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  1. I can't think of anything worse than a UBI This govt already have zero hour contracts this would just give them even more control and if you think you won't 'work' for your UBI you are crazy. Although it will be sold to you as community volunteering it will be slave labour On the plus side the streets will be immaculate and your parents will be looked after for free
  2. Depends what criteria you need to satisfy to get the full amount and what would cause you to lose certain amounts for 'behaviour'. There is no way it wouldn't be conditional I say no the state already has far too much influence You only need to look at the current news and the powers they have given themselves and all the talk of digital health certificates for the immune to corona to see where we are heading. A massive no from me
  3. Covid is a disaster for everyone and everything why do houses have to be different? Surely lower wages will demand lower prices and as long as agents are shifting them why do they care how much they are worth?
  4. is happening here in Brighton but at prices waaaay above market value Flats for 3k plus Pathetic attempt to cover costs rather than realistically look at who lives locally and what they earn
  5. Hi I am still in a dilemma about the flat I'm buying Was just about to exchange when some damp issues which need addressing came to light There has been work done and we have seen the guarantees but there were things omitted which we've now learned about and would need investigating. I have had a transplant and am in for 12 weeks and can't really move into it for months and this work would need done before moving in adding ££ to my rental. The seller wants to just 'get it done' but we are paying more than its really worth as we were desperate to move. Any advice Do people think prices will at
  6. I'm not trying to get a quick buck btw I'm concerned about my health as I am 54 and can't work anymore
  7. I just don't want to use all my savings if I may be able to pay less later on and have some left for when I'm older
  8. Cash buyer Very modest home as I have long term health issues and it fits all the criteria re stairs and proximity to amenities etc
  9. Hi I'm about to exchange and complete this week Would you pull out?
  10. They will have to sell up and rent with the 80k or buy a studio flat All these people who suddenly didn't 'know' what interest only was Come on, how come we all know?
  11. Oh I wouldn't do it!! I just know someone who has They got a BTL near their work as opposed to commuting and lived in it themselves Now their son lives in it
  12. Does anyone know anything about buying BTL but living in it yourself and buying others for your children to live in too? I know someone who has done this and they all live really cheaply!!
  13. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/02/05/ftse-100-tumbles-eight-week-low-markets-gripped-fears-rising/
  14. Just wanted to quickly pop on here to say we have had a sudden influx of landlords sprucing up BTL houses (mostly student) and then putting them for sale. Lots of reductions locally too and today an unprecedented 102 new properties on RM with more than half reduced by biggish chunks. A lot of places at 300 or close too presumably because of the stamp duty and a real variation in them in terms of size style location and what they would have been marketed at a year ago. This really feels like it is it here nothing selling and agents being oddly NICE
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