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  1. Its saying UKIP vote is split Labour/Conservatives where UKIP have not stood. You have to remember Brexit is not just a vote for leaving the EU but a vote for change.. Labour were offering change.. Again I think this is all over the slide in peoples quality of life.. Someone fixes housing and raises living standards and things would calm down, until then we will continue to see twisted results every time,, until we end up with and extreme party..
  2. I think its the +400K market that has gone in outer London.. That will crash the house prices.. Only thing first time buyers can afford is the crappy 200k - 300k flats that still seem to be selling in my area.. If all the family homes go below 300K they will sell, There would be lots negative equity chasing the market down.. No BTL to secure the high LTV that is needed to sustain prices.
  3. In Kingston where my Auntie lives properties would go up for sale on Monday and have sold 5 times over by Tuesday.. Looked on Zoopla and I see price reductions and properties still not sold.. Prices similar to 2015.. Think S24 is really working and its not even really kicked in yet..
  4. In Kingston Upon Thames loads of Student digs going up, 3 large blocks on 3 different sites, will be interesting to see what this does to the rental prices..
  5. I think its starting 19K + overtime, I talked to a nurse from the Philippines living in London and he was renting a room for £600 a month and he said he was EXISTING.. not living.. I'm not sure that's where we need to be as a society. Had an argument with a Landlord on a forum the other day saying if people cant afford the rent they should move or get a better job.. I pointed out teachers and nurses.. asked if they should get better jobs.. he never replied.. nob head
  6. Are we forgetting about the rising credit card debt, teachers using food banks? I think the limit of rents and house prices is now on the tipping point, assuming and I am assuming from what I have read, that people are not using credit cards for fruitless purchases some/most are doing so to pay the bills.. then the ever increasing credit card debt will eventually lead to default or re-financing of some sort. Either way there must be a limit on how far credit cards, loans and car finance can go before people are tapped out. At this point who buys at these prices? Do we get forced sellers? Then who buys from the forced sellers? Its very easy as a young person to sod saving money as you will never afford a house and tap up the credit and fancy car. So when the prices slide who has the finances to buy? and what mood would the banks be in to lend if the falls were substantial?
  7. I'm voting UKIP, I really can't decide between rubbish Tory and rubbish Labour so going for a bit of a pointless vote since they don't stand a chance anyway...
  8. I would like to see a slim Tory win, May replaced with someone strong and stable, Corbyn stay as Labour leader to keep Conservitives on their toes.. that nagging reminder that everyone is peed off with the current greed and unsatisfactory state of the country.. and if they don't restore some fairness in society Corbyn will sweep to power and tax the crap out of them and turn 300'000 imigration into 500'000..
  9. I was on a Property investor website the other day, even some of them are saying the prices will fall. Although the smug ones are looking at this as an opportunity to buy more properties and not a disaster.. So the sentiment for a price correction is there, but by how much? and how many of the buyers can wait out the storm, or will they just continue as if nothing is happening?
  10. Credit card debt rose to a fresh record of £67.3bn in February, I think personal debt will drive the house price crash, as more people turn to loans and plastic to prop up their dwindling finances. unable to pay rents and mortgages. Landlords can try to drive up rents to cover S24 but I think that will drive borrowing and debt higher or just mass relocation away from those high rent areas leaving properties empty and landlords forced to sell or top up their mortgages from their own pockets. We are in a period where key workers in major cities are living on a knife edge of finances, record increases in debt, I don't think are just associated with new STUFF, but turning to debt for survival. That is a very slippery slope, and for those just spending on STUFF its another nail in the coffin as they will also find out that borrowing is easy, repayment not so much, especially as prices rise.
  11. I have a Nissan micra someone gave me, just add fuel and drive till the wheels fall off, it has air con and electric windows, what more do you want? spend 25k + if you can afford it, but my money goes into savings for a house.. I would not want the worry of car payments over 3 years just in case it all goes wrong.
  12. Ready built houses, delivered by lorry.. Not sure what the bank think of these though.. Have seen some decent examples for 25k +,, no prices on attached link though http://www.hanse-haus.co.uk/prefabricated-houses/house-overview/energy-saving-house-variant-25-165.html
  13. I have heard of an estate agent that has builders/investors on his books, he gets brown envelopes to offer them cheap undervalued properties for first refusal.. I cant say names but a builder told me..
