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  1. I have learned that some blokes on here are masters of the 'sweeping statement' I have also learned that 'hope deferred makes the heart sick'. And I think a lot of hearts are going to get a lot sicker now the BoE has decided to allow the madness to continue. I have learned that Government cares for nothing and no-one. Their only agenda is to retain control and stay in power. I have learned that 40,00 conker trees have died. Oh sorry, that's another forum.....
  2. It was not far from the Gt. Cambridge Road, not sure on the amount of beds, at least 3. Drop was due to desperation to get shot. Have to be subtle, she knows my view, keep schtum, not ask too many questions. They have just put their own flat back on sale, at a higher price. I heard the squabble with the EA as she pushed it up and he tried to push it down. She won. The flat
  3. Enfield Centre / North London. Four months ago, colleague at work 'sold' her two bed flat, £196k (bought 3.5 years ago £160k) Had an offer accepted on house in Herts. But nothing was happening with her sale or purchase. Okay, okay up to this point, same old, same old. My anecdotal is what has happened in the last three weeks. Throughout the whole period, the EA's never returned her calls, were off-hand, gave wrong information and frankly treated her like sh*t. Roughly three weeks ago this all changed. They call her at least three times a day, text her with possible properties 2-3 times
  4. Reading this and observing who seems to be affected by the sub-prime catastrophe, karinUS has a valid point. A tragedy, a travesty. A sobering story.
  5. What a very clever girly you are!! Ooooh I bet everyone in your village thinks you are the mutts nutts! (Sorry, don't usually bite but this sort of post winds me up beyond measure, such a simplistic, comfy, middle class, 'I'm all right jack you lot are stupid' attitude) Everyone does not have your choices, dear. I'm no economist but I only have to see a graph like this to know you haven't a clue what's happening in the real economic world. Surely you have some brown rice to boil, or bread to bake........
  6. Yep, I've been thinking this for a while. Is it ever going to happen? A perceptive quote from the good old book "Faith deferred makes the heart sick"; there are a lot of heart-sick people on here. I share some stuff I have come across recently that has restored my faith. Some of it is US stuff, but no matter, this property boom is global. The first link is a video, which you have to watch to the end, or you won't get it. Check out the third graph on this page, to scare you witless. And this great article, posted to day by 'dohousescrashinthewoods' (Most excellent!) Makes you realise ho
  7. Apparently, 1 in 5 'don't' have a fixed rate mortgage
  8. Mate of mine had direct experience. Bought in North London, three bed terrace in '87 - £65k. By '88 it was up to £85k. Early '89 - £90k. By '91, back to '87 prices - £65k and there the price stayed for at least 6 years. So the drop is roughly 30%.
  9. I love it!!! Look what it's up against
  10. Yep, it's crazy alright. Two bed flat in my block went on sale in January. £220k. Needs complete overhaul, hasn't even got central heating. Week-ends are the worst as the queue-to-view snakes down the road. The local burger van now has a permanent pitch, in order to feed the hungry house hunters.
  11. 663,000!! Almost 600k owned by private landlords!!!
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