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  1. I already did, my 20 min car journey now takes 1 hour 20 ( that's an extra 2 hours per day 10 hours per week that's 520 extra hours I spend in my car because of overpopulation. my doctor was same/next day is now 1-2 weeks. My air quality poorer.. I could go on forever the effects of overpopulation on quality of life.. Well we could not vote to stop all immigration only Europe, I love Europe, Iv'e been to every country except Poland, never got round to that.. I'm not anti Europe, I'm anti population increase, I thought you would have noticed that! Completely our governments fault, they chucked most people on the scrap pile, stopped apprenticeships and made working worthless, most earn more on benefits than they could in work. But again you state like I have some power over it, I only have 1 vote.. Under Labor they put lots of lazy people on disability benefits to make unemployment look better, It does not help people it devalues them. Its a supply and demand, houses that get built with no people to live in them go down in value not up, (Liverpool houses for £1) especially with our current prices. If there was a sudden oversupply they would drop. No Planning Permission? that would end well, national park, concrete, endangered species living in woods, cut trees down kill endangered species, concrete.. small house someone puts a 20 story building 2 ft from your bedroom window.. No planning permission would see the greedy just go mad, they would be building multi story carparks on greenbelt, chemical factories next to rivers with waste pipes spilling into the drinking water. I dont see how you can defend a statement like that. Remember I'm an anti population environmentalist, saying scrap planning permission and leaving it to the good nature of the UK's population to act ethically.. jokes
  2. What we see coming to Europe now is but a trickle of what is to come, wait till this summer, it will probably finish Italy and Greece off, the money it costs to feed, cloth and house these people and the 2 countries facing bankruptcy are ones where the boats land. It cost Germany 22 billion last year alone, I'm guessing that it will become a much larger sum, 44, 66, 88..etc until the government start saying they need more taxes and everyone has to work till their 90 to pay for it! If only the billions we have sent in donations actually went to the people it was meant for instead of into the pockets of the corrupt. (2 billion each year on consultants) However I stand by my point, population control for the good of the planet.. otherwise we will kill it..
  3. http://tenantrefund.co.uk/landing?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=moneyowed no win no fee after landlords now.. like getting an arrow through the neck and finding a gas bill tied to it! ? S24, basil 3, then a nice solicitor sending you letters..
  4. 1 last point as it's way past my bed time, when conservationist measure certain animal populations they look at impact to the surrounding environment. You are just simply saying China have 1 billion and we only have 70 million.. that's too simplistic. Reasources are finite and there is a balance between sustainable environmentally friendly population levels and your anology of who's got the biggest! I know people don't believe in climate change and air pollution.. you can't see it so it's not effecting U, so therefore ignore and class people who talk about it as mad! But I read so much about where we are heading, housing is important to me, it should be a right to own your home, not a position of leverage for the greedy not content with coexistence with others, more parasitic feeding off the blood of their fellow man. But from all I have read we are heading towards cataclysmic disasters within the next 80 years.. it's the same greed that drives the BTL, that drives the oil Barron's, chief execs of large corporations, I'm alright jack, sense of entitlement.. The worlds governments want more people, this drives economies, it does not lead to a better life.. you break down my arguments of population into race.. Look at it more as preservation, trying to convince people that we must protect our environment and fight against the increase.. otherwise you are correct with your China analogy. Unbreathable air, concrete, and high rates of suicide.. why would I not fight against that..
