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  1. They will have to sell up and rent with the 80k or buy a studio flat All these people who suddenly didn't 'know' what interest only was Come on, how come we all know?
  2. Oh I wouldn't do it!! I just know someone who has They got a BTL near their work as opposed to commuting and lived in it themselves Now their son lives in it
  3. Does anyone know anything about buying BTL but living in it yourself and buying others for your children to live in too? I know someone who has done this and they all live really cheaply!!
  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2018/02/05/ftse-100-tumbles-eight-week-low-markets-gripped-fears-rising/
  5. Just wanted to quickly pop on here to say we have had a sudden influx of landlords sprucing up BTL houses (mostly student) and then putting them for sale. Lots of reductions locally too and today an unprecedented 102 new properties on RM with more than half reduced by biggish chunks. A lot of places at 300 or close too presumably because of the stamp duty and a real variation in them in terms of size style location and what they would have been marketed at a year ago. This really feels like it is it here nothing selling and agents being oddly NICE
  6. I live in brighton Some of the cheaper areas are really dire and nowhere near schools and transport etc so you end up spending the difference to get anywhere. It is really dreadful I work in property (maintenance not sales) and there has been a quite big shift in buy to let landlords selling up but thats the only thing I've noticed. It is a lot slower here but prices still insane and everything sells eventually.
  7. Do you think its possible for someone to have had a BTL mortgage on a flat for 12 years and never have been contacted re tax or anything in all that time?
  8. A lot of people I know with properties that have gone up in value have remortgaged to accommodate their extravagant lifestyles and/or spend according to teh value they think is in their home that they could release of they ever needed to
  9. Agents here in brighton put sold and then they appear to let within a few days. Quite a few that I thought had sold around Xmas are back on so I think they were let on 6 month tenancies and those are now up
  10. How does this happen? Is there no registry or anything? I know someone who has a BTL since 2008 and never paid a penny although he rents it to a family member so that may make it different
  11. I mainly look at BN1 and BN2 not Hove
  12. Things are speeding up here We have very little new university LL work and think we will be seeking to spread wings into different sectors now like Holiday homes etc Prices still falling here Last 24hrs rightmove 72 listings with 43 of those reductions of at least 25k
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