  14. willing to ride stoker on my tandem! Is that code? 2 single female teachers? just greedy.. Next thing you will be asking for the cane to be brought back
  15. An increase in the living wage.. Landlords find out they will just put the rent up! The problem is not the wages, it is the most expensive outgoing, housing.. 2nd home tax for me is the solution, make them pay extra for having multiple houses.. make it so expensive they have to sell and crash the prices.. BTL parasites never earned a penny of their housing wealth, the tenants did.
  16. Totally agreed, When I was in IT the Chief executive called me to his office, he had sent all his credit card details to the FBI who had contacted him by e-mail (from Nigeria) due to his card being used for fraud. I told him to contact his bank immediately and showed him the web address and explained his mistake.. I was of course in my mind thinking, this bloke (on £300'000 per year) was really as think as S**T. alas that company went bust 6 years after he took over. He had a degree.
  17. Common sense says if you dig stuff up and burn it, that is bad, we are poisoning the sea, the ground water, the soil and the air.. By 2100 we will have killed 50% of the worlds remaining species, mostly due to our destructive nature and greed.
  18. I sold to rent, nearly all the viewings except 1 had accents.. ie not born here.. had loads of viewings.. I think maybe 60.. felt really sorry for the British couple as they could not even afford my flat with their 2 kids.. And I thought I had it bad. Most of the rest of them were investors.. The council bought it in the end to increase housing stock.. madness
  19. I find it bizarre that know one gives too s**ts when you talk about climate change,, We are in so much trouble within the next 100 years and all anyone cares about is money.. we will destroy the planet with our greed. Food and water will be like gold in years to come.. I strongly believe in my lifetime parts of the coast will disappear under water, only then as peoples homes flood will they realize how much damage our stupidity is causing. Third runway at Heathrow, Fracking, increasing population to make big companies more profit.. it is so stupid.. sun, sea, wind, rivers.. we have all the energy we need.. but we need to reduce our population. https://archive.org/details/youtube-90CkXVF-Q8M this is a fantastic documentary, a must watch..
  20. Maybe it's a conspiracy theory, she is trying to lose on perpose.. she is a remainer..? Corybin in want more asylum seekers, and lib dems.. Corybin said 'we need to take our fair share' Germany took 1 million costing 22 billion euros in the first year.. how many is our fair share? 100'000, 200'000, 500,000? I don't think we could survive 5 years of left wing luv... the country would be finished..
  21. Does anybody think there may be alternative motives to this though other than just elderly care? It seems to me if little billy gets 700k house from mum and dad (2 bed where I live), minus tax 250k ish, then where is his motivation to work hard? what happens to his school mate bob who's parents spent all there money and has nothing? if billy has a 450k deposit, will his wealth make a semi detached ex council house worth 1 million? as there are 2 million other billys who also inherited 450k. does it effect the economy negatively to have so many children inheriting such vast amounts? Does it make the cheapest property in outer London out of reach of anyone starting from the position of zero as each generation of recipient of inheritance has a greater deposit as the amounts increase over time. I might be talking bolloxs here.. And also have the Tories got a vested interest in the private health care provision? ie Home help that will be the benefactor of the housing asset value..
  22. Been listening to LBC, people ringing in threaten to top themselves if they try and take their children's inheritance. It seems to me people have a strange relationship with property and the price of it. They don't seem to see that attacking property, therefore lowering the price of it will be beneficial to them and their children, also hurt the rich parasites that gorge off the wages of the working people. I do take note though of the super rich that have clever ways of hiding wealth avoiding tax altogether, that is unjust. I can also see the social side of the argument whereby people take more responsibility for their parents in order to protect their inheritance. I would like to think this would humanize us more instead of making everything about money and greed, taking care of your family instead of some stranger doing it and ignoring your mum/dad as the state will do it for you, then just turn up for the reading of the will! wham bam thankyou tax payer. There are still huge amounts of money though that need to be recovered from corporations and the elite tax dodgers
  23. I was just clarifying a point that those with children are not all on benefits.. the biggest joke is 2 parents earning 50k each (100k net) get child benefits. 1 parent working on 60k and the other parent a stay at home mum/dad (60k net) gets nothing. Its only individual income, benefits are reduced from 50k + and stopped all together at 60k The 2 day a week benefits minimum 16 hours? i think? Is ridiculous. I don't like work, I do it as I have too. 2 days a week with some pennies in my pocket would be nice I guess. But i'm sure its no pick nick.
  24. Not if you earn 60k + you don't. no tax credits, child benefit,.. absolutely nothing.. that got removed a few years ago..
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