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  1. I do like a laugh at this thread - its like a little microcosm of the country at the moment, much misinformation (on both sides) defended vehementally by people who really havent got the 1st clue what their saying, and all the actually important issues on which people were previously united (like errrr house prices) cast aside in deference to the big topic. Its like a new religious cult moved into town and everyone forgot who their families are! This comment caught me as it appears proper long term data will never be available as the placebo groups have all now been given vaccines... (i mean talk about stupid). I also saw this today... https://dailyexpose.co.uk/2021/08/10/dr-robert-malone-pfizer-and-israel-made-agreement-to-hide-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions-for-10-years/ Anyway, as you were...
  2. Journalist? Do you mean like the ones who used to ask questions and hold governments to account? You could call him lots of things but he's no journalist... a facilitator of psychological warfare is closer to the mark, and in that case he shouldn't be surprised when people accost him in the street, as he needs to be held to account, as he is (indirectly) responsible for this shitshow. Running away like a scared ***** will get him no sympathy, if he believes he is doing the right thing he should have spoken up
  3. Oh well, lets not discriminate! Even the 77th may have families too.. perhaps even 'half a brain'? Goodnight all
  4. I used an app you will not have access to but stats are publicly available via a number of websites, ...How convenient, can you post us a screenshot thanks. as for donations websites are lucky to get one in two thousand viewers to donate. Isn't it at least possible that slightly more people may be keen to support one of the last vestiges of critical questioning in the UK, as there is virtually ZERO of it appearing anymore on BBC, ITV, Sky fb, twitter... or didn't you notice that?
  5. OK well try this critical question... are they lying, just incompetent or telling you the whole truth? Do you honestly believe the queen would take an experimental gene-therapy drug? 🤔
  6. There you go with another fake barrier... Is it just one person? There's already millions in the UK alone, and more everyday as realisation dawns... so where are you gong on holiday this year?
  7. Are you joking? Its a standard website template - it could well be a one-man-job these days. Can you please explain just how you know how many visitors it gets, and how many viewers donate? Maybe you've also figured out who IS funding it? Care to share? Putting up fake barriers against information affects your critical thinking and it won't help you get to the truth, yes it may be one-sided, but that's the other side you need in order to form your own judgment
  8. Posters like this who disparage others when they're trying to share information with you, need to check yourselves. What you probably don't want to let yourself grasp is that while others have read and researched both sides of this pandemic story, you were happy just hearing one side. Now many of you will happily point out that the government are all liars when it comes to many current issues (housing included), yet continue to blindly trust them on the most important issue EVER in our lifetimes. Your health, and even your humanity is being taken out of your hands by psychological warfare. Surely by now you just might be humble enough to admit you were lied to and badly fell for it. If not ask yourself exactly how many more years of it will you take? Its clear as ******ing day now - they've been continually inventing new lies to ensure you're locked down forever, just as the 'conspiracy theorists' said they would last year. Now, while they fly round the world partying on beaches, they're laughing at you as you build your own slave box and lock yourself in. Now, you might be right - all of this depopulation and transhumanism may not be true of course, and we might be crazy and full of 5hit.. but if it turns out to be true (as literally millions of us see it), and you didn't even give any hearing to the thousands warning you before rolling up your kid's sleeve, then how stupid will you feel? (getting them a cheap house will be the least of your problems). I challenge you to put your mind to rest one way or the other, start here with some proper journalism http://ukcolum.org
  9. Some people will just not entertain the truth even when its all around them... https://www.ukcolumn.org/index.php/article/why-are-we-still-giving-people-covid-19-vaccines
  10. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04368728?term=NCT04368728&draw=2&rank=1 Enough brain to see through the lies, not enough to convince others...
  11. I had all the symptoms of a bad cold and went in to see my GP, he was really worried and sent me immediately to the local hospital for a brain scan.... I'm OK now as they found a brain in there and so I don't need to take part in a clinical trial with an experimental gene therapy 😃
  12. Charities getting in on the game... Maybe this is the CEOs house he cant shift? ....and the price! HAHAHA https://omaze.co.uk/pages/london?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=referral&tblci=GiCDYHW_VdvoWeyZoWIhDYPguzkseBsUeNQ5XNNkjD3hjiDDwU8o-7PgzPLYnIyEAQ#tblciGiCDYHW_VdvoWeyZoWIhDYPguzkseBsUeNQ5XNNkjD3hjiDDwU8o-7PgzPLYnIyEAQ
  13. Interesting uni's will also now have the cheek to come begging for a bailout - who the ****** is going to pay for all this? https://www.universitiesuk.ac.uk/news/Pages/Package-of-measures-proposed-to-enable-universities-to-play-a-critical-role-in-rebuilding-the-nation-.aspx The specific measures proposed in the UUK paper will: Ensure that universities can maintain the UK’s research excellence, capacity and training of PhD students. Provide protection from cuts for courses which help meet the national need for public sector workers (health professions, teaching etc) and provide targeted support for retraining/reskilling for people whose jobs are affected by coronavirus. Deliver transformation funds to support some universities over the next two to three years to significantly reshape to achieve longer-term sustainability and ensure high quality provision of skills to meet economic needs. Ensure applicants for 2020-21 have as much choice as usual about what and where they study. This would include the introduction of a one-year stability measure in the admissions process where institutions in England and Wales would this year be able to recruit UK and EU-domiciled full-time undergraduate students up to the sum of their 2020-2021 total forecast (plus 5% of the intake). Encourage and enable international and EU students to choose to study in the UK as planned. Mitigate immediate losses in income and cashflow and allow universities to keep operating.
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