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  1. Here's how the SCUM get round it, make the tenant pay! The National Landlords' Association has launched a scheme to help investors to make energy efficiency improvements, under which energy efficiency measures are paid for by a loan that is repaid via a supplement on the property's electricity bill. The idea is that the loan repayments are cancelled out by the reduction in energy bills, so there is no net cost to either landlord or tenant.
  2. I've mentioned it before on here but an Asian friend I went to school with had a massive house with a big family living in it. They bought their gran over from India and got her a 2 bed council flat.. (many years ago) then the entire family moved into the flat, small roll beds all over the front room. Rented out the owned house.. recon they are millionaires by now.. .. life really is unjust..
  3. I just found this in the SUN.. if it's in the SUN it must be true.. right.. ?
  4. I've posted this elsewhere but the CEO of UNICEF in America earns $500'000.. straight from the pockets of donations.. charities they are not.. give them 100, they take 20 and pass it on for the next person to take a cut.. I could do that.. send me money people I guarantee I will pass most of it on.. ?
  5. Greed is the root of all evil. ? There is enough on this planet for a mans need but not a mans greed.. That's why this site is against BTL.. There would be no poor if wealth was distributed more evenly.. CEO's politicians and inherited wealth might make you rich in the pocket but it does not mean you are rich between the ears.. Some of the dumbest people I have met in my life were rich.. look at Americas current political landscape.. I begrudge the CEO of a company like British gas, that sells gas and electric to people who need gas and electric paying themselves millions of £'s.. or the CEO of UNICEF a charity getting $500'000 straight out of contributions donated to help people starving to death.. Greed has got to levels where the people in charge/BTL look down on everyone with a sense of superiority.. when morally they are bankrupt..
  6. You take this very personally, so am I right in thinking you think that imigration is a good thing and we are all making things up as we are a massive bunch of racists? I only know what I can see, not based on bias newspapers but from looking around with my own eyes, the country is much worse now than when I was 18.. I have met and worked with many immigrants, I have seen with my own eyes not that of news papers the good the bad and the different.. I've had a Slovakian girlfriend for 4 years, long before freedom of movement, hence her visa ran out and I never wanted to live in Slovakia.. i see the following problems. 1) rich people are scum, who have used imigration to line their pockets through slave labour 2) rich people are scum, who tell lies about how great everything is, because in their world of large gated houses and private health care.. it is! 3) rich people are scum, who would concrete over the last field and cut down the last tree, pollute the last river.. if it means they can see the didgets on their bank accounts go up a couple of times.. i don't blame migrants for everything, like previous people have said, only stupid people and big business want over population.. it's a no brainier, it will destroy the planet and make our lives worse..
  7. If you have a problem in your country, one that costs you allot of money, like benafits. Why make it worse by inviting in the worlds waifs and strays.. it's very much like our current foreign aid budget, we can't afford certain treatment or drugs for own own citizens but we borrow £12 billion to give away.. we cant house the people we already have, we already have lots of jobless we don't need more. We already have 1000's of children living in care, we need to find them a home before we allow more in.. i would make benafits for all imigration zero.. if you turn up you have to work 10 years and look after yourself.. if you do that then welcome.. sign here you are one of us.. as for the Brits on benafits they need food vouchers not money.. minimum basic needs is what a benafits system should provide to the able bodied.. if they want "stuff" then that needs to be paid for so would require some sort of work to be carried out.. im not a heartless *******, well maybe.. make 2nd homes illegal, wage link system that links the lowest wage in a company to the highest to stop CEO's raising their wage but not their workers. Population control through controlled imigration and benafits reduction for people having more than 3 kids.. automate fruit picking.. ?? who wants to vote for me.. ?
  8. What I see with my eyes, as there are lots of statistics, are most of the low paid jobs go to migrants.. £7.50 an hour, 0 hours, pay by results, like parcel delivery.. etc all these jobs have 1 thing in common, they don't earn enough to pay tax.. that's not the migrants fault (unless they are purposefully keeping their hours low to maximise benafits.) this is the greedy scum running our businesses trying to maximise profits to line their grubby little pockets. Problem is the tax payer will foot the bill for this, if you don't earn enough to pay rent, we will top up, if you don't earn enough for a pension, we will keep you, if you don't earn enough for health care and kids.. we will pay! Sure way to bankrupt a country whilst ignoring our own sitting on benafits..
  9. I know a shrilankan bloke who run through the channel tunnel and himself and his wife now have British passports, are they claiming Benafits as British or as Shrilankan? I know it sounds like a 0 sum answer but I would not put it past the government to go on passport not birthplace to Paint a nicer picture.. If you were to go to lots of imigration towns many 2nd generations on benafits so as a result of imigration. Same way as 7/7 Terrorists were British but there parents were immigrants who we invited in.. I'm not denying Brits are on benafits but I would argue they should be made to work instead of thrown on the scrap heap to create generations of wasters, what we don't need to do is import more wasters, but get to grips with the ones we already have, you just create more problems and more depravity..
