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  1. And while we are at it, it may be fun to do a search on posters who claim that interest rates are on the way up over the last 10 years.
  2. Never take anything on this forum seriously. A lot of the old timers have no interest in making houses affordable for the masses but are just trying to correct a huge mistake they made. Basically, they STR'd thinking they would buy a house much cheaper after the 'crash' that never came. This was the biggest mistake anyone could have made in their lifetime. They've probably lost on the stock market over the years too because they are really just useless at trading. So.... lost thousands over the years and now has to pay 3 times the price to buy the house they sold all those years ago.. of course the money has ran out so can't, and want everyone taking down with them as "revenge".
  3. What a ridiculous thread. And about nothing whatsoever. Is this the standards of this forum now?
  4. Nothing specific to this thread, but I litererally saw 2 guys fighting over an old transit van that was up for sale at the weekend. They probably wanted it to sleep in. I reckon the van was overpriced by at least 100%, and the guy at the yard who sold it told me the price of vans is currently exploding because people have realised they now need somewhere to live. It seems money is going to be pretty much worthless in the near future and people are buying anything at any price in an attempt to survive that little bit longer.
  5. No house No money No life Be prepared to bend over. The real "Covid" is about to get to work.
  6. In case you were in any doubts.......? lol. Have you only just realised this the minute you posted this thread today? I have no words.
  7. No, but a lot of people on this forum have no awareness of how "the system" works. One would have thought they'd have twigged on as soon as the money printing started, but no, so here we are today.
  8. And to think that people on this site thought that it was only Mark Carney who was the problem and that as soon as he was gone, things would magically get better. They all sing from the same hymn sheet. Sometimes I think people who post here are predominantly young, naive and wet behind the ears.
  9. You can also double your money by putting it all on red.
  10. I feel sorry for so many people. They were saving hard for a deposit pre-2008, then the GFC comes along and most people expected a very healthy correction in house prices. But, the sting in the tail was government and banker fiddling through QE and low interest rates. Most people on this site didn't see this coming, but when these measures were actually introduced, I think the more intelligent and switched on folk realised it was game over for them. House prices were only ever going to go up through QE and low interest rates. Now we are seeing exactly the same thing today, but this time it is covid that will lead to even more radical and aggressive action by the government and banks that will once again push prices much higher. I'm sure quite a few people think covid will lead to a massive crash, when actually it's going to be the opposite, and once again, their flawed way of thinking will cost them, just like it did in 2008.
  11. Prices of cameras have gone up due to a smaller market. It's difficult for manufacturers to make much profit in this climate. People aren't going anywhere to be able to take photographs due to lockdown. The price situation won't change going forward because inflation will see to that. It's the same with graphics cards. It's estimated that even a mid range GPU is expected to cost circa £1500 by 2022, probably looking at £3-4k for high end.
  12. It makes no difference who you are, unless you're very wealthy. We won't see wage rises. We will see rampant inflation which will be exasperated by ultra low interest rates which will likely never get back to where they averaged before 2008, ever. The western governments have all of this stitched up already. All western countries are in the early stages of transitioning to third world status, and as an estimate, I'd say by 2025, its mission complete.
  13. They are all part of the same system. Besides, you don't know which currency will be the next to fall.
  14. The price of property has always relied on debt. It's how the system works and there are absolutely no signs that this is going to change. The fact is, there is nothing at all that you can buy, be it a house, a car, or whatever that is good value. You've already had your currency devaluation to an extent, so buying things now is sensible unless you want to pay more for them month on month? Fact is, the western world is slipping into 3rd world poverty.
  15. Ironically, and against the spirit of this site, owning a house is the safest option. Those who have the means to buy a house outright in cash should do so now. And I mean now, because time is rapidly running out. Failure to secure a house now is probably going to end in homelessness and poverty for many. The only way the current system could possibly be saved at this point is a rapid increase in interest rates. Historical evidence since 2008 says that this won't happen. Some people are trying to protect themselves through Bitcoin. Of course this won't work because the governments of the world have this one all stitched up, and they will absolutely not let Bitcoin become a competitor when their next universal world currency is revealed. Not long to go now.
  16. Amazed that you even replied to me given that I'm one of your "blocked trolls". More lies again. Your problem is that you have failed to spot the fact that many people have done very well out of property - far more than those who haven't. We all know that you're bitter because you couldn't gain even one tenth of what most people have in over 15 years. If I was you, I'd personally be too embarrassed to post in a public forum after your track record.
  17. No they're not. Intelligent people who were switched on back when interest rates plunged knew exactly where things were going. It's just people like you who are well behind the curve and not the sharpest tool in the box who are clueless.
  18. There is anything but a functioning society in the UK. It goes further than being a socialist state. Yes, there are people at the top making a lot of money, disproportionately in many cases, but we can't ignore the spongers. Single people with no children and an average job get the raw end of the deal living in the UK.
  19. It's really best to take no notice of what this trojan says. But anyway, Keiser will say whatever RT tell him to say which is what the Russian government want them to say. The aim is to destabilise the dollar, and in turn the western economy.
  20. Not bothered personally by people making money by any legal means, be it bitcoin or other, but when people use words like "gainz", it's hard to take them seriously.
  21. I certainly will not be publishing anything. I didn't have to tell you what I know in the first place.
  22. When I say ban bitcoin, not exactly. It can't be banned. It's what happens when someone tries to cash out through a bank. Most people will not be able to get a backdoor via another country because 1) all countrys are singing from the same hymn sheet, and 2) any attempt will draw attention to yourself, getting you busted and tried for something very serious.
  23. HMRC can make much more from CGT elsewhere than from bitcoin. Such small fry in the long run.
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