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  1. Slumification of housing is their aim! It’s been shown the greatest profit comes from increasing density.. smaller living areas maximises return on land value.. The Indian slum model.. That’s why they want people who are used to poor living stadards to drag us down to their level.. It’s also why they have removed basic needs such as rent from inflation reports..
  2. As long as it’s quiet and there are less people I’m happy with that! The government want the slumification of housing, this is the best way to increase their wealth.. EU plans show U.K. population of 3x current levels is their aim.. How many have to die in the riots that will come before remain voters turn their brains on! We don’t even have enough land to feed ourselves yet money is the only game in town!
  3. Prices are completely controlled by supply of credit.. imagine there is only 1 house and 1000 people.. Now imagine the bank will only lend 1x wages! the price of that house can only be sold for 1x the maximum income and deposit combined of the richest applicant. That is the maximum value of that house.. It does not matter there is 1 house and 1000 people, it only matters what can be borrowed.. What we had was 2.5x 1 wage only in the 1970’s over 25 years with normalised interest rates Now you can have.. 5x 2 wages over 35 years with near ‘0’ rates for the last 10 years help to buy part Buy shared ownership parents providing guarantees parents providing deposits international investors using property as banks for money laundering.. Its all got nothing to do with supply and demand.. Its got to do with credit and policy.. All immigration does is lower the standards of housing it does not raise the prices.. Rents on the other hand, supply and demand are key, as are housing benefits.. lower supply in rental demand and prices of rent have to fall OR buy to en-slave landlords sell up adjusting the supply.. Buy to en-slave is controlled by extracting the maximum in rent based upon earnings, Rent can’t keep going up as wages are stagnant, cost of living is increasing and housing benefits caps are reducing landlords ability to rape our taxes.. The landlord sub human exriment May want to continue slavery price increases, but when their slaves have to choose to heat or eat it’s quite hard to get more money out of them!
  4. As long as it’s quiet and there are less people I’m happy with that!
  5. Let’s hope it’s a hard one.. Before Europe and the Euro implode..
  6. The Royal Family are the UK’s biggest benefits claimants.. Time to send the Queen on the Jeremy Kyle show.. Ask her who she stole all her land off..
  7. All my money goes to the landlord.. What do we expect.. What money do people have left to spend except for credit cards, once their rent and bills have been paid.. This cost of living crisis is across the western world and property prices are the biggest problem! Half property/rent prices and only then will the problem be anywhere near fixed.. Then stop immigration, we are sliding further towards a third world country..
  8. As humans do we really want population growth? we can’t sustain it.. im sick to death of the destruction of this planet too feed this sick economy.. Time to end it! The rich can barely wipe their own bums! but still dictate we should destroy everything to increase their wealth further! I have visions of one of those futuristic films where we all live in boxes and the sky is black from pollution and wars.. just to feed the greed!
  9. Prison? How can a benefits cheat get prison and all their ill gotten gains repossessed! But someone who launders billions and makes millions get a £45k fine!?
  10. Could it be the millions spent on propaganda? Blaiming everything that goes wrong on Brexit? Brexit has nothing to do with what’s wrong with this country! Open boarders has everything to do with falling living standards.. roads, schools, gp surgeries, air quality, community divisions, crime.. More people only ever lead to falling living standards.. If you think covering everything in concrete, cutting down trees and killing all our wildlife for money is a road to prosperity you are mentally deranged..
