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  1. GBP up 1% since the announcement - Reckon the markets think this move will force the BoE to move higher than 0.25%? What else might it be?
  2. Not at all, but if you compare 7 year periods between the UK and other major European countries going back 50 years you’lol see periods where the UK was ahead and times when they’re behind, it’s normal & correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation.
  3. Come on, it's a lot better once you adjust for the exchange rate, a quick look at the bars on the graph shows that. Also, once you adjust for PPP, I wouldn't say most/any of the countries at the upper-end of this graph are comparable (all have either substantially lower living standards or populations). You have to go as far as Italy/US before you do, and at 33/34%, that's only around 5% more than the UK over a 7 year period. With France/Germany that drops to 3%.
  4. Not here to defend, but perhaps to play devils advocate… 2021 & 2022 growth is pretty decent, and if the last 6 months have shown, things can change v quickly, so would take 2023 with a large pinch of salt (either way!). Re: the second chart, GBP:USD is as much a factor as anything else given it’s dropped 15-20% over 2015-22 whereas the Euro has been broadly stable over the same period…
  5. A great example of why it's critical you never miss a mortgage payment. It's always amazed me that you can product transfer onto a new deal without any further underwriting so long as you haven't missed a payment, even if you've lost your job/stopped working etc.
  6. Only issue here is that when your take-home increase is swallowed up one year by your energy bill increases, the next year by food bills and the next year by tax rises and transport costs, you end up going backwards.
  7. Scary to think, although inflation and specifically wage inflation will be the one to watch here... If general inflation AND wage inflation go double-digits, some of this may be managable (after five years your salary would be up 50%+), if it's just general inflation though...
  8. Interesting in terms of what ‘granted’ actually means, but if it’s as I imagine and they are ‘granted’ at the point of completion, I’d expect that these figures are reflecting offers that were accepted around three months ago…
  9. https://www.halifax.co.uk/assets/pdf/march-2022-halifax-house-price-index.pdf Really does feel like we’re at the top now, but what do I know?
  10. Do you know who updates that table/graph?
  11. Looks like they're paying Rightmove their standard procuration fees normally reserved for Brokers: https://www.legalandgeneral.com/adviser/mortgage-club/lenders/procuration-fees/
  12. https://www.nationwidehousepriceindex.co.uk/reports/uk-house-price-growth-surges-to-its-highest-level-since-2004 14.3% - Mental
  13. Estate agent and mortgage broker collapse maybe, but the total amount advanced to mortgagors is at the highest ever level, so the above won't change that anytime soon. A massive recession on the other hand...
  14. Surely if they were overvalued by 50%, and lost this overvalue, they'd only fall by a third?
  15. Doesn't necessarily mean anything, but Coventry Building Society were offering a five year fix, fee-free for 1.35% last month. Just checked today, and their best rate has jumped to... 2.29%! Thought I'd misread, but no; https://www.coventrybuildingsociety.co.uk/member/mortgages/homeowners/existing-members/product-transfers.html
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