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  1. Thanks I like the first rule! I had heard about the second rule but am not quite clear on it. Does it mean that I should aim for a fixer-upper if that is all I can afford in the ideal area? By the time the renovation/extension costs are added is it always worth it?
  2. Hi gang...I'm back again. So...happened across a house that ticks almost all the boxes except "kerb appeal". House is very nice but neighbourhood is a little more run down than our ideal but still nice all the same. House is listed as "offers over 330K" (dropped from initial of 350K within 2 weeks of being listed in May). What sets it apart is that it comes with a self contained 1 bedroom annex in the garden and has had the integrated garage bricked up and converted into an office an utility room so no major building work required. My research of the postcode shows no house has ever sold over £300K on the road but those that did sell required extensive work which this one doesn't. We had second viewing and decided we like it enough despite location. Avarage price for what we like, where we like (without the extras listed earlier) is 350K - £450K. Seller said 2 other people have second viewings booked this week. Here is where I need your cool headed opinions: Is it worth the risk offering low (300k/310k) or would that potentially offend? Is buying the ideal house but in less than ideal (but not terrible) location a good idea? Any thoughts on timing/interest rates etc? Thanks
  3. I am looking roughly in the SS0, SS1, and SS2 postcode. Funny enough noticed a lot of the properties previously for sale on my route to work have suddenly got sold signs... Then again, I have seen this cycle before...could be an estate agent ploy.
  4. Good to know I did it correct especially as I made it up on the spot! Regarding the name, can someone confirm it is advisable to reveal or not? They are located in Basildon, Essex. I'm guessing many agents pull various underhand stunts like this so not specific to this particular one who to their credit did back down and refund. Besides this case, information and advice from this website saved me from making a poor purchase decision 4 months ago - Knowledge is your weapon.
  5. Hello everyone. Just an update to conclude thread - sorry for delay. So I went to their office with all documents to challenge them. At first they were all aggression and bravado saying they have no business talking to me and it's in t&cs blah blah. I informed them that I was representing my friend (who was present and confirmed) and that I would be recording the conversation going forward whether they responded or not. They said I couldn't do that and I said I could but they could choose to keep silent (winged it - no sure where I stood legally). With recorder on, I stated names, purpose of visit, who I was speaking to, date and time....at this point a "manager" came over and wanted to find out what was going on. I repeated prior statements and was about to go into detail when he said - "On this occasion only, as a sign of goodwill we will refund the fees."...yeah, whatever mate. So good result in the end. Weirdly was a little disappointed as I was all fire up for a battle and had my speech ready....ah well . Thanks everyone for your help.
  6. Wow...that is gold right there. You will never appreciate how on the mark your comment is...and how timely. Thank you. Anyway, I stuck to my guns and 4 months later...I am still waiting. Mrs kicked off and pouted but now agrees I was right. House hunting is stressful and relationship cracks are revealed when the relationship is under stress - as I said, your comment is gold - you spying on me? Back to houses...at the moment there are many more suitable houses available and prices are calming down. Houses are not shifting - even one I thought would be gone in a flash is still hanging about. A few sales I was watching seem to have fallen through and are back at a reduced price. Lots of reduced properties in general too - yes, I made the correct informed decision thanks to you guys on this forum. Now that the general election turned into a meltdown and the Lifetime ISA prop failed to take off plus rising inflation....I'm confident the market will continue to cool.
  7. I aint no fool - I want to be an angel too! Hahaha! This forum gave me perspective. I held firm and waited....am still waiting. My first post was around 3 months ago and since then I have seen a small reduction in prices plus whats on offer seems to be improving. I have lowered my target price. Knowledge is power. Thanks everyone.
  8. Unnecessarily emotional and rather xenophobic reaction don't you think? Why get personal? Freedom of speech and difference of opinion helps us all learn and grow...or are we in North Korea now? Emotional reactions are counterproductive - some Brexit regretters I know admit as such. The Army failed in it's duty of care to soldier A and IMO should have taken responsibility earlier. He did what he did and broke the Geneva Convention. The above is my opinion which I am entitled to. And no, I am not going anywhere.
  9. Excellent. Thank you. Will be my first port of calll if asking nicely does not work out. I cannot wait for this ban on fees to start. I know it might result in higher rents but greedy cowboys will be left with empty properties as their rents will be higher than the rest.
  10. 100% agree with you but I came into the picture after she had paid (she's a bit too trusting). They have made it clear to her that they will keep the £500 which is pure theft. I was so appalled that I helped her locate another flat which happens to be cheaper as well. I have every intention of chasing this up on her behalf and, out of principle, will even help her take it to court if I have to. Local press/consumer protection programmes will be notified as well - hopefully they will take it up. Winds me up every time I look at it...look at those charges...inventory contribution?? And a random amount as a deposit...?? Thanks all. I'm on it.
  11. 2 Bed Flat in Basildon, Essex. She is a nurse with with perfect credit but earns £25k basic before overtime/agency work. Appalling that rents are so high that a professional now needs a guarantor to get a place to live.
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