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  1. This was before JOB went Brexit insane.. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell remainers.. not just our environmental destruction from mass migration! But by replacing a £1 million automatic car wash, which requires a manufacturing plant, an electrician, a mechanical engineer.. All tax paying jobs! With 7 blokes with £15 worth of sponges and buckets propped up by housing benefit and working tax credits, using public services they are not paying for! But who will still need to be looked after in retirement! It’s absolutely mental! How can people not see that! Staying in the EU is the biggest risk as it allows business to continue to avoid investment in productive, tax paying work and use government funded slaves instead!
  2. Until they retire with nothing and we have the biggest benefits bill in the world bankrupting the country.. care homes are £1000 a week where I live! Rent on a flat is £1200+ a month.. Its so short sighted to think immigration will make us richer in the long run.. ive worked from 15 years old! Immigrants that arrive in their later years, especially those in the gig economy and low paid work.. Will not pay anywhere near enough into the system compared to what they will be taking out.. Remainers really can’t do maths.. where my gran lives 5 of the 6 retirement flats are occupied by immigrants, when she moved in they were all Brits.. Most don’t even speak english, except the polish woman who speaks with a broad accent, so god knows how many years she worked before retiring on bennies..
  3. I still don’t think mass immigration is a benefit.. replacing automatic car washes with 7 blokes with sponges on working tax credit and housing benefit does not really seem very financially savvy.. Globalisation has bought lower wages, pointless jobs, higher benefits costs, community segregation and complete lack of investment in technological advances.. why spend millions £’s on fruit picking automated machines when you have slave labour paying no tax but using all our public services..
  4. I still don’t think mass immigration is a benefit.. replacing automatic car washes with 7 blokes with sponges on working tax credit and housing benefit does not really seem very financially savvy.. Globalisation has bought lower wages, pointless jobs, higher benefits costs, community segregation and complete lack of investment in technological advances.. why spend millions £’s on fruit picking automated machines when you have slave labour paying no tax but using all our public services..
  5. I thought this had been put to bed in the house of old farts.. (lords) The UK is under no obligations to pay anything.. After all we will no longer have access to allot of what we have contributed towards.. 0.1% but who makes up the shortfall? Germany, France and Italy pay more? Or EASTERN Europe receive less? £39 billion is allot of money when Italy are not even aloud to borrow an Extra 0.5% France are have to scrap their fuel tax rises and raise minimum wage and OAP allowance. Germany is the biggest lender and ECB is still in negative interest rates.. Greece has 100 years of debts to creditors, mainly German Spain’s banks are Turkeys biggest banks financiers.. Hardly a strong financial EU economy.. Hows the far right getting on in Europe? Just won elections in Spain, Austria, Italy, eastern block countries.. They are expected to storm the EU elections in May,, with right wing parties leading the poles in France..
  6. The establishment don’t even mention the £39 billion saving, nor the massive black hole in EU finances if we leave on WTO.. They are in such financial trouble it could finish them..
  7. Most remain campaigners live in London Most leave voters live in the forgotten boroughs outside of London. on the Pro EU protest coaches were put on from all over the country, so well publicised campaign, lots of money in Remain.. I doubt the leave peasants have the funds or BBC backing to compete with the establishment on protests.. However the voting booth is only round the corner! So don’t take protests as a given for the true feelings of the nation.. I do worry about the media brain washing of the masses though scaring off leave voters..
  8. Your correct lies were told on the Remain and the Leave campaign.. But that’s true in every election.. I vote on a manifesto that is never what I receive once the party obtain power.. I still have to wait 5 years to get rid of them though.. I don’t get another vote.. thats democracy. Remember this bloke that just got an EU job!
  9. A 2nd referendum has been held in every country that has not given the result the establishment want.. so more of a vote till you give the correct answer whilst being bombarded with fear by the millionaire/billionaire owned media.. its not really democracy it’s more dictatorship by stealth.. mass immigration is all about slumification, more people crammed into smaller living spaces creates higher returns per sq meter.. Also provides cheap Labour for the rich to exploit, it does not create greater prosperity for the massses just for the few..
  10. If Remain do overturn the vote the next election should be interesting.. 17.4 million peed off Brexit voters, who abandon Labour and CONservatives.. Maybe Tommy Robinson will be PM.. ? You mess with democracy you have to be prepared to except the consequences!
