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  1. On 2017-5-2 at 5:20 PM, sexton said:

    Dig deep enough to put in a shipping container.Hide the stairs in a shed.Light pipes.

    Many have tried this, they just are not strong enough, they collapse with the weight, they are not designed to be buried, they are designed to be stacked.


    Its a good idea though, on the survival forums many ideas like this do the rounds. It sounds easy to bury and container home or a mobile home, but all sorts of problems with damp and strength.

  2. On 2017-5-3 at 8:16 AM, Democorruptcy said:

    Ask for planning permission to build something to be used to store fruit, nuts, tools etc. ? Or maybe you are worried that would draw attention.

    This is a good idea, but what if an inspector calls round unexpected and unannounced?


    It has to be completely hidden and stealth, even from the air.

  3. A pit greenhouse large enough to hold a mobile home, and have all kinds of plants around it is easily achievable, but is it too risky to live there?


    I want to be totally off grid, solar panels, and rainwater harvesting, and a log stove. 


    Here are good ideas for pit greenhouses, but none have been large enough to house a full size mobile home and still leave lots of room for plants and trees inside there as well to camouflage the park home.



    download (1).jpg

    download (2).jpg

    images (1).jpg

    images (2).jpg

    images (3).jpg

    images (4).jpg

    images (5).jpg


    images (6).jpg

  4. My family has a bit of land in the countryside, its on green belt and tried for years all sorts of attempts to get planning permission, no joy. Dont think we ever will.


    We have permission for agriculture, and thats what a few acres are being used for, lots of fruit and nut trees.


    If I cant get permission to build there, then what ideas are there for a hidden stealth home, it has to be completely hidden and secret, from Arial or inspectors coming in to have a nose around ever few years.


    I was thinking about a large pit greenhouse anyway, I dont think you need permission for this as its agricutural and low impact, its not a dwelling like an ordinary greenhouse, its just a boig hole in the ground next a bund of all the earth you dug out, with a glass roof south facing.

    I would love to make a big enough one to 'hide' a mobile home in there.




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