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  1. It is not that simple, water expands when it gets hot and increases in volume so the hotter the sea the larger the expansion, cold sea low expansion, hot places high expansion. (10cm average) Climate change is also something that accelerates, once it starts to speed up the changes occur much faster so previous measurements (10cm) cant be used to show future patterns, as the tipping point of melting sea ice is reached. I read with expansion from rising temperatures and melting ice, there is enough ice on 1 pole to increase sea level by 70 meters.. We are talking over half of the country disappearing under water, both poles and its water world the movie..(sort of) I have attached a photo of 5 meters, .. assuming we finish decimating the rain forest and build loads of new runways for rich people to make money.. predictions are 2 meters by 2100.. By the way Heathrow is not achievable under new climate change agreements signed. The pollution levels are just too high to meet agreed 2050 targets unless we have a major breakthrough in technology of plane engines.. its a red herring to waste some tax payers money and send it to governments mates accounts..
  2. I think the biggest problem for Germany is 1 million migrants, lots of unskilled, cant speak German.. costing them 22 billion to house feed and cloth.. What do you do with them? They already have unemployment, they need facilities to teach and train them, that's assuming they want to work.. My guess is like in Paris they are part of the permanently unemployed, they house them and then just leave them on benefits with no solution.. According to the department of work and pensions the most unemployed immigrants in the UK are Pakistani, that does not include children of the same origin..
  3. +1 house is a home not an investment.. it is just creating more wealth separation and degrading society.. raise interest rates, stop BTL mortgages and put our economy back to a more even kiln..
  4. I left my laptop on at work and my work friend decided to post using my account.. ? He's a funny #####
  5. Exactly, BTL and HMO's are driven by benefits, the greed of landlords/government will bankrupt the country.. it's my long held belief that they are screwing themselves.. if you bankrupt 2 3rds of the population you may be rich but your country will be a crime ridden s##t hole. The state of some of the houses from BTL, people paying huge rents using cheap credit to survive ever building towards debt default.. you can see public services crumbling, government can't put up taxes as they have strapped up all the tax payers with huge rents and mortgages. They are bled dry.. tell businesses to increase wages and they threaten to relocate to a cheaper country. They have made a real mess of our once beautiful country.. I'm alright jack, only works for jack.. Jill is left at the bottom of the hill with 2 broken legs and an inefficient privatised expensive ambulance service..
  6. I know everyone thinks global warming is a load of old guff, but I strongly believe from everything I have read that within this lifetime we are going to see some major environmental disasters from sea level rise.. people won't believe it until it is too late and costal towns disappear under water, some tropical islands are already gone and have been abandoned by their inhabitants. Why do people not get that our biggest enemy is ourselves. people = pollution.. population increase = economy growth.. the problem is the greedy scumbags that run the world want ever increasing populations to drive profits, the cost of this greed is global disaster, I am guessing it's the old, I don't care I will be dead by the time that happens adage.. things like Heathrow expansion and fracking show they could not care less.. Flooding will be the biggest problem with housing within the next century.. a 2 meter rise in sea levels would see towns like bognor disappear.. it's coming at break neck speed.. believe.. https://walrus.wr.usgs.gov/climate-change/lowLat.html
  7. They are trying to Lobby Shelter the charity to come to their rescue.. see below ""Shelter does not support landlords and in so doing does not support tenants, for without landlords there would be no tenants. Start supporting landlords and work to repeal Section 24 before all the landlords are forced to increase rents beyond anything that a normal tenant can afford. Already I have been forced to increase my rents by 15% as a result of various government policies just to stand still, and this is before Section 24 bites. Gradually all my Housing Benefit tenants are leaving, forced out because they cannot afford the rent. Remember no landlords, no tenants."" http://blog.shelter.org.uk/2016/09/debate-around-buy-to-let-tax-changes-points-to-general-need-for-extra-safeguards-for-tenants/#comment-5971 YES no Landlords, just cheaper houses and more owner occupiers, you can go on the site attached and post replies to their messages without creating an account.. its great fun, see if you can get their heckles up!