  11. Its destroyed the Australian House prices! US prices are falling as well.. Bloody Brexit!
  12. If the Tories cannot deliver a proper Brexit before the next election, then a political chasm is certain, and the election will be lost to Corbyn. The Tories would be in wilderness territory. I watch politician after politician speak and it is all too clear many have not studied their subject and have little idea of world trade or tariffs. The WTO arrangement with safeguards could be easily applied and would be leaving properly thereby saving us a huge sum. We pay £11bn net member fee, £3.1bn of our Vat, and our non-EU imports are tariffed to the tune of £16bn pa pushing jup prices and 80% of this goes to the EU. We are losing £4-5bn pa of our fishing industry Heath gave away. There are several billion £ of pointless grants made with our own money apart from the net member fee, such as ‘set aside’ upon which savings could be made. The Treasury calculated in 2005 for Gordon Brown, that compliance with EU regulations costs UK industry 6-7% of GDP annually (http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/…/global_europe_1…) That is over £130bn pa much of which is wasted costs, yet only 12% of businesses have any direct or indirect business with the EU. The most important thing now is that the UK must not be left having to comply with the EU rulebook in future. Even if full tariffs were imposed under WTO, Sterling would adjust by 4-5% to cope immediately. Average WTO tariffs are 3-5%. Look instead at the superb options open to us and the EU cannot prevent them if we just leave on WTO- E.g. 1. The UK would receive £12bn pa in tariffs at the full WTO rates if we impose them on our EU imports alone and a further £13-14bn on non-EU imports. 2. We could also choose selective tariffs and impose nil tariffs on any class of imported goods we wish from all the world, such as food, medicine or even car parts. 3. OR We could simply impose no tariffs on anything with no extra customs work required for EU goods and reducing it from the 111 countries with whom we already trade under WTO rules. Imagine REFUNDING our businesses, all WTO tariffs imposed by Brussels (by reduced taxes/business rates or other means) would cost about £6bn, and LESS than our net member fee. An intelligent application would leave us competitive and in a better place to negotiate excellent trade agreements across the world. There’s no £39bn divorce bill either, an amount the government have never explained or justified. We would be out of the single market and Customs Union and therefore free as an independent sovereign nation should be. People did not vote to be shackled to the EU any longer or the possibility of massive bail outs for Italy, now bust beyond belief as a result of EU policy and the Euro. The EU would be terrified if we leave under WTO terms because their deal as offered is designed to strip us of all competitive advantage possible. The prize of leaving is huge yet so many are still unaware of the advantages it is very sad. Talk of cliff edge etc is totally wrong if an effort is made to prepare the ground, which could be done very rapidly. The Prime Minister has deliberately kept two Brexit Secretary’s in the dark about parallel negotiations she has capriciously been conducting. She lives in a parallel universe in relation to the deal she offers. She made encouraging noises about leaving the Single market and Customs Union initially and you all stood on a manifesto promising to do just that. It is essential to leave both to make a success of Brexit, yet her deal is a million miles away from doing this. She is not being truthful about the nature of this deal as it specifically does NOT deliver the referendum result. It is a deal for a Transition period only. She should have been negotiating a Withdrawal trade Agreement, which may have contained a brief transition. This proposal has a particularly devastating fault which is inexplicable and dangerous. It does not allow the British government to unilaterally withdraw from the transition period and has no fixed end date by which there must be a Trade Agreement, or automatic withdrawal under WTO, if none were agreed. The transition can be extended indefinitely without any power to stop it - Article 132 is totally unacceptable and No wonder the EU want us to agree it! The EU can then pass laws we must obey which are wholly against our interests, interpreted by the ECJ. We would have to continue funding the EU AT A RATE SET BY THE EU with NO BUDGET REBATE REQUIRED. EU law will continue to have effect as if we were a member – Article 127. But we won’t have any MEP’s or say over anything we must obey and the ECJ continues its ruinous rule – Articles 86 & 131. Indeed, the ECJ will remain with us in many ways as it is the final court of interpretation for Mrs May’s deal – Article 174(1). We would have to comply with their Judgement on it, under Article 89(1). The EU would be able to continue to treat our territorial waters as their own and we may only be ‘consulted’ under Article 130 as to what fishing we may do. Most of anything useful is contained in the non-binding political declaration and Mrs May is using text from it to try and persuade Britain she has a worthwhile deal. Matters of co-operation can easily be agreed post leaving and piece by piece. This deal is nothing but a surrender. There is no incentive on the EU to agree any form of so called ‘Free Trade’ deal with us and they can continue to disagree with anything we put forward, holding us in a ‘backstop’ customs union they control. We will also be forced to comply with ‘level playing field conditions’ covering tax, environment, employment, state aid and competition policy. See P311. All with no control or say. The backstop also means the UK will be fractured down the Irish sea. These provisions mean that effectively we are in the single market subject to swathes of public policy. There is scant democracy about the EU now, but this deal is an abrogation of responsibility to maintain and recover all our sovereignty, being the whole point of voting Brexit. There is plenty more alarming stuff, but I have said enough. There is no right in British law to give a foreign power control of this sort within a Treaty or to pass legislation which cannot be repealed by a successor Parliament. You will not find a Treaty anywhere in the world where the parties have no right to withdraw from it unilaterally. I therefore ask that you do not support Mrs May’s deal. Otherwise you are voting for a colonial status. If there’s No Brexit there will be no Tory party and this deal is NOT Brexit. It is essential to vote May’s deal down and put together a safeguarding package to protect our affected industry to leave absolutely and finally under WTO terms. We trade like this with 111 other countries around the world. 408 (62.8%) constituencies voted to LEAVE. It is still not too late to prevent this betrayal by instead leaving on WTO rules. It is the duty of every MP to mobilise and to lobby for that. We must not be left in the position of a vassal state nor exposed by REMAINING to the enormous liabilities arising from the emerging Eurozone disaster, an EU army and fiscal union. Yours sincerely,
  13. I’m not surprised U.K. benefits have built entire villages in Romania! There was a documentary on it! Also by relocating factories from richer countries to poorer, companies save on labour costs.. So Romania must have been a cheap option for business looking for slaves..
