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  1. 2005 Toyota Hiace LWB for leisure and work. 2.5 D4D diesel engine which, like the whole vehicle is massively over-engineered and they just do not go wrong. Brilliant vans.
  2. I think you're exactly right: as long as they are able to buy them then they will, irrespective of the financial consequences for them and their family. I see no remedy other than very strict access to credit. I'm with you on driving well maintained older cars, it's great knowing I paid a couple of grand for something that will last me ten years plus.
  3. I've been to a car dealership today to sell him some oak frames and the owner (local gangster) must have two million quids worth of 2-3 year old ex PCP Audi's, mercs, range rovers, jags on the forecourt. The people looking at the cars weren't exactly wealthy looking so I asked him how they could afford them: "They can't. It's all on finance. Ive got families on benefits driving range rovers. F#cking idiots". It felt like the stripper scene from The Big Short. This will not end well.
  4. That's precisely why, because they have ZERO idea how to behave in public.
  5. All of which requires the credulity to buy the b#llocks they come out with. Or were you expecting them to just come out and say "I pi## all my money up the wall on cider, fags and scratch cards. Then I come here and they give me free food."? But, hey, you have a new statesman story so i bow before your great insight.
  6. All factors that apply to the other countries. So p#ss poor excuses......
  7. I doubt there are very many people in this country who genuinely require a food bank. Oats, potatoes, frozen vegetables, all dirt cheap. Too poor? Too bone idle to cook more like.
  8. Spot on. If ever there was a PM whose image was utterly divorced from reality then it's Thatcher.
  9. Conservatism didn't begin with Thatcher. Difficult concept to grasp maybe but true nonetheless.
  10. Our governing class have imported millions of people who either want us dead, will help those who do, or won't get their hands dirty but think we had it coming. That is all.
  11. Anybody can have ideas—the difficulty is to express them without squandering a quire of paper on an idea that ought to be reduced to one glittering paragraph.” –Mark Twain A lesson one on this thread needs badly......
  12. He's worth about 300 million and has a stunning Italian girlfriend. His life is awful apart from that though.....
  13. I'm self employed so I'd decided I'd be paying myself 100% again this year.
  14. Amber Rudd's millionaire brother is a huge supporter of immigration and I creasing the number of asylum seekers we take. From the comfort of his 5 million pound house in the country.......
  15. Whilst there now seems to be overwhelming agreement that something nasty is finally coming down the tracks (sooner rather than later) I've never seen such disagreement on here as to the best course of action to protect ones wealth when it all goes down. I've seen bonds, shares, gold, cash, classic cars, vintage wine, antiques and even btl recommended as the best way to emerge on the other side in a position of financial strength. Given the number of people on here who've given this a great deal of in-depth consideration, I thought it might be beneficial for all of us if we shared our ideas on a dedicated thread and debated the strengths and weaknesses of the options.
  16. Which ties in very nicely with the fact that hardly anyone in this country has more than a few hundred quid spare at any given moment. The number of lads i know who work offshore and drive Q7s and Range Rovers is phenomenal, up to their eyeballs in debt and the minute they get a pay rise theyre desperate to find something to spunk it on. It's as though money is a ticking bomb to rid oneself of immediately.
  17. Well that goes without saying. It's the guiding principle of the left.
  18. House prices fall, it's brexit. House prices rise, it's brexit. ???
  19. Western society is in decline and will collapse within a couple of decades, but it has nothing to do with house prices and economics and everything to do with demographics. We continue to import people who haven't lost belief in their own culture as we have and so the future belongs to them. Think Mogadishu crossed with 80s Beirut and that's the future. A country is a promise, not a guarantee.
  20. Now I'm really confused. So it has 8 bedrooms instead of 11, it sold, then within a day it's back on for 800k more?
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