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  1. Bought some last year, more last week, and that's me done for silver for the foreseeable, barring a big price drop. I like and agree with DB and others' optimism for a future day in the sun for silver though what I have is intended to be put aside and forgotten about. Under 0.5% of total portfolio. I'll add I'm firmly in the novice category compared to most others on this excellent thread, though I firmly agree with the general sentiment throughout the discussion.
  2. Hmm.. underwhelmed with my 2018 Britannias purchase from GoldSilver. About a £1 cheaper per coin than Silver-To-Go so I gave them a punt. They turned up today, they're clearly 'used' which I do not recall being in the description. Coins I have previously bought from Silver-To-Go are all pristine. And I was somewhat surprised to see the GoldSilver package sitting out in the breeze on my doorstep when I got home tonight. Oh well - nothing ventured, etc. Not sure if my buying experience is typical but I'll be reverting to Silver-To-Go in future.
  3. That's right, transferwise to make the paymentin EUR. I've taken a GS transaction to the point of completion and the final bill states tax incl. Maple leafs well under £14, tempting.
  4. I've used Silver-to-go / Coininvest before and the service was good and I thought their price was the best, and they often get a recommendation on here. But I've just spotted the price at goldsilver.be is quite a bit lower, despite having to pay in EUR. Have I missed some small print and their price is much lower for a reason? These are 2018 Britannias I'm looking at, so presumably tubes of mint coins from both vendors. Today's prices, all taxes included, are £13.95 each for 50 at GS, £15.04 each for 50 at STG.
  5. Goodness me that is insane. Pity the sod buying into a lifetime of debt for the privilege.
  6. Yep. Until now I think there was an inactivity fee payable if I hadn't made a trade for 2 years. -------------- We’re writing to inform you that we’re replacing our share dealing inactivity fee with a quarterly £24 custody fee. You could be subject to the fee if you hold shares or ETFs in a share dealing account or ISA at the end of each quarter. However, it is dependent on your trading activity – so you will be exempt from the charge if you: • Deal three or more times across any of your IG accounts during the quarter
  7. I've got an IG account where I make relatively small and infrequent trades that cost £8 a time. Got an email from IG on Tuesday to say my account, if it holds any assets above £0 or below £15,000, will be subject to a minimum charge of £24 a month. The scale I'm investing at I might as well shut the account, which won't lose me any sleep. Is this increase a growing trend across all trading platforms or does the rise just bring IG into line with the rest? I'll take this chance also to say what a great thread this is, picked up so much knowledge here. Complex subjects explained very well fo
  8. Result The vendor may have got more had they not pissed around with beyond-greedy asking prices over the summer. Expensive lesson! Time has marched on, they ought be happy to get out with £700k.
  9. I see from the Barnard Marcus thread this went for £700k today. Be interesting to see what becomes of the place.
  10. Where's the wholesale ticket price?! Max stamp duty payable as part of the prize is £5k, not the £14k an 'investor' or existing home owner would have to pay. Coming to PropertyTribes in early 2018... Is it me, or is there a definite lack of interest with property raffles now. I tried to raffle a property in Dagenhan last year and did not sell one ticket on it!
  11. From start to finish, what an embarrassing article. Surely it's a spoof!
  12. Just spotted this place is now up for auction - Nov 14. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-62405455.html https://auctioneertemplates.eigroup.co.uk/LotDetails.aspx?LotID=890526&a=5&c=brn
  13. Wtf, digging me out as a troll Si1? As a long time lurker on here I am genuinely mortified. Replace too cheap with below current market value. It'll sell, that's what I meant. The market is as mad here as anywhere. The one thing they've probably done right is market this as a house rather than flats. Relatively high demand for family houses here (Londoners priced out). Plenty of awful flat conversions in what could once again become good family homes in well built structures.
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