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  1. It can only be help to sell.. loads of houses I looked at been around for quite a while.. End help to sell and massive drops would show up very quickly
  2. Well I just bought a house SW London Listed £425 last April, offered £365 accepted.. Nothing is selling unless the seller is willing to take a lower offer.. one house we looked at sold twice, both occasions the buyer had to pull out as they could not get the money they needed.. so how do they go up? Wheres the buyers at higher prices coming from?
  3. We need to be knocking down houses and planting trees.. not putting more up! Close the boarders and educate children in sustainability.. feck the economy it’s madeup rubbish to make slaves serve the rich.. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/feb/10/plummeting-insect-numbers-threaten-collapse-of-nature
  4. 2nd referendum is the end of democracy.. You can’t have another vote because you did not like the first one.. It will be poisoned with lies of Armageddon like the first one.. We import 50% of our food and have killed 70% of our pollinating insects, with global warming, rising sea levels and depleting fish stocks, depleting agricultural fertile land, raising the population for some made up fictionanal utopia is stupidity! Italy is in a recession, their banks are insolvent, Germany’s biggest bank has debt almost equal to the entire U.K. debt.. in ONE bank.. enough to wipe out the Euro.. U.K. has full employment propped up with benefits, huge under utilisation of Labour.. Europe has almost 50% Youth unemployment in lots of places.. Does open boarders help our young or theirs? Higher competition for jobs in the U.K... no jobs in parts of the EU.. My personal opinion is Brexit must happen to protect our environment and our economy from the EU/Euro collapse..
  5. Exactly.. without immigration our population would have stabilised, then started to fall.. give it 100 years those newly built shoe boxes would have fallen down.. could turn them into Parks with trees in..
  6. I’ve said many times before, we import 50% of our food as we don’t have the land for a sustainable population.. We have also killed 70% of our pollinating insects.. But we want more immigration and more building/concrete..? ☹️ I cant understand how everyone’s brains work? We need to shrink our population, this was happening naturally before immigration with U.K. birth rates below replacement levels.. I could have been great.. less cars less pollution cheap housing = better life But that’s not what the rich want.. they want slaves to exploit..
  7. Ive always said it, Low paid, low skilled subsidised work will kill the economy! When a generation of people who rent retire with nothing! The government will be forced to pay for them to live! nursing homes, rent, hospital, all there basic needs.. They will have nothing but a few rubbish pensions that won’t cover the cost of living.. WHY? Because people have been milked all their lives and supported by benefits! It is a total disaster..
  8. The house burning down? Thats called insurance, my landlord does nothing! I have to repair my £1300 per month Shtbox, everything that goes wrong from the tap leaking to the oven breaking I’m expected to fix.. He has told me so! .. Ban buy to leech.. I work, he does not, he takes my wages! I’m a useful member of society, he isn’t! Everyone should have a home! Government social housing should be provided with inflation fixed increases in rent.. money received in rent returned back to the pot to provide vital public services which should also be nationalised once more..
  9. Buy to let is totally fecked up! The landlord is the middle man between the tenant and the bank.. The tenant pays the mortgage to the bank, the repairs/maintenance.. The landlord sits in the middle extracting all the tenants money from hard work but does nothing! Remove the landlord and just have the bank and the tenant.. Buy to let should be illegal as slavery is!! As it’s the same thing! Help to buy architects should be in prison for asset price manipulation.
  10. High rents are the biggest part of cost of living, but removed from inflation figures.. interest rates should be 15% with rents at this extortionate level..
  11. we sold all that junk for paper and pixels .. It’s almost as bright as a yellow vest..
  12. Halfords own Cycle republic and Tredz high end bikes.. went in one a few weeks backin Twickenham and it was full of people buying bikes/stuff. Also went out riding on Saturday in a place near me, big car park full, struggled to park , loads of E-bikes.. very popular now.. Government paying tax relief £1000 for cycle to work scheme.. if your on 40% tax you can save £480 tax and national insurance if you buy a £1000 bike.. Big business for bike shops.. it pays the depreciation of the bike making a £1000 bike free assuming you can get £520 for it when you sell it.. E bikes are the big seller though I think.. they cost £1000’s.. and judging by the park are selling really well..
  13. They will do whatever makes them and their parasite mates the most profit.. If that means making walls out of fibreglass then that’s what they will do! People don’t matter only profit!
  14. Renting causes huge pressure on relationships, I have considered moving out before just so the council can pay the rent and give the kids a better life than working can provide..
  15. Mr 90 BTL’s, war criminal Blair invited allot of people, but it’s been going on for a long time and has not improved since Tories came to power.. my point to Prozac was he Keeps calling me a racist even when I’m just stating facts..
  16. Not a racist I’m a realist.. i don’t sugar coat everything.. we are overpopulated, you can deport white wasters for all I care.. like ive said female genital mutilation, child brides, forced arrange marriage, community segregationWith 3,000 people under active investigation and a further 20,000 individuals on a terrorist watch list You can play your racist card as much as you like, immigration has had a devastating effect on our country!! Concrete blocks on our bridges and around government buildings it’s more like Basra than Britain..
  17. House hold debt reaches an average of 15k per person not including mortgages car sales down 7% shops failing/less jobs! Nothing to do with Brexit! https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-6565233/Household-debt-crisis-level-hits-new-high-15-000.html
  18. The Blairites are, that’s why they are all trying to get rid of Corbyn.. he is a loose cannon.. Someone who wants to go after bankers and stop private companies robbing the public purse.. if that’s what he actually does is a different story.. but we can’t continue with the Tories they are destroying the country just as much as Tony Blair did.. whats the alternative? UKIP?
  19. Most of the new flats built in London are empty..
  20. How can anyone vote Tory... they are 100% corrupt.. Anyone know how we get them put in prison?
  21. Mobile homes have been around for years.. But the problem has always been the banks not lending on anything that’s not made of brick!
  22. What a load of nonsense.. Germany, France.. etc have publicly run services.. Corrupt privatisation is killing this country.. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-5078471/Britain-s-water-firms-flush-profits-tax-havens.html https://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/mar/21/ow-lucrative--deals-go-to-firms-that-use-tax-havens Since the water companies were privatised they have racked up billions £’s in debts to pay shareholders and CEO’s 10 U.K. water companies wash their money through tax havens avoiding paying U.K. tax! Richard Branson’s Virgin Care is one of several companies working in the NHS that pays no U.K. tax despite receiving billions £’s in government funding.. The latest Ferry contract just given to a company with no ships was given to the Tory’s biggest donor.. Corruption is why privatisation must end!
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