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  1. I’m not angry......just intrigued. Was odd seeing it in your posts but two separate users doing exactly the same is very unusual. Is it a bit of an OCD thing, like your winking smilie at the end of every post?
  2. What is it..........with all.........the full stops........being used.......as some sort.......of strange punctuation..........on this forum........? Winkie......appears......to have.......a period friend......!! Have both.....your.....periods synchronised...?!
  3. According to this you would not qualify as a first time buyer, but how would they know that you owned abroad? https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/blog/stamp-duty-for-first-time-buyers-your-questions-answered/amp
  4. You know it’s not 5% on the full £300k, right? If it’s your only property and you’re not a first time buyer, it’s 5% on only the bit above £250k. Total stamp duty on a £300k property is £5000 which is 1.67%. For a first time buyer it’s £0.
  5. Could I trouble you for a link to the cameras you use? Wouldn’t mind getting some.
  6. £1200 is low enough to be in the small claims track where I didn’t think you could claim full costs?
  7. He’ll be dead long before that. Sounds like he struggles to breathe from just talking.
  8. Agreed. But it’s not going to cost the landlord £25k to fix as the clickbait headline suggests.
  9. It doesn’t say the house cost £25k. It says the 25k is what it will cost to repair the damage. And it’s a misleading headline because it won’t cost the landlord that much, it says the insurance will cover it.
  10. Was a bit muddled like most of your posts! Fat fingers or lazy proof reading?!
  11. Seems a bit contradictory. 2002 to now is 17 years. That’s 15+ last time I checked. So they probably don’t or typically do?!
  12. My point is, I don’t think a lot of them care about exact area measurements, even if it is available. Heart rules along with desperation to buy the dream house for many. “The wife says it looks perfect, no need for tape measures” is about right for many of them!
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