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  1. I'm almost minded to say 2018, as it feels one is on its way very shortly.
  2. We've tried, we've tried and tried and tried with a variety of truth, facts and statistics and every single time it's failed or even worse, we've been told it's project fear. It's a Sisyphean task to get anyone that entrenched to see sense, but the truth of the matter is, when people are now suggesting manufacturers, who rely on JIT techniques to best produce their goods, are part of project fear when they suggest if this supply chain paradigm breaks down with a hard brexit, they might leave, you can see how little we should care. Sometimes I think we should just have a disgustingly unhealthy hard Brexit and watch some peoples lives burn and then say: told you so, that's what this has now become.
  3. Anyway, midnight here. I am off. Thanks for the laughs boys, some of that was gold.
  4. There was a border in place, and before that, we had the CTA, which meant no restrictions. However, as CoVi puts below, the border is a WTO requirement, not EU, and by your own admission, it wasn't 70 years, as there sure as shit were borders in there from the 60's through 90's I had to look at the calendar to see if people thought it was the weekend and had started drinking; the piffle and and absolute nonsense on here is troubling, at best. Suggesting we bailed Greece out, and the others. Genuinely shocked at how little people know about the EU and WTO we're headed for.
  5. Well this is all rather jolly and all that, but with the unfortunate effect of being complete ********. We didn't bail anyone out in the EU Here we go, this is peak unicorns and fairies now - I quote 3 large multinationals who have stopped investing in the UK and are actively now looking to move their operations, you reply project fear (despite it being the companies saying this, not anyone in the government), then go on to say well if they do leave, we'll just get some more in to replace them. 3 of the largest companies in the world. If that's not peak brexit, then I am afraid my bladder can't take an extension on that. This just has to be a parody, surely? Ford and Nissan leave, so we'll get some others to replace them. Comedy gold. And you haven't touched any of my nerves buddy, I am immune to any pain brexit may throw up. Too funny, genuinely too funny.
  6. This makes me laugh: these companies are pulling R&D and not investing in the UK and have stated, clearly, if there is a hard brexit, they're off. What do we get as a retort? Nothing to see here, just the usual heads in the sand and fingers in the ears lalalalalala from the brexadis It's a £10 trump term: I don't like the sound of something so it's FAKE NEWS Just makes me laugh. Well, when they do pull out, and jobs are lost, then permit me a chortle at your cost.
  7. Ford announce they could leave in the event of a hard brexit. AstraZenica and Nissan also reappraising their positions.
  8. Seems like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with Stanley, BoJo's Dad saying let the Irish shoot each other, there wasn't a hard border before....
  9. I think 20-25 would be a good spread to put a tenner on. I think that and the SNP gaining some more seats would be a deal maker. May's stuck either way. We all know it; there is no solution. She cannot please enough people to get anything through parliament. Quick question: if you believe the IMF's view of Ireland losing 4% GDP in the event of a hard brexit, do you also believe their view of how much GDP we'll lose too?
  10. One thing you can be damned sure of, is that those that remained strong during any crisis, will be looked after, those who didn't treated harshly. I notice Italy has toned its rhetoric down lately...
  11. Honest kzb, look at it logically for crying out loud - LibDems haemorrhaged support at GRASS ROOTS (GR) level in the last 2 elections. Probably due to their getting into bed with the Cons and going back on manifesto pledges (fees, etc, etc). This was represented on a national level too, where they lost most of their seats. Now, at GR level, that support is flooding back, with massive swings in some areas. Given how they lost their grass roots support, and how it now coming back, I think it is safe to assume they should make gains on a national level too. It's not a leap in the dark to see centrists go there either, given the lurches both other parties are having. UKIP support, at GR levels, is growing too, with the support being drained from the conservatives by their brexadis. It's not a leap to see the political battle ground change, especially seeing the surge in support of the SNP too. You can ignore it, but that's daft.
  12. True, there's a bit of a cult about him, but even I think that's waning. I'll not support him until there's a second ref (although it's moot as they'll never get in around here). I think both the big guns are haemorrhaging votes to be honest. There's the hard core Brexadis who are going to go full metal UKIP, hard core remainers who will go LibDems and centrists will likely go LibDem too, especially as the two main parties lurch in opposite directions. I can see the SNP gaining ground on the support levels they had before, as Brexit really isn't supported in Scotland, and support for it is dropping rapidly, at the Conservatives expense (they took 11 seats off them in 2017 from memory). So in short, if the LibDems can grab 20-25 seats, SNP their 50, then it might be interesting again. This time, there's no way the LibDems will butter up to the Cons and the Labour Party will accept some conditions, one being reform, the other being a second ref. As I said, getting interesting in politics
  13. ...and as for the unemployment figures, I simply do not believe them, I think they're massively massaged and do not include swathes of genuinely unemployed people, like those with over £16k in savings. Kids aged 18-21 living at home. Disabled, etc, etc, etc. If we measured this like they do on the continent, we'd have vastly different figures, and don't get me started on zero hour contracts and WTC's/CTC's
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