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  1. Believe it or not, Bella Italia are offering a main meal for £1 through the 3 mobile app, Wuntu. £1!! I rarely eat out in these sorts of chains unless there is a big discount. I have made use of similar deals they have done for £3 and £5. They pretty much run these deals constantly, so am not surprised to hear the group is posting losses. Other offers running simultaneously include “Paella for a pound” @ La Tasca, Burger and Chips @ Cafe Rouge for £1 or a burrito at Las Iguanas for £1. These guys are in major trouble if they are resorting to offering such discounts.
  2. Whilst out in Cardiff today, thought I’d take a look in House of Fraser. Dead wouldn’t even begin to describe it. More staff than customers; most staff there just chatting amongst themselves as they had nothing to do. Up to 60% red sale signs everywhere but still clothes managed to be mostly over the £60 mark for stuff that isn’t really that nice. Who the hell is their target market?
  3. Railcards such as the 16-25 Railcard are actually valid at peak times but before 0930 there is a minimum fare of £12.00 before the Railcard becomes useful. So it does depend on your commute but take Cardiff Central to Bristol Temple Meads as an example (even at peak time): Anytime Open Return (no Railcard) = £20.50 Anytime Day Return (no Railcard) = £17.90 Anytime Open Return (with Railcard) = £13.55 Anytime Day Return (with Railcard) = £12.00 (minimum fare)
  4. "What Thursday night did show was that if the property is priced right, than there are still many buyers out there." Quite! Just a long way to go before property will be "priced right".
  5. I wouldn't suggest it has anything to do with leaning to the left. Personally, I would advocate far far less interference in the economy than is currently the case. My point is that if there is to be such interference, why must it relentlessly favour the same people all the time? Am not sure what is left leaning about suggesting that the interference favour infrastructure and the young rather than assets and the old?
  6. Another vested interest - potentially yes - but as the magic money fairy exists for the older generation, it is not at all naive to suggest or think that the magic money fairy directs his cash to the younger generation, just for a change.
  7. They are, and you can open two accounts. £6k at 3% - but I believe you have to have 3 direct debits coming out of each account to get the "bonus" interest.
  8. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-42955275.html Link for that one.
  9. Another - though this one really not so bad at all - in Maesteg, to the north of Bridgend. Initial entry on 04/09/2016 with price of £62,500. Price changed on 18/01/2017 from £62,500 to a guide price of £40,000 (-36.00%)
  10. First post! A lot of the threads on the site naturally look at the more expensive parts of the UK - top of the market collapses first and all that - but I thought I'd start a thread looking at how some of the cheaper properties are getting on. Hopefully it'll get a bit of discussion around the south Wales market going. First up - interior design suggests probate sale and a drastic price cut (albeit now going to auction with the hope of beating the guide) indicating a keenness to sell. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^968&radius
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