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  1. Did nobody notice the glaring issues with this property? have a closer look at images 11 and 4 Carpets, Kitchen and Bathroom is pretty standard stuff but id pass on a potential subsidence issue!!
  2. So you want pity for not adapting to your environment? Ok here is a Darwin Award......
  3. Compound interest is a great thing and is the primary way I am funding the £10000+ this place requires to bring it to a spec level that I would morally be happy with when renting it out. New Wiring, New Roof, New Fireplace, New Carpets (no slumlords here) Im not sure what a central banks policy on quantitative easing/tightening has to do with my savings in the stock market but hey ho every day is a learning day.
  4. Considering this is the only house I will own and that im unable to live there due to my public service I think you are being harsh. What do you expect me to do? save my money for the next 8 years on less than 1% interest or buy a property now and pay it off in 8 years? Its simple maths....... I can afford this house whether its tenanted or not. If someone wants to live there and pay rent then so be it. Its not like I own multiple properties........
  5. I will in about 8 years when I leave the armed forces. At that Point I intend to be mortgage free on this property due to annual 10% over payments. The property is only 73k for a 2 bed terrace. Its not my fault if you are not able to adapt to the environment.
  6. Id love to spend hours explaining to you how much the "militia" does in the defence of this country that is not plastered over mainstream media. I think you would be suprised how much we do with so little. As for becoming a landlord (im not yet BTW) you are right, I totally disagree with landlords and the fact that someone will be paying my mortgage etc. But when in Rome...... The house I am purchasing is very cheap (in the North) and is good value even if prices dropped by 30-40%.
  7. Stamp duty is not liable as the property is less than 125k and its my only property so no additional 3% etc. As its my only property HMRC will aloow me to declare it as main residence for capital gains purposes(armed forces thing). oh, and i dont kill people in the first person (maybe 3rd person).
  8. Yes its my only property (or will be). There is a trick here that I neglected to mention. Im in the Armed Forces, and one of the lesser known perks is that most banks will waiver the usual 6 months waiting time to get consent to let. The is provided I intend to live there after the military. As an added bonus I wont be liable for capital gains or stamp duty.
  9. Correct, I noticed that the 2 threads were very similar, so relevant to both.
  10. Nationwide are lending to me Im going to be a landlord on a 95% LTV and they are allowing me to let the property from day 1 (residential mortgage) Doesnt seem like they had any problems giving me money....
  11. I just got finance approved from Nationwide. residential mortgage LTV = 95% With day 1 consent to let.
  12. 1% which is the same amount I have received for the past 5 years, the 2 years before that 0%. Gotta love the public sector.
  13. Are these people on glue? Landlord Zone
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