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  1. There seems to be a buzz in Chicago property,anyone know the area i have two options city centre redevolopment or off plan in the south loop ready 2008
  2. Thank you for that insight into Lisbon you have blown our romantic illusions!
  3. Hi there anybody from this area,have the prices gone mad?
  4. My wife is keen to buy in Lisbon b2let ,any ideas
  5. The Irish goverment receive more tax from house's than any other sector average stamp duty in Dublin 60k plus building tax,the goverment manage to fund social services through housing,if we see a decline in house building it will have a ripple effect on the Irish ecomany and thus Irish investments in the U.K
  6. Thanks Teddyboy!think i'll give it a miss
  7. sorry should have giving more info,like to buy for investment good let important,good growth.Would i get good value now there seems to be a decline.Many thanks!
  8. like to buy in liverpool,not from the area,any ideas!
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