  11. Why do we want to remain? https://www.spectator.co.uk/2018/12/let-them-buy-teslas-how-macron-became-the-enemy-of-the-french/
  12. Not just in the U.K., globally.. They say UKIP is dead with tommy Robinson now onboard.. I would not be do sure.. They were dying after the referendum but with Brexit chaos and continued worry over immigration, especially integration from outside of the EU they could become more powerful than ever before.. Our terrorist watchlist grows by the day.. Maybe UKIP’s biggest mistake was they were not right wing enough? Elections will be interesting especially if both Labour and CON’s stand as Pro EU or 2nd referendum.. I don’t believe the poles that say remain would nudge it.. People are sick of the downhill trajectory of the economy and having immigration shoved down there throats whilst the government tell them how great it all is.. Coz everyone loves lower wages, poor air, crap housing and an extra hour in the car every day on gridlocked roads..
  13. Best line in this video.. “Loan to income gap is too far out of whack” Considering most of outer London prices are 17x wages, nothing wrong with that.. ?? completely sustainable.. Who lends 17x wages again?
  14. It’s going to have to be one hell of a boom to get out of this hole! Can the rich get even richer! The poor even poorer! without something breaking? Who is going to take on the debt to keep it going, how much more debt can we take before the bubble is so big it’s impossible to burst without destroying fiat money itself!
  15. Far right rise is Spanish elections far right lead polls in French survey Trump Italian 5 star banks are insolvent global debt 400% of global GDP Growth not high enough as debt continues to increase.. forcing governments to squeeze those that can least afford it further.. civil unrest, higher crime rates, crumbling infrastructure trade wars zombie companies house prices 17x wages in places share Buy backs coming to an end quantitive tightening interest rate rises starting to come QE no longer papering over the cracks as there is plenty of money but know one to lend too.. The global pensions deficit The global OAP health care funding problem continued 3rd world migration.. generation rent retire penniless onto benefits £27 billion housing each year and growing £32 billion working tax credits and growing soon to be retail voids.. unemployment rising as companies run out of borrowing? Have I missed anything Oh yeh Brexit.. ? almost forgot
  16. Watch “before the flood” Thanos only kills at random, maybe we need a purge night.. ? Dont think MP’s would pass one though know how much the public dislike them.. ??? Im not as nasty as you make out, . . I really like animals..
  17. Before the flood, an amazing documentary on climate change.. We must end our ways.. Brexit.. crash.. start again.. We can’t sustain our population.. no more building, no more people..
  18. Trump must go also, maybe the FBI will kick him out.. I really don’t know how we fix the planet, too many stupid people.. I guess over the next 10 to 20 years the planet will show the people what idiots they have been.. maybe it will be too late by then though.. All I know is the sooner we crash the system the sooner we have a chance to start again.. isolationism is a must to protect ourselves from what’s coming if people don’t stop being so destructive..
  19. Isolation, when the ? hits the fan and food supplies dwindle we are perfectly positioned to sustain ourselves, but only if we reduce our population.. As the continent of Africa become uninhabitable in large areas people will flock to Europe turning food shortages into food riots. A 1.5 degree increase in global temperatures would put London under water.. This is similar to what we have seen from the beginning of the industrial revolution to now.. So we are not talking 100’s of years.. A child born today could die having seen London disappear.. So sod the EU, sod the economy, sod the greedy parasites who make themselves rich from our planets destruction.. Time to crash the system..
  20. And that’s all completely fine.. But the fundamentals remain, too many people not enough land for food rising sea levels.. 60% of our animals are dead I am massively against, Heathrow expansion, fracking, war.. etc etc.. i am pro turbine, solar, hydrogen.. i would vote Corbyn but hate Blair But your not joining the dots! Feck Europe, feck the CONservatives, feck Trump.. we need population reduction and we need it now.. Keeping this corrupt capitalist system going is not what I want, I want it to burn.. The EU want immigration from Africa/Asia for the same reason the CON’s do, more slaves to feed the growth of capitalism.. They are part of the same problem, feck the people it’s all about money and power, they are losing control.. I don’t believe Brexit will achieve that but it’s a power struggle between the plebs and the evil rich.. Remain plebs siding with the rich will only continue the destruction. As a Brexit supporter I think people see the country going to hell and will do anything to stop it, most blame only immigration, where as I think immigration is part of the bigger problem but not the entire problem! I am a firm believer that the land can only provide so much and harmony must exist between nature and people.. We are way past harmony and into the feck it let’s just concrete over everything phase.. money money money
  21. We import 65% of our food, as severe weather patterns emerge food shortages will start to happen.. We have too many people!
  22. ??? How can it be well? Global warmings coming and we are running out of food to sustain the planets population.. And all remain voters worry about is a fictional economy.. There is nothing “well” about what remain idiots are doing to this planet or this country!
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