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  1. A lot of voters live in ultra safe seats, so I can see why they don't bother voting. If we had PR their choice would count. Unfortunately we are going backwards - the tories just passed legislation to remove PR from many elections, mainly because they know they don't win under PR. So instead they took us back to FPTP.
  2. didn't the tories get 43% of the vote last time? So hardly the majority of voters. Its rare you need anything near 50% of the vote to get a large majority....
  3. pensioners mostly vote and most vote tory. Not many young people vote in comparison, and if they do vote its more likely to be labour. Its all about shoring up the vote at the next GE.
  4. Hardly the end of the world if cheap air travel did come to an end. When I was a lad we just drove to northern france and more occasionally the Alps - people will still get holidays. The idea you could fly for the weekend anywhere in Europe was a fantasy.
  5. Campaign for interest rates to go up? When I only get a 3% pay rise, no way I would support train drivers (who earn more than I do) getting a 15% payrise which will make inflation even worse for me.
  6. Giving them a 15% pay rise will only fuel more inflation. It won't solve the problem. Other tools are needed.
  7. The government essentially controls exactly what each of the private companies can do. Its nationalised in all but name now.
  8. isn't the ones paid by the government? I don't think they are coining it. Not like corporate lawyers.
  9. perhaps landlords should also have to pay a deposit into a third party scheme to make sure they do pay up then!
  10. they will need to be disarmed eventually. Otherwise any halt in the Ukrainian invasion will simply be used by them to rearm and then try again in 5 years or so. Likely they would invade other neighbours too based on past behaviour. Like Germany they need to start again and be forbidden from having offensive armed forces.
  11. Not even worth listening to. Is Ukraine in NATO? Has it been invited to join? Would an application have been accepted? No, no and no. The only one to blame is Russia - they alone chose to invade Ukraine.
  12. For a party that bangs on about the market so much (isn't that why they privatised so much?), its weird how much they actually intervene to prevent the market working.
  13. the obvious one would be to deflate prices. My house I am selling increased by around 50k during the pandemic, we found the old listing for the one we are buying (which was listed at start of pandemic and never went through) - guess how much more the new listing is? 50k. So we gained nothing. Our FTB lost out though, because their 10% deposit now has to be 5k higher. Most people don't seem to get this. My neighbour was so happy I gained that 50k, because he thought he would too. They deflated when I explained whatever they want to buy will also have gone up by a similar amount.
  14. I am seeing this in the village where we had an offer accepted - but only for super expensive detached properties with 4-5 bedrooms and a few selected properties of other types. Typical semis with 3 bedrooms still sell fast, which is what we can afford. So the price reductions are useless to us...not that we could buy even what we can afford so far, because the people we are buying from say they can't find any property to buy as an onward purchase. The EA claims al their chains are stuck due to this, though they may be claiming that to stop us walking and finding another property with another EA. We have been waiting 2 months so far.
  15. the public will forget about party gate if they bung them some money. Another reason Boris needs to go now - everything is geared to help him survive, no matter the damage to the UK.
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