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  1. UN migration pact to force countries to take migrants.. Bet maybot will be over there finishing off the country on our behalf.. “Yes of course I will sign, plenty of room in the U.K. .. We need doctors” ? http://uk.businessinsider.com/ap-dispute-over-un-migration-pact-fractures-belgian-government-2018-12?r=US&IR=T for anyone interested there is a petition. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/232698
  2. Can we have a houseprice crash pole..? Question: If parliament overturn Brexit who would you vote for in the next election? A)Labour B)Conservative C) UKIP (or another leave party) we will see what people think..
  3. So in the next general election Labour run as remain CONservatives run as remain UKIP or a new party run as Leave.. You thinks things will carry on as normal.. ? That ships sailed, there are consequences to overthrowing the biggest democratic vote ever!
  4. You stop Brexit you get 17.4 million UKIP voters The far right is rising across Europe.. Don’t think just because the remoaners stop Brexit things will go back to the way they were! You can’t stop this now, it’s too late, you lost the vote, sabotaging it would cause revolt.. It could be violent or it could be political, could be both.. There will be ramifications..
  5. Like I said FGM, terror attacks, child brides, forced marriage allot of whom are direct relations.. gun and knife violence These are not British values.. we have issues but not like this
  6. +1 except the greedy buy to leech would miss out on all the hard work their tenants had done to pay their mortgages.. BTL is just modern day slavery..
  7. It doesn’t, my general point is more people will send living standards lower.. As we concrete over every park, field, back garden to build shoe boxes to cram our unsustainable population into.. all to enrich the already rich. I hate to say it but UKIP vote is the only way to stop this.. I will vote Labour only because of Corbyn next election, not for the Tory lite Blairites .. See what happens.. Otherwise I’m voting anti immigration party till it all implodes.. Our benefits system, roads, air, ability to feed ourselves, wellbeing are all worse with more people.. with FGM, gun/knife crime, forced arrange marriage, child brides, inbreading causing deformities, terrorists all stemming from past immigration policies the country is as bad as I’ve ever seen it.. They even stand on the toilet seats or squat to poo where I work.. poo all up the wall and on the seats.. Its like the third world.. very soon it will be illegal to say any of this! This is not to say all immigrants are bad, this is to say it’s impacted our country in a negative way in recent years.. .. It’s not PC to say this but it’s 100% true..
  8. No mate our problem going forward is too many bloody people! Slumification of the U.K. is well underway.. People are sick of it.. we don’t want more people! This current system is making the poor poorer and the rich richer! A continuation of membership to the EU with current migration levels from inside/outside the EU will lead to ever poorer living standards.. No more people! I really don’t care about this economy that requires an ever larger population to infinity to buy stuff to feed growth! It’s backward! Anyone who thinks it’s a good idea is even more backward. Don't change the country for the worst, change the system! We should automate fruit picking, automate car washes, automate all the tills.. lets just do away with low paid pointless jobs and all become doctors ? As that is always used as a reason we must remain in the EU.. Because we have the highest ever recorded university numbers but no doctors.. Everyone’s doing art degrees and business studies..
  9. Does anyone know the £75’000 rule? A friend of mine got some lawyer and they dug up a rule introduced under the last Labour government that said you only have to pay the first £75’000 of care hone fees! The family sold the mother’s house, put £150’000 in a bank account for her care home, plus pension every month.. They divided the remainder of the money between the grandchildren, when the money runout the council went after the grandkids.. The council not only lost, but were forced to payback any money over £75’000 to the family and court costs, and additional monthly fee spanning the time spent by the mother in the home.. This was a 4 year court case and the council settled out of court..
