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  1. That looks like instructions.. men don't read instructions or ask for directions.. ?
  2. A non inconmpitent government would always run a public service better than a private company. The cost will always be the same for the Equivilent service, only difference is one takes profit, also drives down standards to increase formentioned profit. we don't need private companies running our services, we just need a better quality of non corrupt, intelligent public servants. Which we don't have..
  3. We need a new party, run by decent human beings.. then we can vote these scum out of power, adjust our laws and have them all thrown in prison.
  4. Improving our services? How can a company that makes a profit be better than our government who run the same system for non profit? All the investment since British rail has been paid through taxes and higher ticket prices. It's no mathmatical genius involved, invest more taxes, drastically increase ticket prices.. and services improve. the question that should be asked is why do we assume private companies run our rail and energy better than our government? If that statement is true and private companies do run our services better than our government, then it's not privatisation we need, it's a new government! look at the railway, drivers, guards, repair, admin.. etc.. no matter who owns the franchise the model remains, take over the model when the franchise contract expires, and touch nothing, tupee the staff across and what's the difference? In fact if we took back all the franchises over time you could amalgamate some roles like admin and reduce cost.. if the corrupt politicians can't do this then the all need to be removed..
  5. I wonder with sub letting and Landlords trying to cash in on this new stream of revenue how often there is conflict.. they are not hotels, they posses no skills to manage properties, just greedy lowlifes profiting from everyone else's misfortune..
  6. So 49% of people face retirement as renters.. How will they pay for that then? I'm sure they will all have whacking great pensions what with theses interest rates we currently have.. Shelter need to revise their figures for future homelessness me thinks, or our £25 billion housing benefits bill needs to be revised to £100 billion
  7. earn over 60k you get nothing.. by the time you have paid your 40% tax and higher NI probably better off with all the benefits.. If you can get a council house you are definitely better off on benefits working 16 hours.. more time with your kids..
  8. There is the line that all working people say " I have paid in all my life working from 16 to 65, why should I pay twice" I do agree with this too a point, My Gran has a warden controlled accommodation, her neighbors that came from Sri Lanka, never worked, never paid in, but have a better more modern flat than she does, She has private pensions so pays full rent and tax on her pensions, She worked payed tax and raised children. The neighbors pay nothing! So how on earth can you blame working people for getting annoyed when the reason the system is collapsing is because of all the free loaders (British included) If her neighbors spoke English I would ask them how on earth they have not been deported!
  9. Ban agency staff, 1 days pay to a agency doctor is almost a months wage for 1 nurse, its crazy.. Most of the agency staff are ex NHS staff who have left and come back on 3x the wages.. Ban agency staff and employ them back directly but with higher wages and slightly more realistic pensions. There should be no need for agency really, If you are a factory and get a big order, agency staff till order ends then send them on their way. But in the NHS.. why? a well staffed hospital should not need them. Also no tuition fees for training NHS staff with a loyalty contract that they remain employed for 10 years (stop the little tykes running off to Australia) otherwise have to pay for the education they received compliments of the tax payer..
  10. All this will require more funding, so it has to be more QE, BOE has already said banks must have 11 billion reserves.. have they got the stomach to pump our debt to fund the banks further..
  11. With population increase at over 500'000 per year? I applied for 5 schools for my boy, got 0! Was moved far away to a rubbish school for low life's.. had to move house and re apply to get a decent school (a school).. boarders must close..
  12. The country has been in a downward spiral long before the B word was used.. The pain of mass immigration (low paid, low skilled, low tax, high benefits jobs) will come to fruition as our Housing benefits breach £25 billion per year. once unemployment rises they will be like lead boots in a swimming pool.. Doing the jobs that Brits used to do, but now we don't want to do (reads cant afford to do unless we sleep in HMO's or have massive benefits top ups) meanwhile Terrorism, Female genital mutilation, honor killings, forced arranged marriages and gun and knife crime become as British as strawberries and cream as we descend into a third world country.. Mass riots will assume.. All blamed on Brexit.. nothing to do with greed or immigration.. just inbreed Brits voting for a return to the past when everyone just got along..
