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  1. It doesn't - at least if you average over the entire population. Even pro FOM people always said it pushed down wages for the people at the bottom of the pile.
  2. I would have thought you can come to a job interview. Otherwise do people really hire based on a zoom call? I was once asked to go to the US for one (I declined because I accepted another job already), so I assume it must have been a routine thing they did. Of course in those days video conferencing was not a thing.
  3. maybe people should read the rules? Few western countries allow you to come in and start applying for jobs. In the UK it is explicitly forbidden. The problem seems to be people assume brexit changed nothing, but FOM is gone. Though in one case the person was attending a job interview, which of course is allowed (as long as they applied for the job from their home country).
  4. I think if you mention you can pay (if you can afford it) the waiting list may be much shorter (this is what a relative of mine has been told about a NHS consultant for a different matter - can wait months or pay a fee to go straight away via private route to the same person).
  5. some of those sound more like an allergic reaction than side effects? e.g unable to swallow (did your throat swell?) Have you been told to avoid the second dose? I have no medical qualifications, so please don't take that to mean you should not have it - but I think you should check with a doctor, if you did not already? I know someone who had severe kidney pain and was told not to have the second dose in A&E.
  6. loads of stuff on air bandb at usual prices in well known areas of cornwall in July (just checked).
  7. Lots of my work can be done perfectly well from home too. But you can't come up with clever new ideas so easily in a zoom meeting, whilst you can talking about random work stuff in the pub after work. But you never do the latter if everyone is scattered all over (and a lot of people just hate zoom quizzes!)
  8. have seen a few reductions on right move in areas I monitor...so not everything is selling straight away anymore. Also a friend at a university told me they are telling employees they are required to be on site once lockdown ends, so no more living in their new houses on the other side of the country. If a lot of employers follow suit this may really take the wind out the market?
  9. same at universities - most research groups are full of immigrants nowadays. So those middle classes absolutely do have to compete with immigrants for jobs.
  10. They don't. He could go and take a big crap in their front garden and they'd still justify how it doesn't matter and vote for him.
  11. Also lots of young people vote Tory and few young people read newspapers, so newspapers cannot explain why people vote Tory. There are also several well known left wing newspapers available and people don't choose to buy them, preferring right wing ones that match their views.
  12. It wasn't rock solid though. Labour only won last time because the opponents vote was split between Tories and pro brexit parties. The latter now all appear to have switched to Tory.
  13. unless the rich incomer got their money via illicit means. If, in their line of work, they are used to people fearing them and having their way on everything then I can imagine they might do this....though in practice if they are smart they would not. Why risk the attention of the police?
  14. as long as they don't decide you need re-educating and send you to one of their new centres they would undoubtedly setup in the remote parts of the UK.
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