  14. My landlord just put my rent up £100 per month, that and council tax, fuel etc.. leaves less money for Christmas and eating out.. Not that I could afford to eat out before he put it up..
  15. The biggest investment the U.K. tax payer has made has been in Eastern Europe.. Building entire villages in Romania Although I know an Indian bloke at work, and he has a massive house back home he is going to retire too.. Will sell his U.K. house and live like a king!
  16. As I keep trying to explain to you all open boarders stifles growth and investment! £1 million JCB digger or 10 migrants with shovels £1.5 million car wash or 7 migrants with sponges £3 million farm automated equipment or 20 migrants with baskets.. Its a backwards step for the economy but the rich profit by avoiding expensive investment as they have cheap slaves who will live in HMO’s or be propped up by Working tax credits and housing benefit.. It also helps push up their land prices.. Brits voting for Remain are voting for more of the same..Ever sliding living standards!
  17. You mean £ tanking to 99c because the FED keep raising rates and Carnage Carney keeps our rates on hold.. You can’t hold your interest rates @ 0.75 when US is nearly @3% The $ is the global reserve currency There is more to Interest rates than Brexit.. Stop believing the news papers..
  18. oh some pro business billionaire newspapers told you people that wash cars, pick fruit, deliver parcels, ride rickshaws, labour on worksites.. etc All pay huge amounts of tax.. ? And you believed them.. ?
  19. Go back to 2.5x maxiumum mortgage borrowing. Tax the life out of Buy to leech. Build/Buy replacement social housing. Automate low paid jobs so mass immigration propped up with Benefits is not required to do them! prices will fall, tax take will rise and everyone will have more to spend in the real economy!
  20. Dear Mr Landlord Im very interested in the mentality of slavers! When your slaves retire having paid enough rent to buy 3 houses in their working lives.. What happens to them? Ive thought about this myself, as reports emerge that savings are at record lows, debts high.. foodbanks in high demand.. and according to the U.N. UK extreme poverty is prevalent.. (nothing to do with rent prices I’m sure) When your tenants retire with nothing! Who pays their rent? Who pays their care home costs? Who pays for their day to day needs? Who pays their funerals? Buy to leech is an Evil Establishment exercise to extract money from the productive workers! But it leaves them with no life! It leaves future generations with massive debts from the wealth extraction of those who prey on the vulnerable.. For you to get rich, you must extract wealth from the slaves hard work, and not from your own! Regards Mr slave
  21. So what we need to do is get a report from Japan of the percentage of: gun and knife crime terror attacks female genital mutilation child brides forced arranged marriage etc etc.. Then wait 20 years and see if those catigories of crime increased with immigration? Of course they won’t have.. They will all be more prosperous, people will come together to sing and embrace in a garden of flowers and love.. Anyone who questions the changes in society will be ridiculed.. The BIG “R” word will be hurled at them for questioning the harmony of the new utopia I’m off to the fortified Christmas market to celebrate behind concrete blocks.. ?
  22. Lost me there.. Im explaining to the remain voters that you are the problem.. open boarders will bankrupt the country.. Its as plain as the nose on your face but you refuse to see it, blinded by government propaganda.. Low skilled Migration costs us a fortune! Look at our debt! Look at our benefits bills, the state of our public services.. It’s only going one way and that’s bankruptcy.. 10 years CON’s have had to fix this but the costs are too high, investment too low and infrastructure too expensive to maintain or expand without more income tax! Low paid workers are a drain!
  23. Lost me there.. Im explaining to the remain voters that you are the problem.. open boarders will bankrupt the country.. Its as plain as the nose on your face but you refuse to see it, blinded by government propaganda.. Low skilled Migration costs us a fortune! Look at our debt! Look at our benefits bills, the state of our public services.. It’s only going one way and that’s bankruptcy.. 10 years CON’s have had to fix this but the costs are too high, investment too low and infrastructure too expensive to maintain or expand without more income tax! Low paid workers are a drain!
  24. Maybe so but unless we the people stop the slaves from coming by voting to stop open boarders, our economy is toast! Yet remain are voting to protect our economy when this is clearly not what the government are trying to achieve.. If you vote against Brexit you are shielding the government and allowing them to continue on the path of: Housing slumification debt slavery job slavery (cheap workers for the rich) avoiding investment into the real economy Unless we Brexit these things will continue and worsen!
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