  8. 1 thing I don't get about BTL, Since 2007 the BOE have been printing imaginary money and giving it to banks who lend to BTL Landlords (500 billion) ish Why didn't the government just build/buy loads of houses and rent them out a bit cheaper than the market rate (85%), miss out the middle man so to speak.. they could have given it a fancy name,,, like social housing or something like that,, then after 10 years sell it to the tenant at a reduced rate 90% (with 10% deposit cashback, call it right to buy) and made all their money back plus a little extra above inflation.. good for the tax payer and good for the buyer and good for the bank when they eventually need the mortgage.. could have sorted the national debt and housing crisis in one swoop.. (you would still need to stop the extra 325'000 people though) Interest thread on quantitative easing.. http://www.taxresearch.org.uk/Blog/2012/07/13/the-untold-truth-about-quantitative-easing-is-it-simply-cancels-debt-and-that-means-national-debt-is-now-just-45-1-of-gdp/
  9. We don't need more houses, we need less people...our reproduction rate is 1.9, so without immigration our population would be falling every year. 325'000 people is 10 million more people in 30 years.. you need to be dropping cement on the countryside form airplanes to deal with that.. how many people is too many? how many trees are enough? how much land do you need for food? there are limits! You can argue we are no where near them but why would you want to be? surely that is a world no one wants to live in?
  10. We are always told that People at the top are the brightest and most valuable in our society and are worth their 6 million a year, take the Chief executive of British gas, he sits at the top of a company that sell gas and electric to people that need.. Gas and Electric.. I don't know how he does it, .. :-) So why is it a surprise that MP's are totally and utterly incompetent.. Even Sajid Javid, owner of many houses (sa properties), ex Deutsche Bank Director.. sounds like the right man for the job, vested interest in housing and ex Director of a bank that is now almost bankrupt.. clearly a man that should be in charge of our country, greedy and incompetent. If he can bankrupt a bank and has absolutely no morals of course I want him steering the ship..................... ICEBERG!
  11. Has anyone seen this on the news? I have not seen any reporting of this? This must only help Le Pen as lots of the rioters were reported to come from the poorer migrant estates.. http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/768257/Paris-riots-spread-to-Lille-Rouen-Nantes-violent-Theo-demonstrations Frexit?
  12. I look back at when I was young and all I wanted was enough money to go down the pub and have fun.. That's why I'm in this mess.. I never even thought about housing or politics.. But then as my wages grew with age I found house prices grew faster.. If only,, where was my crystal ball!
  13. Politicians IF THEY LISTEN tend to say whatever they think will get them elected, the public need to voice their concerns over house prices and rent, then wait for a party to pick up on it and add it to their manifesto. No guarantee that it would achieve anything but at least you could call the scum bags on their promise.
  14. The boom won't stop till the buyers stop.. there is so much coming this year I would not want to buy anything till 2018 at the earliest.. Brexit, Frexit, ITexit, Dexit.. Trump.. S24, Basil 3, council tax up, business rates up, benafits down, gas and electric up 9%, public, government debt and pension defacit soaring.. fuel prices up, food and cloths prices up.. the world is going to s##t at warp speed.. I would chuck ur landlord a few more months rent.. I hate landlords but i don't know if I would want to be getting a mortgage right at this moment .. too much uncertainty
  15. Blair had principles.. ? Lardlord owning 15+ properties who signed the order for human rights and his wife is a human rights lawyer.. bet he made her a fortune.. mrs Blair was also in charge of the S24 court case, she claimed S24 would make tenants poorer as their rent would go up to pay the extra tax, she clearly had no plans to pay the tax on her properties and rape the tenants instead! Tony Blair who started an illegal war and killed many people on both sides.. blokes a #### %#*^%%*€#^^%^
