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  1. I used to love Bristol, I've lived here most of my life, but I agree with most of the comments. Traffic congestion is a nightmare now, I live on the outskirts and I rarely brave going into Bristol centre any more, it's just not worth the stress. It's become very boring too IMO, along with many other city centres, all the interesting independent stores have gone and it's just another place for the zombies to pass through. Where I live property prices stay higher, lots of demand for excellent local schools (by UK standards anyway).
  2. I have a very strong urge to move abroad, Japan specifically. But my children are very settled in the UK and it seems cruel to upset their lives right now. Japan isn't perfect, and we're not particularly wealthy, but we love the culture there.
  3. Discussions like this really seem to boil down to this - what does a society do with stupid people? In any society there's a large number of relatively stupid people, and there's nothing wrong in that, it's normal. Now these people can have great work ethics; they can be highly creative; they just aren't academic and maybe don't have many skills. It seems to me that our society doesn't really know what to do with them all. Especially as we have a benefits system that pays as much as minimum wage. Especially as we have unlimited immigrants coming in that are happy to do the "degrading" jobs. So what do you do with all those Brits who don't want to do those jobs, yet have little or nothing better to offer? The current answer seems to be to fiddle and tweak the system to kick the ball down the field for future generations to get a grip with.
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