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  1. Count is like the Larry Sweeney or Mark Alexander of the HPC world... she has the same views as us but you really don’t want her representing you because she just comes across as a complete twunt.
  2. This is the sort of heartwarming stuff we want to hear. How did you find out the details about the repossessions for so many properties? Is there somewhere you can look it up?
  3. I particularly like the professionalism in point 4 - “What the hell are the politicians playing at?” Great “plan” that! And there are muppets supposedly queuing up to throw money at this guy
  4. They really do have a grudge against Shelter don’t they. It’s all their Twatter account seems to cover - https://mobile.twitter.com/landlords_ltd
  5. Are you sure about that? The only reference I can find to DSS in NI is Digital Shared Services which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with benefits... https://www.finance-ni.gov.uk/articles/dss-policy-and-strategy
  6. Yep defo crosses wires! The other poster is implying (I think) that the lady was in breach of her mortgage terms for letting her property at all. I.e. does the other poster think the lady in the article took a residential mortgage and shouldn’t have been letting to anyone? Probably easier to wait for @Lord D'arcy Pew to answer my initial “why”.
  7. The other poster says they would have breached have terms regardless of tenants status. I took that to mean even if they were not on benefits. Hence my question, why?
  8. Does someone want to tell this state backed bank that the “Department of Social Security” has not existed since 2001
  9. Long time lurker here and not the first post I expected to make, but pretty sure Venger was male. Wasn’t it last year he said his wife/gf had just had a baby? I was surprised then he was still spending so much time on here rather than enjoying parenthood. He always came across as a bit of a Rainman, recalling all those posts from years gone by. Its definitely a much easier forum to read now without an edition of War and Peace in every thread!
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