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  1. Understandable position - no-one can wait forever CS
  2. Agree it would be nice to see one "united" side - doubt it will happen though I never took too much notice of Grease Too late to talk 2nite spk soon CS
  3. Don't hang around here to much - usually the other s*de I too am less than 100% Look forward to future conversation CS
  4. Apologies Saw Wateloo and thought London - probably because of the price tag Liverpool has obviously changed since I worked there CS
  5. The first place looks like 1960's Maisonettes that sold 10 years ago for £8k - if the developers pull this one off it will be the sting of the decade CS
  6. No wonder London asking prices are up YTD CS
  7. I do agree most of the enterprising locals like Scumbag, Still Renting and Ms CS moved up country to earn a decent living leaving a gap for other from up country to move down I wouldn't say most come from the home counties they are from all over the country but not many from the South East CS
  8. St Ives has gone stupid recently with some of new build flats being built - prices are sky high as you rightly say BB I think your friends may be doing the right thing selling up St Ives is a loveley place to go on holiday but I would not like to live there dificulty with access too many emmets and Mrs CS lived there as a girl so the place is full of her old boyfriends CS
  9. Owning second homes is one thing - owning a business is another Many many so called "succesful" people invest in the County especially in restaurants and cafes and B&B's without realising justy how hard the work is The think they can do just what you said Marina buy a business employ the locals to run it on a minimum wage and sit back and expect to earn the money - in Penwith circa 35% of newly owned food businesses fold after the first year - so 1 in 3 drive their 4X4 (if they can still afford it after losing tens of thousands on a business venture they had no idea how to do) - It real
  10. Opposite way round for me (Mrs CS is from St Ives) and as with many after years up country moved back also to look after ageing mother - but we stil have to work up country some of the time to earn a decent living I know what you mean about the economy there is little substance to it - when the ESF money dries up the County will really struggle We are at the other end from where you were near Lizard CS
  11. It's happened before - if you know your history Like anywhere else people complain but do little else- the problem extends beyond the young - anyone who doesn't already own a property can't afford to buy one. It seems that one or two second home owners are selling up - whether they are cashing in or trading up remains to be seen CS
  12. When was the last time you were in Cornwall and asked the locals what they thought about house prices then? You are cleary out of touch CS
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