  13. Interview on the radio today and apparently the residents offered the £1 million (equivalent 1 flat replacement) flats that the council have acquired are bartering for 2 flats! They were overcrowded so want more space.. also amnesty for sub letters and illegal immigrants.. I really give up..
  14. Completely agree, all our growth has been borrowed on the never never and propped up by mass immigration.. if we had kept our boarders and invested our borrowing in industry and r&d we would be in a much healthier stable situation.. instead we are a few paydays away from street riots.. the government and bankers should be in prison..
  15. What about the 1 million homeless predicted by 2020 in Shelter report, https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/jun/24/social-housing-poverty-homeless-shelter-rent What about the 300'000 CCJ's already this year https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/may/15/county-court-judgments-bank-of-england-mps-debt What about Government debt hitting £2 Trillion http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/11/23/britains-debt-mountain-set-hit-2-trillion-2020s/ What about American interest rate rises What about S24 in full effect by 2020, If the rental market sells up and people cant afford to buy who does? What about our £25 billion housing benefits that is rising at record speed, What happens when generation rent retire with crap pensions and no money? What about the tightening today of banks reserves, some say this could be the equivalent of an IR rise as banks capital (11 billion) will have to be held in reserve reducing lending capabilities, this combined with stricter criteria for lending could push up lenders rates. It could also push the just about managing on cheap credit over the tipping point. The thing is we are facing so many financial problems in the very near future, civil unrest, voter dissatisfaction and possibility of mass unemployment with automation.. I cant see house prices surviving such mass pending disasters. The magic money tree will run out of leaves..
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/jun/24/social-housing-poverty-homeless-shelter-rent More than a million households living in private rented accommodation are at risk of becoming homeless by 2020 because of rising rents, benefit freezes and a lack of social housing, according to a devastating new report into the UK’s escalating housing crisis. Tell the remainers we need more people ASAP.. Good job we have a fair free rental market,.. Our survey says.. X
  17. No no no.. for every illegal there are a billion more who want to live here.. It's not the solution..
  18. Great excuse to cleanse LONDON knock the towers down and build luxury empty investment properties.. poor people can live in Birmingham.. what we need is investment.. if anything at least it would make the trains less crowded..
  19. Don't know who prints this s**t but they are suggesting a cut and warming up the printing press.. clearly the objective to make themselves more money and screw the rest of us.. https://www.poundsterlinglive.com/gbp-live-today/6989-pound-sterling-today-mansion-house
  20. Did anyone catch the Nigel Ferage on LBC tonight? Estate agent ringing in saying that Brexit was effecting his business with lack of Renters seeking property.. Available on Facebook LBC at 47 min Celebrate good times come on!!!!
  21. Shop looting.. I hate mouthy women.. at least all 10 of our police would sort it out if it happened again.. and it will.. standards of living are droping not improving.. the mouthy gob shites don't really look like the working class type.. so benafits cuts will effect those classes of people the most.. gun an knife crime is going up.. so all in all this is looking fantastic for the future. Buy window shuttering and hold on tight..
  22. No Brexit would see a massive UKIP vote.. bigger than anything seen before.. they would actually get seats.. the Brexit vote if converted to a general election was enough to win a general election. That's why may was so confident only to find the UKIP voters split over Labour and there free money give away..
  23. It certainly does... i could not even make a guess of what the next 5 years will bring.. but I don't think it will be flowers and sunshine... more like earthquakes and wildfires...
  24. Uncertainty is the word of the day.... http://www.express.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/814973/Election-2017-hung-parliament-UK-house-prices
  25. Interest rate cut in the morning by BOE to stave of political uncertainty.. They did it after Brexit so why not.. Then again if the £ and shares plunge.. Rate Rise?
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