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  1. You pay CGT at the same rate as your income tax rate. So as a basic rate tax payer I would basically ‘only’ pay 20% (or less on some of it if I’ve not used up my basic allowance for the year) CGT after allowances, even if my profit was £1million on bitcoin. I’d be quite happy with £800k profit after tax 🤷‍♂️
  2. I’m not selling yet but just in case I lose my nerve 😄... my BTC is on a Ledger. What’s the quickest way to sell it when the time comes (not necessarily fiat, perhaps USDT while I decide what to do)? Back in the day I would use Bittrex but having been on it lately it seems quite slow.
  3. “As a general rule...” - Thats just boltox peddled by the likes of Martin Lewis to try and get feckless spenders on low incomes to try and save some pennies. Anyone on a 6 figure income who only has 3 - 6 months in reserves is mental. If my business went kaput tomorrow I could last several years on my reserves 🤷‍♂️
  4. How can a couple earning that sort of money not have sufficient reserves/savings/investments to see them through times like this? They had enough to last less than 9 months. Constantly p1ss3d it all up the wall on pointless trinkets I guess.
  5. You can’t block new users. If you force immediate payment then you have to accept PayPal so how do you “never take PayPal”? Also you can’t switch PayPal off for collection only items. You can ASK them nicely not to pay by PayPal but you can’t stop them.
  6. What’s the latest news on the Wilsons? Surely they can’t be going through this unscathed? Or were the rumours of the great sell off finally true?
  7. Did they really lose or was it creative accounting to dodge the tax?!
  8. I’m gobsmacked that people can get in to these situations. The guy obviously has some intelligence if he ran a successful construction company yet in their 50’s only have £50k capital in their home and no pensions or savings to speak of?! And somewhere along the line they fell for the magic bullet story being trotted out by the likes of HUTH that BTL would let them live like kings in retirement! Unbelievable!!
  9. Depends what the products are. My online business supplies mostly arty/crafty products and we’ve just had our 2 busiest months ever in 10 years of trading. Lots of parents buying stuff for bored kids, but we also sell wholesale to other businesses, some who resell, others who use the products to create their own products to sell on. It’s only a small family run business with an annual turnover in the mid six figures but I’m aware of other much larger businesses who have been equally busy or busier. Our collection postman has moaned all the way through about the increase in parcels he’s been picking up from every single one of his customers. Royal Mail were dealing with volumes way higher than the busy Christmas periods. Its slowed a bit since lockdown was relaxed a couple of weeks ago but our sales are still higher than pre-lockdown. I guess for some people, they’re not happy unless they’re spending. Can’t go out and spend - spend it on online crap instead. Although I am very grateful for them spending it on my crap because in March I thought my business was going to be dead in the water. I do however fully expect it to go South again as soon as furlough pay dries up and job losses start.
  10. I’d just got in from a night out when I posted and only really took in the headline which you are right is very misleading.
  11. WTF?! Is this just MSM propaganda BS?! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48637484
  12. I’m not angry......just intrigued. Was odd seeing it in your posts but two separate users doing exactly the same is very unusual. Is it a bit of an OCD thing, like your winking smilie at the end of every post?
  13. What is it..........with all.........the full stops........being used.......as some sort.......of strange punctuation..........on this forum........? Winkie......appears......to have.......a period friend......!! Have both.....your.....periods synchronised...?!
  14. According to this you would not qualify as a first time buyer, but how would they know that you owned abroad? https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/blog/stamp-duty-for-first-time-buyers-your-questions-answered/amp
  15. You know it’s not 5% on the full £300k, right? If it’s your only property and you’re not a first time buyer, it’s 5% on only the bit above £250k. Total stamp duty on a £300k property is £5000 which is 1.67%. For a first time buyer it’s £0.
  16. Could I trouble you for a link to the cameras you use? Wouldn’t mind getting some.
  17. £1200 is low enough to be in the small claims track where I didn’t think you could claim full costs?
  18. He’ll be dead long before that. Sounds like he struggles to breathe from just talking.
  19. Agreed. But it’s not going to cost the landlord £25k to fix as the clickbait headline suggests.
  20. It doesn’t say the house cost £25k. It says the 25k is what it will cost to repair the damage. And it’s a misleading headline because it won’t cost the landlord that much, it says the insurance will cover it.
  21. Was a bit muddled like most of your posts! Fat fingers or lazy proof reading?!
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