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  1. Bingo. "We're f*cked. Look who's more f*cked. (Or at least let's pretend)"
  2. Look on the west side of Balham High road, between Balham and Tooting Bec station. 4 beds at £750, but I don't think they're shifting at that level so make an offer. It's about the same walk to Balham overground which is 10 mins max to CJ. Plus on the Northern Line straight to the city if you can stand the heat...... Earlsfield is one for the future if you can bear to live there during the wait.
  3. It sounds like you have a good relationship with the freeholder and my advice would be to work very closely with them to agree a fair cost that you are both happy with. My experience of doing something similar in a more confrontational relationship would lead me to give you the following advice: While there is a formula for working the value of an extention, the basis of the valuation of an extension to the leasehold is a valuation of the property. The first basis of dispute will therefore be the variation between your value and the freeholders. Once the leasehold falls under a certain threshold, I think 80 years if I remember correctly, then the Freeholder is entitled to "marriage rights" which is basically an addition to the cost of the extension /enfranchisement, based on a discounted current value of the property. If the quote of £3,000 was given before this threshold was breached, then it may not be a reasonable indication of the likely cost now. As well as your own legal expenses, you will be liable to pay your freeholder's legal expenses as they are doing this at your request. This was our biggest disagreement, and ultimately we were powerless to negotiate under the advice of our lawyers and initial consultation with The Law Society. Ultimately, if your freeholder chooses to use the most expensive city lawyers to execute the transaction, you are in no real position to argue. Ultimately, the best advice I can give you is to engage an experienced (not necessarily expensive) solicitor who is familiar with this type of transaction to advise you. They will help if things turn ugly, but at the very least will ensure that you get all of the paperwork adequately tied together. Sorry if this sounds doom and gloom, but forewarned is forarmed.
  4. The express is comparing this this month this year to this month last year, the mail this month this year to last month this year. If the "tipping point" was some time in the last twelve months, then they can both be right. Added to that, the mail is looking at some parts of the country, whereas the express is looking at the headline figure which can be distorted by strong growth in desirable areas (i.e. London).
  5. I think that's about par for the course. You're paying a lot for being 5 minutes walk from the train and some nice victorian houseing, but as others have posted, there's some less pleasant areas close by. I was mugged in Clapham Junction about 4 years ago and when the police came they took me on a tour looking for the suspect around all of the estates that back onto this area. (Round the back of St John's Hill, on the other side of the dual carriageway that goes over Wandsworth Bridge). If you're willing to add 10 minutes to your commute, there are some nicer areas of Wandsworth for the same money.
  6. Candlemakers was always horribly overpriced. I went in when they were building, thinking (as someone else has posted) terrible area, nearest transport is Clapham Junction, but you have to walk through (or around) the big LA development to get to it, and it's probably a 15 minute walk. It's also right in the immediate flightpath of the Harrods Heliport - I could hear them coming and going and I was renting on St John's Hill. Anyway, expecting something affordable I was somewhat taken aback when they told me they wanted £315k for the smallest one bed. This was in 2003. Even if this chap has bought this 3 bed off plan, he won't see much profit at £500k.
  7. What could you get if you moved? What would it cost them to replace you? That's what you are worth. I've had years of 0% payrises, and I've had a year or two of 25%. The market dictates, nobody has a god given right to a payrise. You are a comodity like everything else in a capitalist economy.
  8. I don't have a problem. This is not the SW London that for some reason you decided to to advertise in your thread title. There are house price reductions, but not in a part of SW17 that any right minded individual could give a flying toss about. 20 minutes to Blackfriars or 28. Give, me a break. It's Mitcham. I'm still trying to work out how anyone can raise a family in an area where property is affordable and safe, it's not in CR4.
  9. It could be because it's five minutes walk from a useless train station that takes you to Wimbledon before you can get to central london, and 20 minutes from a tube. OK North Croydon is harsh, but at least from there you can get a train to Blackfriars in 20 minutes. It's cheaper than SW17 because it's further out, the transport links are rubbish, and yes you're right, the council tax is higher. Also, you just wouldn't get that type of property in most of SW17. The housing stock is of a much higher quality. That looks ex LA, even if it isn't.
  10. That's not really tooting is it? The postcode is CR which is Croydon and the description is Mitcham. Bit misleading when the thread is called "Gadzooks, A price reduction in Sw London" when it's more north Croydon.
  11. Any more details? Which bit of SW17 are we talking about? The two bed looks like it was too close to the stamp duty threshold to justify the premium, and the three bed seems to be edging that way!
  12. I think it's actually picadilli and central lines, for any non-londoners reading this planning to go.
  13. I've got a lot of respect for the guys working out in India. People who take their responsibilities seriously, taking pride in their work. But it won't last. Wage inflation in India amongst English speaking graduates is over 10% and it has been for a long time. In five years time it will be cheaper to "inshore" into the north east.
  14. I've got a lot of respect for the guys working out in India. People who take their responsibilities seriously, taking pride in their work. But it won't last. Wage inflation in India amongst English speaking graduates is over 10% and it has been for a long time. In five years time it will be cheaper to "inshore" into the north east.
  15. It's quality, and before that the working classes were voting tory for exactly the same reason!!!!! One day they'll realise no one gives a flying f*ck about them.
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