  10. DWP benefits from 2014, this is before Bulgaria and Romania so not sure what the latest chart looks like but Pakistan is winning the race.. (Brits are excluded from this list so that would also exclude 2nd generation immigration, & Wayne and Wayneta)
  11. I gave my sense of humour to my landlord, along with the shirt on my back and 80% of my wages ???
  12. It's a warden controlled flat for 1 person, no pets, the coridoor leading to her flat now smells of urine and s##t.. you take the piss ? but why should she be paying full rent why her neighbours get everything for free then don't even respect the rules and have never worked a day in the country. These are retirement flats, they have retired having never contributed if you can't see what's wrong with that then you clearly miss the point..
  13. No pets.. ? It's meant to be retirement for brits not the entire world and its cat.. by the way worth noting my gran has 2 private pensions and her and my grandad worked all their lives.. they just said no to the right to buy.. mistake? Maybe, she was happy with her life and as she always says people come to visit her, not her money! The council charge her maximum rent due to her high income..
  14. My Gran 87 lives in a block of 6 warden controlled council run flats, when she moved in she had a community of neighbours, now some have died. Her opposit neighbours are Shrilankan and don't speak English, below are Chinese and is meant to be 1 old man but looks more like a family of six and a cat are living there, don't speak English . above is Polish, broken English.. the other flat is still British and 1 is empty waiting to see from where in the world they find someone to retire on full state benefits! How can we pay for people to retire here.. makes me so angry ? It's destroyed this country.. rich people are not just greedy they are also stupid!
  15. How does America continue to function?, I found this on the internet (below) but heard on the radio debt spread per citizen is $800'000 each.. that's before Trump deports a few million.. Total US debt at the end of the first quarter of 2014, on March 31 totaled almost $59.4 trillion - up nearly $500 billion from the end of the fourth quarter of 2013,
  16. I don't think its a coincidence that there are so many negative things happening at the moment with council tax, rates, s24 and so many everyday things such as travel, food and utility prices rising. Its all being blamed on Brexit.. Like you said great time to create a diversion, crash the house prices, then Tories chums can buy back in once a few BTL's and over leveraged borrowers have lost their shirts. In 2007 the rich got richer.. just like stocks and shares they have to sell high and buy low to maximize profits.
  17. Have you seen the allotments and parks are now the target for new build houses and flats? There are 2 allotment stories I have been following 1 in Watford and 1 in central London, the 1 in Watford the council claimed it needed the land for hospital expansion. But plans showed they had no intention of expanding the hospital.. its been going on for years the court case, terrace farm.. reclassification are being attempted to land grab in major towns and cities..
  18. I agree so much with all of your above comments, Sustainable population is never spoken about,.. all anyone talks about is the economy and how much cash the stinking rich can extract from the working poor. Whenever I mention over population I am struck down with an argument about how much land golf courses take up.. It seems like a massive deviation from the point.. You can build more houses but you need to feed cloth and water all the people in those houses and for that you need land.. not more f**king concrete. I think in years to come overpopulation and how we cope will be the No1 topic.. But like all previous governments they ignore problems for many years until they become a real problem by which point its too late.
  19. I'm guessing you are still to be convinced.. I agree that global waste, population levels and resources are a huge problem. My belief is this is real and it will cause problems.. only when people see it will they believe it..
  20. Florida is not a good place to buy a house if scientists are correct. http://aheadofthetide.org/webinars/?gclid=CIWrybX1n9ICFXAz0wodb54DYw
  21. That was a TV series I watched, it was low lying islands and storm surges. They were more frequent meaning people were moving to the main land and away from their homes. If a storm surge like we had on the east coast a month or so ago was 3 meters it will breach and flood land. point being, if your base level is 2 meters higher due to global warming and the surges more frequent that represents a 5 meter raise during a storm surge from current levels. The map shows areas below 5 meter sea level. that's what I was looking into. Storm surges can raise sea levels by up to 8m in tropical areas and by over 3m in European seas. Coastal flooding occurs when some combination of high tide, storm surge and wave conditions overtops or breaches coastal defenses. Storm surges are often the additional factor required to exceed thresholds or to raise the water level so that powerful waves can inflict damage. http://www.climatecentral.org/news/study-shows-global-warming-dramatically-raises-us-storm-surge-risks-15755
  22. Our economy is cause and effect, for every million migrants that arrive you need a million more to service their needs.. Its a never ending chain.. They talk crap these MP's.. 50'000 migrants in the NHS, but would we need them if we had not had millions of migrants arrive in the last 60 years? probably not as there would be less people so less services would be required. Also all these jobs were done by British before, so why are we all so useless now? I think its because migrants are willing to accept a lower standard of living in HMO and a lower wage. If house prices were affordable to people on £7.50 an hour i'm sure British people would work for that, but all the time you are giving free houses and benefits greater than the living wage you stand no chance. Its the inequality in our society and the greed of the disgusting rich people.. I'm not envious of the rich, i'm astounded by their arrogance and stupidity, in fact some of the least intelligent people I have met in my life have been rich, 2 were CEO's of large companies and they were so think it was unbelievable. When I was in IT i was called to the CEO's office as he had an email from the FBI who wanted his credit card details as they had been used in a fraud. He called me to his office to ask if he should send the details or not?
  23. they are crying on 118 and shelters website.. well not crying but threatening to f##k all their tenants over.
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