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  1. And don't forget we import 65% of our food in the UK, we are susceptible to global disasters in all areas of imports including fuel prices. That's an inflation driver.. it's also a concern as I have mentioned before, we can't sustain our population without massive amounts of imports..
  2. I've said it before on here and been called a nutter.. but scientist are predicting some fairly substantial sea level rises before 2100.. enough to flood coastal towns, it's all mad talk.. till it starts happening.. think of it like a banking crisis.. there is no crisis.. oh bugger the banks just collapsed! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.newscientist.com/article/mg22630253-300-latest-numbers-show-at-least-5-metres-sea-level-rise-locked-in/amp/
  3. My BTL landlord friend has a house in Florida, payed for using tenants money.. I know this as they are a work friend and on the bottom run of the wages structure and are still 100'000 times richer than me.. with all their properties..
  4. Exactly, 65% of our food is imported and the worlds weather is getting worse.. nuclear bunker full of tins of beans at the ready.. we are so reliant on outside sustenance and goods we are completely unsustainable.. let's hope nothing bad ever happens..
  5. I'm no Corbyn but I question when this system we find ourselves trapped in ends what will be left of the planet.. we only need an expansive population because of monetary structure.. a structure that is nothing more than an invention.. we require an ever expanding population x infinity to feed consumption, to feed growth.. to feed the pockets of the elites.. absolutely nothing good can come from that.. What will be interesting is if/when automation gets going. Lots of people with nothing to do, why will we need more people then? Generation rent retire with no assets and rubbish pensions, who picks up the tab? It will bankrupt us..
  6. Number 1 argument for not having Brexit = money even though (according to Nigel Ferage) WTO trade tariffs would cost less than our £250 million a week membership fee. Maybe there is more to life than our monetary system that deprives people whilst driving up our population to reduce standards of living.. There is no good ending to an expansive population.. just everyone living in ever smaller boxes drinking each other's piss..
  7. Well for 1 I really don't understand free furtility treatment on the NHS.. We can't keep the people alive we already have but have money to make more people when there are already too many? UK birth rate was falling, down to 1.9, same in many western nations.. so only immigration pushing it up..
  8. According to research by 2100 50% of the planets remaining species will be facing extinction.. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/environment/2017/feb/25/half-all-species-extinct-end-century-vatican-conference by the beginning of August each year we have used more resources than the planet can replace.. http://www.overshootday.org/ less people = better planet ?
  9. Stopping Population growth is number 1 in the list of things we must do! Our stupid economies require constant growth to survive, this seems to mean constant population expansion.. i love the aging population argument.. it's such ******, saying we have to grow our population due to an aging population.. makes me want to throw the telly out the window.. it's a lie.. for starters once automation comes there will be nothing for the young to do, so there will be plenty of young people to wipe my bum ?. wonder what they will say then. But I have no doubt the greed and stupidity is destroying our planet..
  10. Watch the TV program "before the flood" with leonardo decaprio. All the drilling, wars, burning, deforestation , chemicals.. it can't be good, at best we are poisoning ourselves and killing all the other planets inhabitants, at worst we are killing the planet and effecting the weather and geological activity..
  11. I read in a paper a few months back Branson arguing for Heathrow T5 expansion even though Heathrow and surrounding areas breach safe air quality every single day! bearded T**T
  12. The government are going to give pay raises to public sector workers.. the landlords will just take that off them and some.. we don't need pay raises, we need cheaper rent/houses
  13. It's not that wages are too low, it's that house/rent prices are too high! If your rent/mortgage was £300 a month you could afford to live on £15k a year and 28k would be comfortable. Even better the government could put taxes up to raise money for schools, hospitals and infrastructure. Along with working tax credits, house prices cost the government a fortune and are crippling the working class, people just don't understand, high house prices should be rejected and fought against. They make society poorer and raise inequality..
  14. I used to go to school with Asians, they used to rent out a 6 bedroom house in surbiton and 20 of them lived in a 2 bed council house.. bet they are millionaires now.. generation million shop keeper, cleaner and bus driver! You don't have to be smart, just greedy!
  15. Designed by British Hilary Page.. copied by a Dane.. http://ipkitten.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/lego-great-british-invention.html?m=1
  16. Feeling it, my IT job moved to the Philippines! Now I have an IPad.. computers no more..take that bill gates!
  17. 4p increase on petrol apparently due to refinery damage in Texas, it demonstrates how reliant we are on outside supply. Another storm moving in today through Florida..
  18. 30% increase in people missing payments and 300'000 ccjs in the first 6 months of 2017. Credit card debt rising beyond 2007 levels as people use credit to pay bills, rise in homelessness, cuts to benenafits, rise in crime, BOE telling banks to increase buffers decreasing money for lending, loosening of credit checks by car sellers. It's like a perfect storm.. 3% pay rise! So that's a 20% pay raise at the top and 0.5% pay rise at the bottom..
  19. Just watched that on the news,, what a joke.. I still think other factors will force Carney.. There is so much going on politically and financially in the world I don't think they are actually in control.
  20. EU has paid to relocate factories and industry from the U.K. To eastern EU countries, effectively removing jobs and money from the UK economy.. using our EU contributions to pay for it.. You could not make it up.. however who pays our 17% contribution to the EU budget when we leave? Maybe they will be asked.. not so good then..
  21. I think there is a possibility in the next few years we might see another Brexit type upset.. Greece, Italy, Austria, eastern EU bloc being forced to take migrant Quota's.. there are allot of people fed up, with lower living standards, higher crime, overpopulation and housing costs.. The gig economy and mass immigration is seen as the cause, closing open boarders the cure..
  22. Along with Italy and the growing distrust of the establishment parties there is something changing in the world.. people are coming round to the fact that more of the same is just making things worse.. Tories either change policy in a big way or something strange will happen next election.. although we need a strong 3rd party, Lib dems no way, UKIP need total reform top to bottom, not sure if they have the people to do it, So it would be a Corbyn protest vote.. HELP!! http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/08/19/europe-wide-poll-shows-increased-distrust-elites-pessimism-future/
  23. So there is an election coming up in Austria.. it looks like tax avoidance, QE and migrants are at the top of the list.. BOE might not want to end QE and raise rates, but decisions taken elsewhere might force their hand.. https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2017-08-28/austrian-conservatives-target-multinationals-and-qe-in-economic-draft
  24. Bet there are loads who don't pay tax on rent, look at grenfield tower, they don't seem to know who lots of them are or how many were living in each flat..
  25. They are up, but what if our currency became worthless, would people starve considering our governments incompetence in a disaster, well in general really, ww3, water shortage?, global environmental disaster.. that's before we look at our food sustainability such as fish stocks.. On TV they were talking about us all eating bugs as we can't grow enough food, Africa is expected to have a population of over 2.5 billion in the not too distant future, and that's despite the mass exordace to Europe.
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