  10. Eastern Europe has massive increases in wealth thanks to our generous system.. rubbish wages and benefits here are worth a fortune in the eastern block countries.. literally we are exporting money to build other countries whilst ours crumbles.. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/544816/Roma-Gypsy-Migrant-Boasts-Free-Money-Benefits-System-Mansion
  11. Depends where you live, Kensington and Chelsea have one of the lowest council tax rates around..
  12. The privatisation of our services is a disgrace.. money must have flowed into the pockets of MP’s in some form or another.. 2nd jobs, free holidays, director positions once deselected seems to be very common amoung mp’s especially within the field upon which they governed when in power. From companies that profited.. Wish we could have a full and open police probe into MP’s.. The brain washing against Corbyn is worst than religion.. i here many say the only thing worse than Brexit is Corbyn? Why? Why is re nationalising badly run expensive/sometime monopolies a bad thing? 10 of our water companies send money to offshore tax havens, are loaded with £50+ billion of debt they have accumulated since privatisation, mainly to pay shareholders and directors, whilst leakages remain the same if not worse.. Virgin Care registered in a tax haven gets NHS contracts despite paying no tax ever.. The corruption within our government is unreal, But apparently it’s all Corbyns fault.. A man that in his political career has voted against every single military conflict we have ever had! (Bar 1) not sure which.. His mantra is you can’t make peace by dropping bombs and shooting people.. But apparently that makes you a great evil and not to be trusted.. ?
  13. Extra council tax.. so tax those who can least afford it.. If U.N./UK poverty figures are correct I’m not sure how people will be paying this escalating council tax if they can’t even feed their kids..
  14. Have you seen rent prices in Paris.. I would say housing in cities is just as ridiculous all over Europe as U.K. Went to Brussels after 20 years away and it’s a third world ghetto now.. used to be nice
  15. Wasn’t the biggest U.K. protest ever! The protest against Blair’s Iraq war? The scum I charge must go.. I’m not sure how we do it, but everyone not Voting Tory would be a start.. I know the old Blairites left in the Labour Party are just as parasitic but to destroy the Tories would send a clear signal we have had enough..
  16. I want an entirely new system.. automation, Green energy, where we work towards a sustainable existence.. To achieve that we first need to stop immigration.. The system can only be reset once the current system collapses.. My problem is the majority of people are driven by material assets, greed.. They are nieve to the future their continuing consumption will leed us too.. 95% of scientists recon we are 12 years away from our own annihilation as a species! yet we want millions more immigrants to earn bits of paper with a picture of the UK’s biggest benefits claimant printed on them.. what a bunch of idiots..
  17. If we stay in Europe we all die.. When the cheap slaves that we imported retire the benefits system collapses.. Our air is unbearable our roads are gridlocked a 1.5 degree increase in global temperatures would put London under water.. we import 65% of our food.. we are food vulnerable.. The question is how bad does it have to get before brainless idiots that voted remain figure it out.. my guess is when they are starving to death With water lapping at their feet they might notice..
  18. UK debt to GDP continues to grow.. Government continues to cut service, 50’000 from police force, 20’000 front line officers.. We need them to keep an eye on the ever increasing terrorist database, which we keep importing more of.. 49% cuts from council budgets.. mathmatically it’s stupid to import cheap slaves and prop them up with benefits.. But the few who do benefit sit at the top of the financial system.. Using slaves is cheaper and less risky than investing in automation and machinery.. When the slaves retire penniless having given all their wages in rent the benefits system collapses..
  19. How does that work then? You only pay tax if you earn over 12k.. So lower wages don’t = higher tax take.. Immigration especially in low skilled areas is stopping investment.. i see a farm that bought in machines to replace fruit pickers.. As they could no longer import slave Labour.. The farm machine was manufactured, cost £100’000s, company that made it paid tax, engineer that maintains it pays tax, 20 cheap slaves don’t pay tax.. replace an automatic car wash with 7 blokes with sponges.. the automatic car wash needs an engineer to maintain it on £35k per year.. The hand car wash employs 7 blokes all on working tax credits and housing benefit.. immigration is the problem.. The government, companies and the media lie as the want cheap slaves!
  20. Would be very useful in a currency crisis as it can be swapped for any currency.. fully transferable.. No good have a bank account full of worthless money..
  21. Buy gold, you can’t wipe your **** with it but you can get your teeth ? coated in it.. They will never rot..
  22. The economy is going to collapse anyway.. anyone can see that.. Brexit would be a great excuse.. The debt is too big, benefits too high, politicians run by lobbyists and debt ridden companies propped up with low interest rates, run by greedy CEO’s.. Its just a matter of when, and how bad
  23. +1 wheres the worst case for staying in! How much are we in for on the bailouts..
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