  5. I may not own the country or the land but I am a tax payer so I get a vote. 1) Net migration to the UK is 335'000 per year, that's 10 million in 3 years. How does that not effect my life? 2) The Government are a pile of Poo, they are the dumbest most useless donkey farts we could find. 99% is not my experience having just sold my flat most were BTL and most did not have British accents. Only 1 European BTL out of the 35 I saw (Polish guy) 3) All the time they can take people from countries with lower wage structures and offer them a whopping £7.50 an hour to become modern day slaves then of course they will come, I understand that not all migrants earn that but as our own Brit Benefits claimants earn more sitting at home than living on minimum wage they are the main occupiers of said jobs. 4) Well Tony (I should be in prison for war crimes) Blair has nothing to do with me, I never voted for him.. His wife Sherrie (I have a large property portfolio) Blair tried to take the government to court to stop S24, claiming its not fair on the poor tenants that would have to pay for the increases in cost. So she was not planing on taking the hit herself by the sounds of it. She is also the owner of a large human rights firm, when Tony Blair introduced Human rights.. seems like a conflict of interest to me. 5) Back to population, houses dont get built if there are no people to buy them, grass stays as grass.. 6) yes we do, planning permission, I dont like his extension I can object. China also has the highest Suicide rate, people are depressed and feel hopeless, good sign of where we are heading
  6. haha.. yes you do wonder if the government did nothing in the last 50 years would we be better or worse off.. remember we are always being told they are the brightest and best.. but the brightest and best of what..
  7. Overpopulation is overpopulation.. Its a global problem, Africa will hit 2 billion people by 2050.. they dont have enough resources to feed 1 billion.. Where do the people in charge think this is all going to end.. my guess is badly.. All I know is in my adult life increasing population = lower living standards. my 20 min drive now takes 1 hour 20 mins. my next day doctors appointment now takes 1 to 2 weeks. and of course my mums 90k house is now 750k. All driven by population increase and greed.. the last thing we need is more greed and more people. We need to have an honest discussion about sensible population levels, I think the planet will die, by 2100 the sea is predicted to rise 2 meters and half of the worlds remaining species will be extinct. I'm not joking about the park by the way, they do actually want to concrete over half of it! until they run out of ideas and concrete over the other half! 2 thirds of the pubs gone 2 thirds of the petrol stations gone every corner of grass is now flats..
  8. The school of thought that we should continue to concrete over the country, continually lowering our living standards so businesses can line their pockets.. congested roads, increased pollution, overcrowded towns and cities, less green spaces, more crime/terrorism, lower wages, collapsing public services, smaller and smaller houses with huge price tags, bankrupting the country.. all so our pay masters can get richer.. How bigoted.. you are quite right we should all bend over a take one for the rich! where did i leave my small violin ( I could not afford a big one as my rent is so high ) quick get more people in to the country I just noticed the kids park at the end of the road has not had flats built on it yet! Us selfish cretins dont need parks! we need to be more welcoming.. Where does population increase X infinity end?
  9. Agreed, why spend government/company money on training when you can have labor imported already trained. However, are the qualifications as good as those from a UK college/university? in 2012, three quarters of doctors struck off were trained abroad.
  10. I totally agree I go mad when mp's use the "look at our NHS" card. Everyone nods and accepts that without migrants it would not run.. but its cause and effect, add 10 million more migrants, 50'000 more doctors required.. 100'000 more builders required.. more people forever need more services.. remove migrants from the country for the last 80 years and you would probably not need the 50'000 NHS workers.. we have all turned into brainwashed sheep, overpopulation is not for our benefit and will not make our life better!
  11. All these free "check you credit score" companies are not what they seem.. the people inputting their data are oblivious that the data they supply is being cross referenced then can be sold to different agencies/councils to stop fraud. You could enter an address and the data can be crossed referenced against names, tax database to see if anything pings up.. The golden rule, there is no such thing as free!
  12. Overpopulation in London has already lowered living standards, polluted air, congested transport, people losing 4 hours a day of their lives traveling to work, Concreting over yet more of the countryside to accommodate the world’s population in shoe boxes and moving people even further away from their place of work and family will just make life intolerable. I'm convinced that immigration is costing us money despite the rhetoric from government. We are increasing our services sector with mass immigration, full of low paid, low skilled jobs that have low tax yields, how can it be beneficial to our prosperity? It is beneficial to the large corporate prosperity to have slaves but not that of the residents of the country. I would love for an independent honest accountant to look at immigration costs factoring in, health care, schools, benefits, pensions, crime, housing and also how much of the money earnt is farmed out to the home nations from which they came. Also the asset stripping by the EU, contributions and loss of money through EU competition laws where we buy goods and services from other EU countries that could be sourced locally employing local people. I think the loss to the UK and its people is gargantous. You only have to look at our countries spiraling debt and stagnant wages to realize the government are lying about how brilliant it all is!