  16. Anyone ever noticed films about landlords always depict Evil... coincidence?
  17. Firstly I did comment on this, my experience was it was mainly Asian's coming to view my property in outer London for BTL. When I was a kid my Indian friend had a 5 bed house with 15 of his relatives living inside (i kid you not) His dads mum came over from India and she got a council flat, next thing I know all 15 of them and the gran moved into the 2 bed flat and rented out the house, beds all across the front room in a row.. My guess is its a numbers game with immigration, 15 people working on 15k a year with hardly any tax to pay can earn enough money to buy several houses. I don't talk to him anymore but I bet his family are property millionaires by now. Its just a different way of living that we could not comprehend, but i'm sure its how we will all end up the way things are going. Also worth noting my Gran lives in a block of 6 flats, 4 of her neighbors don't speak English, when she moved in 25 years ago she had a little community of friends now they have died the new occupants seem to be coming into the country to retire, having never worked a day in their lives in the UK.. Its sad for her as at 86 she no longer has anyone to talk too and her taxes she paid all her life count for nothing.. she pays full rent with 2 private pensions for what..
  18. When generation rent, become generation retire then you will see the country go bankrupt.. Its great if 40% of us rent but when your pension does not cover your rent, or your savings don't cover your care home.. Then the benefits system will collapse!
  19. I missed that 1, any more. It has to be said it's a perfect time to be getting a 30 year mortgage at 5 times your wages.. ? China money being blocked from being transferred. Would Russia, Ukraine invasion! North Korea and Iran missile testing.. join the list.? We are worried about house prices but when you think about it the world is going to crap ? at breakneck speed!
  20. So on the Horizon for 2017 we have: S24 April Basel 3 Gas and Electric prices rising (average 9%?) Brexit article 50 March Fuel price rises, ongoing ^ pushing up food and goods prices Benefits cuts April Dutch elections 15th March French elections 7th May German elections 24th September Greek debt repayment July 20th US debt ceiling 15th March Italian Bank crisis Deutsche bank crisis Migrant crisis (when the sea calms down and weather warms) (cost Germany 22 billion last year) Possible Terror attacks.. Donald Trump executive orders What can possibly go wrong.. 2017 is in the bag.. the only way is up!
  21. So this is the 1 meter Scientists predict by 2100.. imagine what that would do to house prices.. There are many areas that will not exist in the next few 100 years. you should see what 5 meters looks like, anyone want a posh house with access by boat.. So yes, we must stop our pollution, and we must reduce our population, the planet is dying..
  22. If Scientists are correct and the sea does rise due to man made pollution and habitat destruction (rain forest for palm oil) Then huge areas of the UK will be under water. Don't worry the government are on the case, 1)scrap rules 2) Build more airport runways 3) Allow fracking 4) Increase population for mad gains.. Genius.. I actually think they would burn their Granny for money.. The potential for sea level rise is enormous. This is because the ice caps - Greenland and Antarctic - contain huge amounts of fresh water - around 70% of all the freshwater on Earth. Estimates suggest that if the Greenland ice sheet was to melt away to nothing, sea levels would rise around 6 metres. To put that a different way, a loss of just one per cent of the Greenland ice cap would result in a sea level rise of 6cm. If the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) were to melt, this would add around 6 metres to sea levels. If the East Antarctic Ice Sheet (EAIS) were to melt as well, seas would rise by around 70 metres. In a process that is accelerating, all three ice caps are losing mass. While nobody is suggesting any of the ice caps will melt away to nothing, only a small amount of melting would cause great problems. A 1% loss of ice from these three sources would produce a likely increase in sea levels of around 76cm. With the thermal expansion implied by such melting, and contributions from melting glaciers, the oceans would actually rise far more. https://www.skepticalscience.com/sea-level-rise-predictions.htm
  23. I would definitely be homeless if I gave up work.. I would love to retire.. Have so many hobbies I need the time.. With these house prices and rent I cant see it happening unless I become state dependent.. I earn good money, ask my Landlord she has most of it!
  24. Well that's exactly why allot of Europe is failing, the disparity between different EU countries wages and living standards..(house in UK with small garden £450'000 house in Romainia with land 4500 euros) Although I dont rate the UK's living standards.. Everytime I talk to someone from abroad and they tell me how nice their weather is, how nice their town is.. I think are you mad.. why did you come to wet cold smelly London.. lol
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