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  1. Seems a bit contradictory. 2002 to now is 17 years. That’s 15+ last time I checked. So they probably don’t or typically do?!
  2. My point is, I don’t think a lot of them care about exact area measurements, even if it is available. Heart rules along with desperation to buy the dream house for many. “The wife says it looks perfect, no need for tape measures” is about right for many of them!
  3. I reckon it’s a metric that most buyers don’t even consider, let alone know what the going rate for 1 sqm is in their area.
  4. Agreed. The muppets selling their souls for their little shoe box never think about price per sq ft. “What’s the max we can borrow” is all they’re worried about.
  5. £5k a month income and what sounds like currently only a £1k p/m mortgage payment but they have no savings?! Do these sound like the kind of financially responsible people who should be let loose on a £2k p/m mortgage?! They would be so fvcked if interest rates went back to sensible levels.
  6. No wonder the advice was so bad, if it’s come from the staff at the local Costa!!
  7. Can you imagine the state of Diane Abbots finances? She thinks she only owes about twelvty hundred pounds now.
  8. Is that a remortgage with same lender or a change of lender? I did a remortgage (small LTV) with same lender 2 years ago and didn’t have to go through any of that. About to remortgage again with same lender and I’m not expecting more than just a quick phone call again. Or has it changed in last 2 years?
  9. A quick google regularly throws this up... ”The GDPR does not apply to certain activities including processing covered by the Law Enforcement Directive, processing for national security purposes and processing carried out by individuals purely for personal/household activities.” I don’t think Landlords sharing the personal information of their tenants could be classed as “processing carried out by individuals purely for personal/household activities”. Even if you have jumped through the hoops to ensure you’re GDPR compliant, you have to ensure that any entity you are sharing customer data with is also GDPR compliant. I can’t see that little Facebook group of angry landlords all ensuring each other comply!
  10. None of them seem relevant so it’s more than likely facebook would dismiss any report.
  11. “Buy it quick while it’s reduced because if you don’t it will definitely sell when we put the price back up again!” Idiots.
  12. Group is a closed group, have you joined it? Surely its a breach of GDPR? Click on the report group button though and there are no suitable reporting reasons to select.
  13. In my experience of working for one of big high street banks years ago, they never managed out useless or difficult employees saying the process would just be too hard. In the different departments I worked in (spanning high street branches to IT) they only ever got rid of people for the more serious offences such stealing from the till, fiddling expenses equating to very large sums and accessing porn at work. So the place was full of under performing wasters who had to be carried by the rest of the team.
  14. It’s basically the UK’s heart rate monitor!! The country is fvcked!
  15. The living wage is just a ‘suggestion’ and not legally enforced. The legal minimum wage is much lower and is shown on the table in your link.
  16. Thing is, this is supposed to be the house price crash forum and that’s the main reason most people (used to) come here. But when you view the list of latest posts you have to try and find the 10% of relevant stuff through the other 90% of brexshit thread updates. Wouldn’t be so bad if you could put threads on ignore so they don’t show in the latest posts list.
  17. You’re the second person to say this recently (or is it the second time you’ve said it?). You do realise that even if you’re a homeowner you can still tell the sales guy you’re renting if you want them to ignore you? There must be many more real advantages to renting than this, surely?!
  18. Where’s the option for “oh no not another Brexit thread”?! Seriously is the one thread that dominates this forum not enough??
  19. Jeff ‘Amazon’ Bezos for one. Supposedly the richest guy in the world at the moment, although maybe not so much following the divorce settlement!
  20. Perfect, I could read that post with ease. Thanks for taking the advice I don’t disagree with your sentiment, just your formatting
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