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  1. WoW! - Thanks for the response! Thanks everyone for all your input, it's much appreciatted. Just to respond to a few points: Valid point, and just to clarify, I specifically posted to this website because I wanted to get the opinions of those who are possibly better armed with information around the likelyhood of a price crash, because having read a few of the emerging stories in the mainstream press, I'm inclined to believe that a crash is more likely now, than any time in the past three or so years, and this opinion seems to have recently becom more widely accepted. These are the exa
  2. So I guess I'm a typical first time buyer in most respects. I have a reasonably well paid job, and save hard. I've been trying to buy for the past three (ish) years, but its always seemed a little out of my reach. I've now reached a point where it seems that I could afford to buy - finally, having saved hard for the last five years. I've started to look at properties, and the first flat I've seen is exactly where I would choose to buy, and more or less what I would want in a flat, with the exception that its ground floor, which I'm not too keen on, but I tell myself, that you can't have every
  3. Lived in Aus (Sydney) for a year, otherwise I've travelled around the US, Germany, Japan, India, France, Italy,Spain, Greece, erm and the Isle of white! I've seen the quality of life ( and the size of houses oversea's) but there is a reason i'm still here in London. London has a lot of pro's hence why a lot of people pay a significant premium to live local. I also agree, London (and the UK) also has a lot of con's (crime, aircraft noise, etc )- and i've read and agree with some of the other comments around 'rip off britain plc', and yes, one day I would consider leaving these shores for
  4. ..Isnt that the place where some footballers, and a minor royal where touted to have brought apartments? Read something in either The Metro or The Wharf! absolutely ridiculous! ~nme
  5. Question? How many on here have actually lived in or around Kingston, Richmond? I spent almost four years in the area, living in various area's around there. I *never* found the aircraft noise to be a problem. True, closer toward heathrow, Hounslow, Heston, Isleworth etc, it can be very noticeable. Whats more, where else in london do you have the nightlife in richmond, together with the family friendly parks and green areas, such as Richmond Park, Kew Gardens, The Thames, and with such relative proximity to central london for work and play? Personally, I love the area, great for families, l
  6. completely off-topic, but couldn't agree more with your sig, Tulip! ~nme
  7. FAQ # 2: WHAT IS INFLATION? Inflation is a general rise in prices across the economy. This is distinct from a rise in the price of a particular good or service. Individual prices rise and fall all the time in a market economy, reflecting consumer choices and preferences, and changing costs. Inflation is a general rise in prices across the economy More info Here Hey Monkey, One more question for you. What exactly does the monkey do?
  8. lol Surveyor, tell me, as a surveyor, is there an element of truth in your comment? When surveying a property, do you (and your collegues) note things such as the density and number of st georges flags? How much of an impact does that have on a valuation? thx nme
  9. who knows, thanks for posting that. Bit of a long read, but as I'm not completely clued up about this subject, I found it most useful. I think, as you suggest, we need to bear in mind that most of the population does not think the same way as the majority on this forum do. If they did, surely we would be seeing clear reductions in the prices of homes, which we are not. So as you say, we need to remain aware of what joe public think, and this is a subtle indicator of that. I think in 'economist-speak' its called 'sentiment' ( I'm learning! ) Thx nme
  10. Hi all, as you probably guessed, I'm a newbie. Not an economist, just interested in what people are saying about the state of the property market. Reading a lot of these posts, I'm interested to find out more about some of the terms / acronym's used. Perhaps it would be useful for newbies to have a sticky topic, that we could post a number of FAQ's to? I'm well aware that there is a whole internet out there which I'm sure has the answers, but all the same, it would be nice to have much of the common questions answered right here. So what does everyone think? I'll start with the first qu
  11. How I wish I had the deposit to buy something back then! Unfortunately, as a student, I would probably have not been viable for a mortgage in 96! I'm not an economist, more a layperson, and i'm only casually watching this market. I'd very much welcome a correction of house prices, as that would be to my benefit. But somehow, I'm also expecting, any second, this 'slight downturn' signalled by all these properties which are remaining on the market for long periods, to be a false starter, and any day now, with the summer nearly at an end, the house market to start going crazy again! I really
  12. Hi all, haven't been keeping in touch with things recently. I'm wondering, what is the general consensus on base rate rises over the next few months / year? I'm thinking of remortgaging into a fixed rate for two years, at 5%, but there are better discounted rates available. Which mortgage to choose? Really this depends on the base rate, but I'm not really sure what path the BOE is going to take with base rates in the coming year! Any advice, comments? Thx nme
  13. Bullish Bear, I can see you hail from the same part of London as I do. I've been watching the local market casually to see if there is any evidence of the 'crash' of this market. Skimming through the local papers, I am noticing a lot of properties which have been on the market for a long time, still up for sale. What confuses me more, though, is that i'm still seeing new properties coming onto the market, priced at the same silly prices, which the existing listed properties aren't even realising! Are these local agents all stupid? Am I missing something? Or is it simply opportunistic greed o
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