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  1. THanks Spunko. SO Ricky, even i wanted to wait but i just found a house which I like. Can i make offer and say to estate agents that iam not interested on the house in few weeks? Will the house prices not increase post articel 50 atleast? will there be no effect at all?
  2. Will the house prices go down after marhc end(article 50). Thanks
  3. Hi, iam completely new on thia forum and have no clue about house market,so please ignore if my question is too daft. Iam looking to buy a house as first time buyer around warrington area . I found one house but I really wanted to know if I should wait until march end when article 50 triggers And aee how gouse prices are. Does house prices decrease like it did in 2008 after article 50 triggers or is not related at all. any information is much appreciated. thanking u
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