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  1. No please don't ! Us northerners know value , we don't want you southerners coming up here and destroying a perfectly functioning market ! Please stay down there winging and moaning about how you have destroyed your own habitat ! ?
  2. venger "I am not going to accept I am in the wrong pushing back against views that cast '95% of population' as having no input in their own decisions, when basic houses are selling at £300,000 (rundown state) / £400,000 / £600K+ in a market, in this area. " There is your answer son, don't look in THAT area! Look for value, look for areas on the up ?
  3. "They rise in value because buyers and seller transact at ever higher prices, year on year." Venger You make some good points . However it is the facilitation of cheap credit which enables people to borrow at much higher multiples, which in turn drives prices higher. I you increased interest rates to 15% there would be carnage! Cut the availability of credit and the prices would fall. I have often thought the Uk should have two base rates housing borrowing rate, alongside a business borrowing rate . Bring into play we have the severe undersupply of fresh building land which in turn increases base land cost!to the extent that a change in status of land price can go from circa 8-10 k per acre to 500k -1m an acre site dependant at the stroke of the local planners pen So simply put we have an under supply of cheap land and an over supply of cheap credit price can only go one way. re your analogy of buying at 10 k and selling at 400k , they were in the right place at the right time and invested in the right product! However it is a meaningless point as the same could be said of somebody who invested early in say Apple Mac shares !
  4. I visit Preston on a regular basis, The town centre has just had millions spent on revamping it. (Hardly dying on its ****) A huge new office development has just been passed for Development 200m from the Train station? ( hardly dying on its ****) The university has announced doubling in size with a new plaza square and links with close by industry (hardly dying on its ****) Lke you say you are getting on a bit now so perhaps you need to work close by, maybe you are just past the bright lights of Manchester ?
  5. Surely it is the lending institutions that supplied the cheap credit that has caused the price hikes ? If interest rates went to 15 % what would happen to prices then ?
  6. Or Mill Hill Blackburn , named as the place where intelligence counts ! No Lavalas types need apply for residency ??
  7. I guess when you get older , you see solutions not problems ! By eck there art some miserable winging fecker on ere ! ?
  8. I don't but to be fair it is 33 mins for Chorley , 45mins from Preston, Preston is a growing city so no need to commute ! But it even if you did , is it not better to commute and own a well priced well built house of your own ? Perhaps not ?
  9. Anyway Errol you will be fine ! You can take all the unemployed panning for gold , "in them there hills " ??
  10. That's total ******** my friend ! I have named three three with low unemployment and all within an hours train ride to Manchester City centre ! Dont be brainwashed open your eyes ! It not all about southern pussies ?
  11. The whole point of the discussion was ........not move to Mill HIll or Preston or Chorley !!!! i will spell it out for you f/cjk wit ! There are are now plenty of good areas where a good home can be bought on a good multiple of average earnings and a good life can be had away from some part no idea landlord ! Where prices are way below there 2007 peak! It just takes a little research and acceptance that you have to stay away from hot spots !
  12. I think what has come out of this discussion is there are places available to buy to the average Joe that are still worth having! Places where you can live comfortably and securely and have a good life owning your own Property right now today! It is a Market and with all markets "buyer beware applies" , do your research and buy well. Preston for example mainline trains to London 2hrs 10 mins , Manchester 45 mins , still very cheap Property. I think what annoys me is when I read in the press and on here the Market is London or South Manchester, Which really has no direct bearing on the bulk of the country.
  13. Unfortunately your wrong ! You cant buy in London because it has become a world capitol and as such the indigenous have been priced out ! Mill hill isn't shit it has canals train stations good links and very reasonably priced houses ! moors on the door step for biking walking ! The real context text of our discussion is quoted as :- I take on board you points and sentiments. we both agree s24 is well over due and needed to happen . I see Mill Hill Blackburn as a fully functioning typical housing market in the north, good transport links and good recreational areas around it. Cheap 50k starter houses for the younger people, good detached houses at the right price at the top end. You see Manchester as typical north, I see it and have for some time as capitol of uk, a London is a world capital, a lot of large law firms are moving offices and training bases to Manchester, as are alot of other companies, BBC etc, I don't see Manchester as typical north. I see a very high proportion of youngster pushed into the debt trap of education (50k + debt at 21) groomed into rental accommodation at 18, groomed by society that renting a car a tv a phone a room in a flat is the norm ! You don't I see the welcome death of the chancer landlord as the first step to take large trances of normal housing back into corporate hands as it was in the 1900's, I see the rental housing market progressively moving over the next twenty / thirty years towards the lower cost long term European model which exists in Europe. You don't. i see a crash in prices down south and the paper profits of h/o washed out, I see the prospect of borrowing money in a decimated market for the average joe as very near impossible. You don't I read the link below which you provided and it pretty much spells out the future, you read it and are now in denial ! if you really are that desperate to own a large house in south Manchester , I think you will never get a better chance to own one on a fixed rate low cost mortgage than now ! You don't ! Chill sit back and think about your current opportunity ! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-01-03/wall-street-america-s-new-landlord-kicks-tenants-to-the-curb So to put it simply either buy where prices have come down to value ! Or shut the feck up and wait for a big crash ??
  14. I would say best to stay out now at those prices for sure ! Totally amazed at the Didsbury prices ! I can see a huge crash there. ideally prices will return to three times average wage for first time buyer units ! Mill Hill is there now , on the starter units 45-50 k . i remember the same houses at 85/90 k so a fifty percent drop ish ! Therefore I think certain places have taken the hit ! Didsbury at a 50% hit would you buy at that price !
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