  13. Student accommodation being built everywhere in Kingston, loads of houses down my relatives road are buytolet, you can tell as they are filthy dirty and have rubbish everywhere as they don't do recycling and the bin police refuse to take their rubbish.. also traffic cones in front garden ? http://www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/news/local/kingstonnews/10670922.Residents__anger_as_Cambridge_Road_estate_student_flats_scheme_is_approved/ 2 massive developments just going up, that will hurt the buytolet for sure.. must be well over 700 rooms+ That I know of going up including the above.. maybe I underestimate the area but it must make some difference.. there are not many pubs left to turn into flats?
  14. Ive been wondering this for ages.. what happens when generation rent retire? I currently pay £1250pm and my retirement pension is predicted at £450pm (private) i don't know figures but once people have inheritance etc.. asumming 20-30% of the population rent, when they retire who picks up the tab/shortfall.. it will bankrupt the country surely? Or am I missing something? Also care homes, normally they take your house to pay for these.. no house, no money?
  15. Guy at work thought he was being funny.. left my laptop on when I went for a cup of tea.. such a low life meddler.. lol
  16. So I came across this website: http://www.floodmap.net/ acording to scientists the sea will rise by 2 meters in the next 80 years.. have you ever wondered where your house sits compared to sea level? Clearly it will effect prices as when we start to see the effects of global warming no one will want to buy your underwater palace.. except mermaids..
  17. China have moved to stop money leaving the country: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/real-estate/china-canada-foreign-buyers/article33485996/
  18. Thanks, been reading on here for ages, being a slave paying someone else's mortgage I thought it a good idea to sign up.. common sense tells me that this market is a train crash waiting to happen, especially with, Brexit, Frexit, Itexit, Nexit, Grexit, Gerexit.. Rising inflation, falling £, The Donald, Italian banks 350 billion black hole (3rd of Euro bad debt) Deutsche Bank problems, American debt ceiling in March (current $22 trillion) Putin, Kim jong, Turkey, Iran the migrant crisis waiting to pick up pace (cost Germany 22 billion last year) Climate change rising sea levels, 2 meters by 2100, that's posh London flats under water in the next 80 years (and Bognor Regis lol) If anyone has anything positive to add as I can only see a list of potential disasters, my nic name is happy.. lol
  19. Not just S24 but Basel 3 as well.. Sell off in 2018/19?Our analysis of the data used to populate the table on the prior page suggests that we might see BTL property coming to the sales market between April 2018 and April 2019. This is when the first and second tranches of the removal of interest rate relief come into effect which will be combined with an increase in capital charges for banks under Basel III which will push mortgage rates up. It will just not be economically viable for many Landlords to continue to provide rental accommodation and if they want to, they may find themselves trapped by not being able to re-new their financing. This is GREAT news for the government as there will be more properties on the market (bearing in mind that if the 19% of the Landlords in the NLA poll do sell that, will be an additional 163,000 homes on the market This situation does seem to us akin to a slow motion train crash: BTL Landlords with Mortgages are standing on the track in a game of chicken with regulatory locomotive, hoping to time their exit as best as possible. This high-risk game will almost undoubtedly leave casualties. http://www.maskells.co.uk/news/maskells-research/what-next-for-the-buytolet-market-in-london.html
  20. My friend at work lives in a block of 6 flats, he says an estate agent is banging LET signs in the ground down his road, he checked with all his neighbors and no one has let their flat out, checked the estate agents website and Zoopla and nothing on there either.. Is it free advertising or some sort of trick to make people think the rental market is BOOMING!
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