news articles about comment recruitment scams. But it the whole thing just looks really odd to us. X is convinced its all legitimate and a good idea to go for, after having no luck at getting job in their speciality area (part of the issue is last employer won't give a reference. X had a mental health breakdown as a result of the fear of the pandemic + isolation in lockdown, which resulted in poor performance at work and ultimately hospitalisation, after which X was heavily pressured to resign). Any kind of news article about this scam would be useful to show X to try and convince this recruiter is up to no good (unless someone knows this is a real thing that companies do for recruitment, though sounds unlikely to me!). Thanks!
  2. Venezuela was already a mess before the sanctions. I recall reading how the regime did the usual socialist thing of sacking all the evil capitalist oil experts and putting their own unqualified people in charge - and ended up with the predictable result. You can still argue the sanctions are wrong though - they have made Venezuelans citizens lives even worse and have failed to achieve their objective of regime change. So if it can't achieve the latter what exactly is the justification for them?
  3. the situation will not be "normal" for several years I think. If a business cannot survive as things are now, its not viable in this environment. Better to remove furlough and let the employees fill shortages in other sectors which are now becoming a problem.
  4. Well if 100% were vaccinated and it worked 99% of the time flawlessly we would say 100% of those admitted too hospital were double jabbed. So is it just a small fraction of a very large number that accounts for this 60%?
  5. In the walking group I used to be in there were loads of young spanish - all here because there are no jobs in Spain. Was same when I lived in Switzerland - even met one young spaniard who moved there unemployed just to at least have a chance of getting a job, unlike where he came from in Spain.
  6. Stupid idea. Then in this case it would be in the interest of a Danish supporter to do it so as to get England kicked out.
  7. Well the free kick the Danes used to get their first goal was very soft, so pretty much evened it out. In any case England were putting so much pressure on the Danish defence a goal was gonna come one way or another. Anyway that dive was amateur dramatics compared to the Oscar winning performances I have seen the Italians getting away with so far....
  8. Wasn't that the case at the start of previous waves too? I read several articles explaining how it first spreads in age groups and then moves up a ladder until eventually it finds it way to the elderly. Should we have reached this point already and have not? If so, what you say would be true. If not, we need to wait and see still?
  9. Yes the story says alcohol was involved. May well be the case. When a student, one of the other students I hung around with was exactly like this - polite, respectful of everyone. Until you went to the pub with him. One night he tried to throw me through a window "for a joke". Next day was all apologetic and said it was the alcohol.
  10. Well if anyone is worried about increasing cases this Tory MP has a solution - stop publishing the data so people can't find out Also "as a scientist" is a very dubious claim. She did a degree in genetics 18 years ago and was a science teacher for a few years. So never a practising scientist.
  11. I agree with that. I had a new person work for me for a year and I never met him. This was prepandemic, problem was just he was in Turkey. Worked just fine with Skype chats and calls. This was technical software work. He was also able to interact with other team members well over gitlab for code reviews, join Zoom meetings (though in those days many were connected from the same real room!) to discuss his work and hear discussion of others work. Mentoring also worked over Skype, he got a good job subsequently based on my guidance about how to sell his skills well to future employers. The only thing any of this misses is the generation of genuinely new ideas, that could lead to good projects, that only happens when you socialise with the team and talk about random things.
  12. what were you expecting? That they'd announce they captured an alien and had definitive proof?!
  13. Well Cummings has publicly had it in for Hancock for some time and Cummings has connections in Russia. Murdoch also is rumoured to want to replace the PM and it was his paper that exposed this. His reporters are known for using illegal tactics.
  14. No. The URL is a giveaway its likely tinfoil hat nonsense. But anyway: https://fullfact.org/online/fake-memo-imperial-college-lockdown/
  15. Surely this is not a physics course? It sounds more like a humanities course.
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